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Why Was Kliff Kingsbury Fired? Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Sacked By Club

kliff kingsbury
kliff kingsbury

The Cardinals’ head coach, Kliff Kingsbury, has reached the end of his tenure with the team. On Monday, the Cardinals made the bold move to let go of Kingsbury following a disappointing 4-13 season. Furthermore, as the team’s general manager, Steve Keim, walks away from the team, the emptiness on the sidelines is deep. Midway through the season, he made the difficult decision to withdraw and focus on his health.

Now, the official announcement has been made that he will not be returning. The team stands without their leader, looking towards the future with a heavy heart. Kingsbury stood at the helm of the Arizona Cardinals for four seasons, guiding the team to the playoffs in 2021. However, the 2022 season proved to be a tough one, as the team struggled under his leadership.

The Cardinals’ record was the worst it had been during his tenure, and the team’s management knew it was time for a change in direction. The Cardinals’ front office ultimately decided that a change in leadership was necessary to move the team forward.

Why Did The Cardinals Fire Kliff Kingsbury?

As the Cardinals’ season ended, it was clear that something needed to change. Despite a strong start, the team struggled to maintain its momentum and finish the season on a high note. Under the leadership of Kingsbury, the Cardinals simply couldn’t seem to find the consistency they needed to perform at a high level.

Arizona coach kliff kingsbury

Arizona Former coach kliff kingsbury

With a sense of disappointment and frustration, the Cardinals ultimately made the difficult decision to part ways with their head coach. As the calendar flipped from September to October, the team’s record under Kingsbury was a promising 18-13-1.

However, as the leaves began to fall and November rolled around, the team’s performance took a dramatic dip. The numbers tell a dark story: a mere 10-24 record in the final months of the season. The decline was clear for all to see—a steep and steady drop-off that left fans wondering where it all went wrong.

As Kingsbury stood on the sidelines during his time at Texas Tech, the frustration etched on his face was all too familiar. It was clear that the same problem had followed him from college to the NFL—a problem that had plagued him for some time.

But what was even more striking was the sight of his once-strong offense struggling and faltering before his very eyes. The offense, which was supposed to be his area of expertise, had become a weak point in his tenure over the last season and a half.

kliff kingsbury

Kliff Kingsbury

According to various media reports, “the tension between Murray and Kingsbury was intense as they sat across from one another. The air is thick with frustration, restricted by the Cardinals’ offensive struggles in 2022 and a breakdown in communication between the two.

Their body language speaks volumes: Murray’s arms crossed, Kingsbury’s gaze averted. It’s clear that the relationship between the two has grown chilly, and that played a significant role in the Cardinals’ decision to part ways with Kingsbury.”

The scene was set; two areas of concern needed to be addressed, and it was clear that someone would have to go. Kingsbury and Murray, both fresh off signing contract extensions during the 2022 NFL offseason, stood on opposite sides of the room.

Kingsbury’s contract was a simple problem on the radar compared to the massive five-year, $230.5 million deal that Murray had signed with the Cardinals. The decision was clear: Murray’s contract would be the one that would be difficult to move on from.

Who Will Replace Kliff Kingsbury As The Next Head Coach Of The Cardinals?

As the Cardinals precisely went through a list of potential coaching candidates, evaluating each one with a fine-tooth comb, they kept a close eye on Kliff Kingsbury’s future with the team. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, they were determined to leave no stone unturned in their search for the perfect coach.

kliff kingsbury

Kliff Kingsbury

One name that stood out among the rest was none other than former Saints coach Sean Payton. The Cardinals were well aware that Payton would come with a high price tag, but the idea of bringing in a Super Bowl-winning coach with an impressive 152-89 record was too tempting to ignore. They could almost see Payton, clipboard in hand, leading the team to victory on the field. The Cardinals explored this option, weighing the pros and cons before making a decision.

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