Kevin James’ Partner: Who is the Actor Dating in 2023?

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Kevin James with his wife, Steffiana de la Cruz (Credits: Getty Images)

Kevin James is an actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer from the United States. He was born in Mineola, New York, on April 26, 1965. He is best known for playing Doug Heffernan in the CBS comedy “The King of Queens,” which ran from 1998 to 2007. In addition to “Hitch,” “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” and “Grown Ups,” James has appeared in several other films. James has done stand-up comedy and has released multiple comedy specials in addition to his acting career.

Kevin James’s real love life is much merrier and less dramatic than his sitcom Kevin Can Wait! The American actor, comedian, and playwright have been married to his first and only wife, model and actress Steffiana De La Cruz.

James Kevin is well known for the CBS comedy “The King of Queens,” which aired from 1998 to 2007, and is what most people remember him for. Cruz has often worked with her husband; the best is Zookeeper and Paul Blart: Mall Cop. James and Cruz have been married for 13 years and have four kids.

Who was Kevin James dating before Steffiana de la Cruz?

Kevin James had a romance with comedian and actress Leah Remini before he wed Steffiana de la Cruz. Early in the 1990s, the two started dating and had a brief relationship before splitting up. They continued to be excellent friends and collaborated on “The King of Queens” for nine seasons. In the show, Remini portrayed James’ on-screen wife.

Aside from his relationship with Remini, Kevin James’ prior romances are unknown to the general world. There have been no rumors of other important romantic connections, and he has been discreet about his personal life.

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Kevin James and wife, Steffiana de la Cruz
Kevin James and wife, Steffiana de la Cruz

Kevin James and Wife, Steffiana de la Cruz: A Timeline

Kevin James and Steffiana de la Cruz got to know one another on the set of “The King of Queens” in 2001. De la Cruz appeared as a guest on the program, and the two got along immediately. Soon after, they began dating, and in 2003, they became engaged.

On June 19, 2004, the pair wed in a lovely ceremony in California. Leah Remini, James’ co-star on “King of Queens,” was a bridesmaid in the wedding. The couple’s first child, a daughter named Sienna-Marie James, was born in 2005. Later, they both were blessed with three more kids, Shea Joelle James (2007), Kannon Valentine James (born in 2011), and Sistine Sabella James (born in 2015).

After nearly 20 years of marriage and co-parenting four kids, the couple appears to have a solid and secure relationship. No sign-ups and downs in their relationship have been publicly reported, and they have kept their private lives comparatively private.

They may have encountered difficulties, just like any other couple, but they have kept their family life private and retained a loving and encouraging relationship.

They have posted some pictures on social media and have been spotted out together at red-carpet events. James frequently talks about how important his wife and kids are to him, and their family is well known for being quite close-knit.

Steffiana De La Cruz: Everything To Know About Her

Actress and model Steffiana de la Cruz are of Filipino and American descent. She was born to a Filipino mother and a Spanish father on August 28, 1974, in New York City. De la Cruz began her modeling career by appearing in print advertisements for companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Unionbay, and Dr. Pepper.

Steffiana de la Cruz
Steffiana de la Cruz (Credit: Getty Images)

De la Cruz started appearing in movies and TV shows at the start of the new millennium. Before gaining a recurring part on the CBS sitcom “The King of Queens,” she had several tiny appearances in movies like “Soulkeeper” and “Kottentail.”

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Later, De la Cruz and her husband, Kevin James, starred in several movies together, such as “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” “Zookeeper,” and “Grown Ups 2.”

In the James-starring CBS comedy “Kevin Can Wait,” she also had a recurring role. She is well renowned for her attractive appearance and cheerful, outgoing demeanor. She has utilized her platform to promote children’s health and animal welfare.

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