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Little Nightmares 2 Ending Explained: Did Six Betray Mono?

what happened to mono in Little Nightmares 2
Little Nightmares 2 Ending Explained!

Many fans and players who have recently finished little nightmares two are wondering about only one thing-the ending. We packed this post with all the needed details to help the confused players understand the ending easily. 

A video game called Little Nightmares II, also known as Little Nightmares 2, was launched in February of last year, i.e., 2021, for the Xbox One, Switch, PS4, PC, and Stadia. Little Nightmares II is said to be a suspenseful adventure game, and you participate as Mono.

Mono is said to be a young kid stuck in a universe in which a faraway skyscraper’s buzzing broadcast has warped. Little Nightmares II will transport you back to a world of endearing terror. Mono goes out to uncover the terrible mysteries of The Signal Tower alongside Six, a young girl dressed in a yellow raincoat, serving as his guide.

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The Story Of Little Nightmares 2 

A door labeled with an eyeball is at the end of a wide hallway when Mono awakens from his dream. The disguised Hunter who resides there is holding “Six” captive; he then liberates her. Following them, the Hunter eventually catches them in a barn, where they kill him with a shotgun.

what happened to mono in Little Nightmares 2

Six from Little Nightmares II.

This City, which is enveloped in mist and furnished with old televisions, is where Mono & Six wash ashore after drifting across a water body. A few of the TVs on his tour entice Mono to adjust the signal. Mono makes an effort to beam himself into the hallway using these TVs.

Six always stops him before he can get to the door. Mono rescues six from the attackers, and together they are able to flee the bank’s strict-necked instructor. The group discovers a yellow raincoat outside of the school. Six dons it, and they proceed on their way.

When the pair arrives at the clinic, they notice the Signal Tower, which produces a ubiquitous broadcast that has the power to manipulate television addicts and deform their faces as a result of exposure to it. The Thin Man appears from the screen and grabs Six as Mono attempts to open the door with it once more.

what happened to mono in Little Nightmares 2

Mono with Six in Little Nightmares II.

After being guided to the Signal Tower by a ghostly Six, Mono meets and destroys the Thin Man and navigates the Pale City. Mono returns to Six, who is now a warped giant, after entering the Signal Tower. Mono reverts to her previous friendly state when she destroys the music box.

The youngsters are being chased by the irises that make up the building’s core as the signal tower starts to fall. Although they outrun the crowd, Six lets Mono drop into an abyss while escaping through a tv gateway.

what happened to mono in Little Nightmares 2

Mono or the thin man in Little Nightmares II.

Mono accepts his fate as he sits alone in a chair. Mono eventually becomes the shape of the Thin Man as he gets older and taller. 

The Ending Of Little Nightmares 2 Explained

Towards the end, we see that Six has betrayed Mono, and he eventually turns into a thin man. Many people wonder why Six betrayed Mono, and the answer to the question is simple for those who have followed the game very attentively.

Six is a kid living in a hostile environment, and she has the best survival instinct of any age. She gets a partner who can help her get by, but he makes her go more slowly. So, in her quest to survive, Six leaves Mono alone to die.

what happened to mono in Little Nightmares 2

The tower from Little Nightmares II.

Everything in this Pale City is caught in a time loop, which is how Mono finally turns into The Thin Man. The fact that viewers appear to see the Thin Man’s beginnings, as well as the steady ticking sound that Mono hears as he walks down the corridor toward his door, supports this.

You might be a Thin Man, acting in the direction of the eyeballs seen from the Signal Tower. Mono will always be alone. The word mono, which means one or alone, indicates this.

But it’s obvious that Mono’s greatest phobia is loneliness, and he finally finds the company he’s been looking for in Six. The Eye distorts his growth, and loneliness becomes his sole company.

what happened to mono in Little Nightmares 2

Mono stays alone.

He uses his television powers to pull friends back into his world, eventually bringing him back to Six, the companion he previously had who abandoned him.

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