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Top Shows Releasing On Amazon Prime This February

Shows releasing on amazon prime this february

Curious about shows releasing on Amazon Prime this February? Now, you must be wondering what is so good about February? If you are single, then February is gonna be probably the worst month for you. I would definitely like to correct myself here. It is the best month for you because all-new shows are going to release on Amazon Prime this February. You can laugh, cry, and can celebrate along with pizza without getting thought of getting committed. Also, it is a piece of good news for all those beautiful couples celebrating together. You can have a grand feast on your movie date and that too, with a different genre. So let’s celebrate together with a long list of new shows, releasing on Amazon Prime this February.

1. All Or Nothing Seasons 5

All or nothing is based on sports and can be viewed on Amazon Prime. It is officially featuring on 7th February with eight episodes. The show moves around American football teams and features various teams such as Los Angeles Ram, Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, and Carolina Panthers. The main casts are coaches, players, and narrator. A sports documentary that highlights the competitive nature between the team members. The best part of the show is that it tells us the real personal struggles that a sportsperson faces in the real world.

This time the Season 5 can give you a series of emotions because the players are going to give their best shots while playing, and we can sense the cut-throat competition between them. It gives you a picture of failing, rising, and then shining bright like a diamond. This time all the eyes are at the Philadelphia Eagles.

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2. The Tick

The Tick

The Tick is coming on February 23 that is going to feature on  Amazon Prime. The season has six episodes. These day superheroes come in bulk, but The Tick differentiates itself concerning humor and weirdness. It has adapted the popular comic book. Arthur Everest (Griffin Newman) is a superhero who wears a blue tick suit. Likewise, he helps to reduce crime and also figure the secret underworld. But the surprise comes on when he struggles to keep his grip on reality. Then he finds out the huge conspiracy and turns out to be the sidekick of the Tick.

3. The Expanse, Season 2

The Expanse – Season 2

The brand new season, ”The Expanse, Season 2 ” will be aired on 7th February on Amazon Prime. It will be the second season of Syfy mixes science fiction, politics, and mystery. It captures the scene, which is 200 years in the future when human beings have settled in the solar system. Also, the war takes place between Mars and The Earth. Season 2 comes out with the stress between The Earth and its initial colony. Later, a Martian marine faces an unknown attacker.

4. Mozart In The Jungle Season 4

Many people have waited, and finally, the wait is going to end of this popular series. As the genre is a romantic comedy, the viewers are still not bored. This brand new season is coming live on 14th February. This season is about Rodrigo (Gael García Bernal) and Hailey (Lola Kirke), who give a tag to their relationship. Hailey struggles to prove herself as a worthy conductor, whereas Rodrigo battles his inspiration to bring it alive. Thomas gives his contribution to a startup orchestra, and that gives a competitive hand to Gloria.

5. Absentia

The series ‘Absentia’ is coming on 2nd February on Amazon Prime Video. Stana Katic, who is the castle star, is seen in this series. She is Emily Bryne in this series, an FBI agent who disappears while searching for a serial killer. She is declared dead. After six years, Emily is seen with blurry memories of what has actually happened to her. As a result, she tries to suspect and solve her own mystery. Later she herself finds out that she is suspected to be a serial killer.

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