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One Piece

What Chapter Does Luffy Use Gear 5? The Power Beyond Imagination!

Gear 5th Luffy
Gear 5th Luffy

If you ask us the best time to be a One Piece fan, we would definitely point toward the current events in both, anime and manga. The series is not only at its peak right now but the mysteries Oda set up in the initial arcs started to solve and we are getting the answers to the many unanswered questions. Wano arc was filled with many ups and downs and the arc showcased some of the most anticipating things including Roger and Whitebeard’s fight and Shanks’ Conqueror’s Haki abilities.

We also saw Luffy’s major power-up. We completely understand that there are some people who love to watch anime rather than reading manga and that’s why they skip some of the chapters but still they want to know about the major highlight of the arc, i.e. Luffy’s Gear 5. This article is for newbies who want to know only about Luffy’s gear 5 without wasting too much time searching for the correct chapter. We will discuss the exact chapter number in which the mega action finally took place. We will also put a little eye on Luffy’s powers in Gear 5. In the last section, we will close the note with legal websites to read manga chapters. Everything is wrapped in this article itself so make sure to read this article till the end.

One Piece is a Japanese manga-based anime written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The series has more than 1050+ manga chapters and 1000+ animated episodes. The series follows Monkey D. Luffy, a boy from East Blue who dreamed to become the King of Pirates someday. After getting influenced by an infamous pirate Shanks, Luffy started his journey toward the sea when he was 17 and eventually recruits amazing crewmates in his pirate club. Slowly and steadily, the Strawhats crew becomes a very famous pirate crew and today, Luffy holds the rank of one of the four emperors of the sea with the amazing bounty of 3 billion berries.

Luffy’s Gear 5 Powers:

Luffy’s Gear 5 not only showcased some of the hidden capabilities of Luffy but also revealed some of the mysteries that Oda was creating since the Skypea arc. It was revealed that the Gomu-Gomu no Mi is none other than Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika. Luffy’s Gear 5 represents the sun god Nika and it is said that the form brings joy to those around him. The power of the form was so great that even surprised Gorosei. The world government was hiding this fruit for over 800 years until it was stolen by Shanks from the Who’s Who ship. Gear 5 allows Luffy to convert his surrounding objects into rubber. It also allows Luffy to take any irregular shape thus minimizing the damage from weapons. Gear 5 also gives Luffy incredible strength to face off powerful threats including Beast Kaido. Since we saw this form only once,  there might be many truths that are waiting for the reveal. We will update this article in case there will be any major reveal regarding Gear 5. Make sure to bookmark this article for future reference.

Giant Luffy

Luffy in gigantic form

What Chapter Does Luffy Use Gear 5?

When Luffy was on the verge of failing, we got the hint that something is about to come. Luffy won’t give up this easily and he must push his limits to surpass Kaido not just for the Wano but for the sake of the title of King of Pirates. The same happens and In the ending pages of Chapter 1044, we saw Luffy arising in the form of Sun God Nika. In the next chapter, i.e. chapter 1045, Luffy’s Gear 5 showed some action and totally surpassed Kaido in combat. At one point, it felt like Luffy is actually mocking Kaido and we saw many comical battle sequences. We hope you are now able to read the correct chapter to know everything about Gear 5.

One Piece Episode 1017

Gomu-Gomu no Red Roc!

Read One Piece Online:

All the chapters of One Piece are available to read on Viz’s official website or the Shonen Jump mobile app. You can read the latest chapters free of cost however you need to get a subscription to enjoy the older chapters. The subscription pricing is quite affordable and can be a good way to support creators and staff and encourage them to continue doing the good work.

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