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Is Dan Bilzerian Married? The Poker Player’s Relationship Status Revealed

Here, we shall discuss is Dan Bilzerian Married? Starting from the basics, Daniel Brandon Bilzerian is not just a professional poker player, but also a businessman and social media influencer. Besides this, Dan has also some acting credits, like- The Equalizer, Extraction, War Dogs, etc. Last year, he has published a book, titled The SetUp. As a poker player, he is reported to have made $10.8 million a night. In 2014, he claimed to have earned $50 million through the same poker profession.

Knowing the details of his career, fans are lately curious to learn about the current relationship status of Dan Bilzerian. Well, the poker player is recently taking social media by storm. His marriage rumors have started circulating after a single post of him, where he is seen to be walking down the aisle. What’s happening? Let’s dive into this piece to learn if Dan Bilzerian Married?

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Is Dan Bilzerian Married?

Yes, Dan Bilzerian is possibly married. He was away from social media for quite some time. Now, he has made a comeback with a picture where he is walking hand-in-hand, with a gorgeous woman, holding a flower bouquet. In the picture itself, he was seen walking the aisle with his love interest.

Is Dan Bilzerian Married

Dan Bilzerian appears to have gotten married

This poker star leads a very raunchy lifestyle.  Dan Bilzerian often shares pictures with women where he appears to be getting very much close and personal. So, this time it wasn’t shocking at first. However, the way he appeared walking the aisle with a woman wearing a traditional wedding gown, fans got confused. Some, also found it difficult to accept that Dan Bilzerian is married.

As far as the name of Dan Bilzerian’s reported wife is concerned, it is still kept under the wraps. Not even her profession is made to the public. We wonder who is that lucky girl! Best Wishes to Dan Bilzerian for the upcoming days of his career. Congratulations! Good luck with his new journey!

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