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Love Island Season 9 Episode 18 Spoilers & Recap: The Kissing Challenge & Lana’s Head Is Turning For Casey

Love Island Season 9 Episode 19
The Kissing Challenge

In Love Island Season 9 Episode 18 we will see Lana getting all excited to know about Casey. And after going on three dates, Casey will have a fun talk with Lana. Kana will ask him about his other two dates and they both feel that they have a connection between them.

Lana also says that she is happy that Casey is here and that he is what she needed right now. Lana is really liking Casey and he is ticking all of her boxes. Then Will is going to get a text that the Islander will have a Kissing Challenge and it’s going to be Hot.

Shaq took me on a trip on episode 17, he said “don’t worry Miss girl you might be up the Villa but I will grab the Baton that you were passing to me and I too will be on smoke”, just love it.

In the recoupling Will is first to go, of course, the man chooses Jesse. I’m not gonna lie I love how she does her little run to him I’m like “okay that’s cute or whatever”. He is followed by Aaron who picks Lana, Spencer picks Olivia, Shaq picks Tanya, Kai picks Samie, and Ron picks Tanyel. This leaves Tom in the worst position he could be in and he chooses Ellie which means Zara is out of there.

Now all of a sudden Zara’s opposition are her biggest Champion. Zara book yourself into a nice hotel, and have a masseuse come to your room because I know that back is in pain. I know your back is hurting sweetie, put your feet up and take a rest, you deserve it.

Love Island Season 9 Previous Episode Recap

Let’s first talk about what happened in the previous episode before going in for Love Island Season 9 Episode 18 Spoilers. The Villa is suspicious of Tanyel and Ron’s friendship, they feel like there’s something more brewing under the surface. I don’t know, friends can turn into lovers but because they’ve already been down this road before, they would have explored it if there was anything more than just friendship.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 18

Ron talking with Tanyel (CC: ITV)

And plus Tanyel is a type where if she likes you, you gonna know about it. Unless you’re Kai, and you know she wants you to chase and she wasn’t really putting herself out there in the beginning. But at some point, she’s gonna let you know “hey I’m feeling you, what’s the deal”. So I don’t think there’s anything there, so time will tell.

Lana is having a conversation with Ron and she’s saying “I see the connection, I see the vibe, I know you guys get along great”. And Ron, he doesn’t deny it. Lana said, “I’m taking a step back and doing my own thing for now”. What do you mean for now? For good.

As we all know there is no problem exploring in this Villa. Do what you got to do, but do not sell me a dream. Do not sell Lana a dream repeatedly and then shit on that dream every single time. That’s a mind f, truly. No girl, you have seen his true character, and I don’t even know you are with him. Just walk out of the room, forget the door, and leave the building.

Kai Has No Chance

Samie and Kai touch base and I don’t know if Kai is trying to convince Samie to be into him but I’m pretty sure he’s aware that he’s third on the totem pole when it comes to her interest. So he’s like “oh Ron has a connection with Tanyel, don’t you see it”. Kai, you’re not slick and even if she decides that her connection with Ron isn’t as strong as it might be in her head or her connection with Tom might not be strong, I feel like those are the guys she wants to pursue, she’s going to end up talking to you and realize it’s better to be single.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 18

Kai talking with Samie (CC: ITV)

Unless this man changes his name, changes his personality changes his whole demeanor and everything, there is not going to be anything there, I’m sorry. I hate to say it, but I feel like it needs to be somebody who’s dense I feel like that’s the only way somebody’s gonna be around Kai long term and be like “yeah this is the man for me”.

Ron said Never Say Never when it comes to Lana and Tom also said Never Say Never when it comes to Ellie. I think always say Never because I’m done. Ellie has been told to her face by Tom that “girl it ain’t nothing more than a flirt”. So why are you not telling her Never Say Never? Lana has been told that to her face multiple times. Ron is like “All these women technically are better than you, but I chose you, you should be happy”. No, always say Never.

Shaq Says The Three Words

Shaq and Tanya are on the Terrace and I’m like this is gonna be another sweet moment, it is cute or whatever. And then Shaq keeps talking and then big man Shaq is starting to say some big man words. Shaq said “I Love You” to Tanya and she said it back.

I’m still trying to collect myself after this. And I never understand when people say “I love you” before being in a relationship. I just feel like there’s so much that encompasses love, I think that they have a love for each other. My heart sank when he said that and then it sank again when these two are in the bed talking about a prenup. Prenup bro… you only just dropped the L bomb three hours ago.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 18

Shaq says the L word (CC: ITV)

Anyways, regardless of how you feel about this relationship, we can all admit that Shaq has been a stellar Islander this whole season. He’s found this person, and they said they love each other, if they play it straight through Casa Amor, more Bombshells and they make it to the end and if they do not win, the UK you’re never beating the Big R allegations. Then the Bombshells were announced to come into the Villa. However before the ladies get to meet the two new men, Tanya and Shaq let The Villa know what’s been said.

And to this, Tom’s face looked like somebody went and slapped his mama. I don’t think like Zara was out of pocket for saying what she said about “I hope your parents are proud of you”, I just know for me the way I feel about my mama, the way I feel about my daddy, those are just fighting words to me. But personally, I enjoyed the drama though. Tom cannot fathom people saying “I love you” in general. It was a hasty thing and the way he looked was just like “oh God, never say that”. Now Let’s talk about the spoilers for Love Island Season 9 Episode 18.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 18 Spoilers & Release Date

First of all Episode 18 of Love Island Season 9 will release on 2nd February 2023 on ITV2. The two new Bombshells came in at the end of Love Island Season 9 Episode 17. We have Casey, who is 26, and Jordan who is 28. Casey is in recruitment and Jordan is an Advisor. Jessie and Tanya immediately both locked themselves off and I said “wow Jessie really, okay sure.

Tanya, though, feels like maybe the “I love you” timing could have been better because right now it’s bad timing because Jordan is her type. She’s not gonna pursue it, but she would have if the circumstances were different.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 18

Casey and Jordan (CC: ITV)

All the other women are fair game obviously and the two guys get texts that they get to date three women each. We don’t see all three days, it’s just one date. So Casey picks Lana and on his date with Lana honestly, I feel like this is the first time I’ve seen this woman smile cheek to cheek and like a week. And then Jordan chose Tanyel for a date.

For their second date, the two bombshells choose Olivia and Samie. So in Love Island Season 9 Episode 18, we will see this date along with the third date they will go. on. And I feel like Lana would want to know more about Casey and Tanyel would like to know more about Jordan. Also, There will be a kissing challenge where first the boys will be blindfolded and the girls will get to kiss them.

Where To Watch Love Island Season 9 Episode 18 & Release Time

Love Island Season 9 Episode 18 will air at 9 pm GMT in the UK. The release timings for episode 18 for the rest of the world are as follows:

  • 4:00 pm Eastern Time (New York, USA) on Thursday, 2 February 2023
  • 9:00 pm Greenwich Mean Time (London) on Thursday, 2 February 2023
  • 2:30 am Indian Standard Time (India) on Wednesday, 3 February 2023
  • 6:00 am Japan Standard Time (Japan) on Wednesday, 3 February 2023
  • 6:00 am Korean Standard Time (Korea) on Wednesday, 3 February 2023
  • 8:00 am Australian Standard Time (Sydney, Australia) on Wednesday, 3 February 2023

You can watch episode 18 on ITV2 and stream it on ITVX in the UK and on Hulu in the US.

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