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One Punch Man Season 3. Will It Ever Happen?

One Punch Man Season 3

It has been well over a year since the release of One Punch Man Season 2 in July 2019, and anime fans within us have been itching dreadfully as we wait for the release of One Punch Man Season 3. You don’t have to worry about it anymore as we arrive at your rescue. And shed some light on this matter. The first season of One Punch Man was released back in 2015, but the studio behind it dealt with some issues back then. They were switching directors and producers and all sorts of the crew back then.

Why One Punch Man Season 3 is taking so long?

While Shingo Natsume was the director of the better first season, the sequel was unfortunately directed by another guy named Chikarai Sakurai. Not only did the directors change, but it was shifted from Madhouse Studios in the first season to J.C. Staff in the next. These all are why it took four more years for the second season to be released finally.

One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man

But even after the painful four years of wait for the second season of One Punch Man, it was surprisingly taken well by the anime-loving audience over on Netflix. And if that’s not enough, it even manages to rank itself in the top 10 lists of Netflix for quite a while, too, at that time. But this time around, the change in studios and production staff isn’t to blame. And if you hadn’t been living under a rock, you might’ve felt the changes that the covid pandemic has brought upon us.

Not only did it bring the whole world to a pit stop, but it was also responsible for millions of jobs being taken away, well-established companies suffering huge losses. And much more nasty stuff. Not only did all this slowdown production of many studios, including tv shows and movies alike. It also was responsible for delaying games like the Cyberpunk and The Olympics. And, how could we all forget the Marvel Movies that were supposed to come out this year?

Release Date of One Punch Man Season 3 Delayed Yet Again!

As of writing this, there has been no official news out there for the exact release date. And, neither has it officially been confirmed. But don’t be sad yet, as we have still managed to gather some information. While we had waited for four whole years for the second season, it is doubtful that it will be the same this time. As we have previously told you it happened due to a change in the production time the last time, that’s not the case anymore. According to some sources, the production has been stopped halfway as it was set to release this year.

Makers yet to confirm the Release Date of One Punch Man Season 3

Makers yet to confirm the Release Date of One Punch Man Season 3

With that, you can be sure that the third season is, in fact, happening at last. It’s just that we will have to wait a little bit more for our beloved show this time. This might not feel very comforting, but it is done to provide greater quality content, even though we will not enjoy it when we need it the most. But, we have to understand the situation as this is purely unintentional.

Although the studios might have some episodes already made, they have still decided to release all episodes at once. But for now, you don’t have to be sad anymore. We will update this blog the moment we get any updates. While you are staying tuned for that, continue reading along for the expected plot and cast and what we know of One Punch Man Season 3 yet. Also, we have concocted some similar anime suggestions that you can watch in the meantime.

History and Plot- Insights into Saitama’s Life

Before the anime, One Punch Man began selling itself as a webcomic created by ONE in 2009. It was shortly named Wanpanman, and its main character was called Wanpan(short for one punch). After two years of its release as a webcomic, it was remade into a Manga in 2012. And was picturized by Yusuke Murata, well known for his work in the industry.

Saitama- The Robust Warrior

Saitama- The Robust Warrior

It was then renamed and released in North America as the One-Punch Man Manga in 2015. During the same year, an adaptation was announced for the Manga. And, it was released as a full-blown anime in mid-2015. Although the attention it grabbed then as an anime was phenomenal, as we discussed earlier, the second season was delayed for four whole long years. But when it did come out under different production studios and teams, it still popularized to crazy highs, thanks in part to its debut on Netflix. But although the third season was meant to come out this year, you know what happened with it.

How One-Punch Man Saitama is Like

This anime shows a different kind of superhero-like other strong anime characters, named Saitama. He is too powerful for the likes of the biggest villains ever known to anyone. And, he can beat all with just one punch. That is why the show that is aptly named The One Punch Man grew so famous. Because instead of focusing on great battles and great villains with lots of action scenes, this show instead centers around mundane problems of our hero’s day to day life. He doesn’t care about the regular hero stuff and often let others take credit for him.

One Punch Man- One of the most powerful anime characters ever

One Punch Man- One of the most powerful anime characters

As shown in the anime, his nature is straightforward as he speaks no more than a handful of words at a time. He usually gets bored when villains speak for too long. And simply shrugs them off, saying they need a hobby. His face is shown with simple elliptical details. But, when he does get serious, his face reveals masculine features as lines appear when he gets angry. And then he is one bad news!

One Punch Man Powers

As we know, Saitama comes up with lame names for his super-powerful attacks like Normal Punch and Consecutive Normal Punches. Which superhero have you ever seen that puts the word Normal in one of their moves? And you might’ve also heard what he had named his more serious attacks, which are consequently named Serious Punch and Serious Side Hops. We get it; he was not serious while naming them. He is no less of a superhero than when he is compared with all the heroes in the anime to date. His miscellaneous abilities include Keen Perception, Strong Teeth, Intimidation, Non-physical Interaction, and Indomitable Will.

Mosquito Girl

Mosquito Girl

His powers are limitless. Those limits are still met from time to time in the anime when some serious villains come near him. But as his powers are, he ultimately crosses his own limits to defeat every single villain that stood next to him, be it the Mosquito Girl, Sonic, Orochi, Garou, or Boros. No one has ever stood more powerful than he is. Even with all this might and power, our protagonist Saitama has always kept his calm until he doesn’t. And that means bad news for the villains.

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