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Cheer Up Episode 14: Release Date, Preview, and How To Watch

Cheer Up Episode 13 recap
Cheer Up Episode 14: Release Date,

The air date for Cheer Up 2022 episode 14 has been announced, and as the show’s devoted followers are eager to learn what will transpire in the following episode, we have compiled all the juicy information. But before continuing and discussing Cheer Up 2022, Episode 14, let’s pause and recap the story so far of Cheer Up.

Despite how happy Hae and Jung are in their romance, they have decided to keep it a mystery. The new pair awkwardly starts speaking Korean as they say goodbye for the night next to Hae’s house, but Jung can’t go and comes for a kiss.

After seeing this, Hae’s mother comes and starts to torment her as she leads her child through the front door while making kissy faces. Even Sun, Hae’s best buddy, is forbidden from knowing. The two are euphoric and are rambling about Hae’s new romance and relationship with Yi when they discover they aren’t the only ones in the practice room.

Cheer Up Episode 13 recap

The leads from Cheer Up.

 Kim Jin is another insane thief about whom we understand nothing. Jin-il heard the story, even though he has been using high-tech products. We discover that Jin-il formally takes part in group activities. He was replaced by Yoo-min as the person in charge of planning when Yoo-min made the rash and foolish choice to study abroad.

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Cheer Up 2022: The Recap

Sun-ho tries to get Hae-yi to suppress her feelings. The exchange goes like this: “Wait, hold on a second; you loved me, didn’t you?!” Tell me another way you are going to use to determine the answer? It’s a little depressing to watch, but not in an emotional way that will make you wish to cry.

Hae-yi speaks bluntly but not harshly. She wasn’t sure at first, but now she’s positive she likes Jung-woo. Sun-ho promises he won’t give up despite Hae’s assurances that Yi will remain to reject him. Sun-ho visits Hae’s house late at night while staggeringly intoxicated and laments his heartbreak.

Cheer Up Episode 13 recap

Do’s mum from Cher Up.

While his mom tries to settle him down, Jae lets Sun-ho sleep in his room. After they started hanging out, Chun called Sun’s mom and Ho Jin, and they showed up with luggage to tell Sun that he’d been banished from the house. The fact that Chun contacted Jin-hee to comfort her is the last blow for Jin, who wishes Sun-ho would quit her squad as it usually takes up too much of her time.

Jin-hee brought Ho and Hae-yi to visit the team as they made their way to cheer camp because she didn’t think Sun-ho would call her bluff. Sun-ho insists he didn’t offer up his cheers in the car because he liked doing it. While Jung and Hae-yi go off for private time together, Sun feels that Hae has forgotten about her celebration.

Sun pouts and fumes till she eventually screams at Hae-yi. It is getting old for Hae-yi to spend time alongside Woo as she is ignored. She is only rarely required to follow Hae’s instructions! This is made clear as Yi drags Sun to the spontaneous dinner celebration she has prepared. The group visits a shut-down hospital to take part in an activity.

Cheer Up Episode 13 recap

Woo and Do from the recent episodes of Cheer Up.

The rest of the team inside the building must find senior commanders Jung, Hee, and Il. Except for those occasions when Yi and Ho meet eyes, and Ho maintains he’ll “chase his emotions,” they usually wander out alone with lights. Jung overhears this conversation while hiding. The critical moment in the clinical play would be when Jin locks Hae up and ignites a fire, though.

“Hae” is preparing to pass out due to the toxins when Sun enters, yelling helplessly. Although Hae won’t drop dead, fans are unaware of Jin’s intentions beyond the fact that he detests ties between teams. Byte fans questioned the squad’s decision to play the game when Jung-woo was informed that Yi was the victim of a murder plot.

Cheer Up! 2022 Episode 14 release date

Cheer Up Episode 14’s release date is Tuesday, December 6, 2022. Cheer Up 2022 Episode 14 will air on the popular Korean channel SBS at 10 PM KST in South Korea. Outside of South Korea, viewers can watch Cheer Up 2022 Episode 14 at 2:00 BST, 6:30 IST, and 12:00 AEDT.

Cheer Up 2022 Episode 14: How to Watch

Cheer-Up 2022 episode 14 will be available on the Viu app at the time above and date. Fans are required to confirm the hours and dates we provide. When episode 14 of Cheer Up 2022 is released in their nation,

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