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Who is Cosentino’s Girlfriend? Who is The Australian Illusionist Dating?

cosentino girlfriend
Australian Illusionist Cosentino

Celebrity and relationship, we are right back just for each one of you with one of your favorite topics. It that that one topic we all are always excited and curious about. Paul Cosentino, also mostly known through his stage name ‘Cosentino’, is an Australian Illusionist and escapologist. Cosentino is a well-known name in Australia. He’s currently all in the headlines for his personal life. Australian illusionist recently came across the love of his life. Here in this article, we are going to have a look at whom he is dating and who is Casentino’s girlfriend.

Before we jump to get to know Cosentino’s girlfriend, let’s get to know the illusionist in detail. Paul Cosentino, aka Cosentino, was welcomed on earth in November 1982 in Victoria, Australia. He belongs to an Italian family. As a young boy, he was fascinated by a magic book he stumbled with. At that time, since he couldn’t read, he was helped by his mother with the reading. As a kid, he also faced difficulties in reading; he believes that magic helped him to overcome all the difficulties he faced with regard to learning. He also remembers an incident wherein his mother was locked outside the home.

At that time, Cosentino had to pick the lock, and while doing that, he invented a unique skill, which he later developed and honed. Not only that, he also says that the reason behind his confidence is his magic and magic performance. Now we know so much about the illusionist, let’s get to know who is Cosentino’s current girlfriend.

Who is Cosentino’s girlfriend?

To everyone’s surprise, Cosentino’s girlfriend was his assistant who worked with him during his shows. He recently introduced his girlfriend, Priscilla Stavrou, through his social media handle. Before making an appearance on Australia’s Got Talent, Cosentino hired Priscilla as his assistant, unaware of the fact that the girl would fall in love with him. Cosentino’s off-stage personality impressed his girlfriend. Who later described him as gentle and kind. Not only that, she also loves working with him. The reason why she says so is that Cosentino has an easy-going personality and his team doesn’t have to deal with work pressure.

cosentino girlfriend

Who is Cosentino’s Girlfriend?

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Cosentino’s girlfriend Priscilla Stavrou is aware of his secrets as she started as his assistant much before she fell for the illusionist. He and his girlfriend Cosentino and his girlfriend are living and staying together in an apartment located in Melbourne along with their cats, namely Diamond and Dante. Cosentino believes that Priscilla is his lucky charm; the reason why he says so is that his career bloomed only after she entered his life. His home is full of games and collectibles.

The beau has been together since past almost eight years. In these past years, their love only grew stronger and stronger. They live no chance to flaunt the relationship and the love they have for each other. Not only that, both are often captured expressing their feelings and gratitude towards each other. In an interview, Cosentino opened up about how he was astonished by the way Priscilla worked. Her flexibility and the way she worked and performed all the tasks impressed Tom.

cosentino girlfriend

Cosentino’s girlfriend, Priscilla Stavrou

More about Cosentino

Cosentino has been fascinated by magic since his early childhood days. In 2010 he performed an underwater escape in honor of Harry Houdini’s jump off Queen’s Bridge in Melbourne on the same day in 1910. He escaped inside a Melbourne Aquarium, wherein he was chained, shackled, and handcuffed. He was sunk inside a four and a half meter deep, to the bottom of the tank with a 60kg concrete block. He completed this escape within 3 minutes 39 seconds.
Other than performing live shows and magic shows, Cosentino also made an appearance on a few television shows, such as Talkin Bout Your Generation.

On 22 March 2011, he made a brief appearance on the show. Not only that, he also appeared as a contestant on Australia’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Star, The Magic, The Mystery, The Madness T.V Episodes, Asia’s Got Talent, but America’s also’s Got Talent, and several other shows. He also authored several books; his first book was Anything is Possible: The Magic. In his life so far, he had around 11 international tours to various places, including Hong Kong, Australia, and many other places too.

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