World Trigger Chapter 226 Release Date: The Strategy Meeting

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World Trigger Chapter 226 Release Date

World Trigger Chapter 226 will begin with a new arc as the last arc has just wrapped up. The Away mission arc spanned for quite a few chapters and displayed how the series still has in itself after coming so far. Though the arc is over, the new challenges are already ahead of them and not all of them are looking forward to the future. Only because they are lazy. And this instance would be Katori.

She has been in a slump mood from the moment the chapter opened but the reason for that was not exhaustion from the last test. She is in a bad mood and it only got worse as the issue went on. Her team member took advice from other people to make things better for her. And after having a bulb moment with one of them they were able to cheer Katori. However, she snapped out and gave a victory cry for the next fight.

World Trigger Chapter 226 Spoilers 

World Trigger Chapter 226 will be going forth the new arc and we will see Katori take on the leader role. However, she won’t be the only highlight of the next chapter. We saw a plethora of characters working with their issues in the last chapter, and one of them was Wakamaru. Wakamaru had as much focus on him as Katori and while Katori was going through a down phase Wakamaru was doubting himself in private. Though Katori made progress by the end of the chapter, Wakamaru was still stuck. 

World Trigger Chapter 226 Release Date
CC; World Trigger Franchise

The next chapter will be focused on more than one character and Wakamaru will be one of them. Katori will have her time but her issue is solved for time being. Wakamaru was making progress as he was more aware of his faults, the next chapter will expand on it. By the end of it, we may have a mission as well.

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What is the release date for World Trigger Chapter 226?

World Trigger Chapter 226 will be coming out on October 3rd, 2022. The series is published in a weekly manga magazine, and the chapters are published every week in Jump Square. The manga will be available to read in English for many regions. The series had a long-running anime but later shifted towards seasonal anime down the line. The third season of world trigger will come out in October 2022.

World Trigger Chapter 226 Release Date
CC; World Trigger Franchise

Where to read World Trigger Chapter 226?

Like many other Manga series from Shueisha, World Trigger Chapter 226 will be available to read on Viz. Viz is one of the best providers for providing manga online, and it is the best way to support your favorite authors. On top of that, Viz also has a catalog of all the classic mangas like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and many more.

They also have modern hits like Jujutsu Kaisen and My Hero Academia updated regularly. You will have access to the latest chapters just a few hours after they are released in Japan. You also have the option to read the first three chapters as well as the last three chapters to read for free.

You can also try Manga Plus to read the series as they too provide manga chapters right after they release. The biggest difference between them and Viz is that Manga plus is owned by Shueisha, and they update you about upcoming series as well.

What is World Trigger about?

World trigger or WorTri tells the story of Mikado city that has it’s disrupted by the appearance of an interdimensional gate. The Neighbors from the gate started coming the moment it opened and overwhelmed all of humanity as their weapons proved to be useless.

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This didn’t last long as the mysterious organization known as Borders came to the rescue. They provided weaponry that could stand up to neighbors, but these weapons were anything but conventional. They modify the body in such a way that it becomes a living weapon tasked with protecting Mikado city and even the world.

The story takes place four years after a human and neighbor come face-to-face and are entangled in a plethora of problems.

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