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Are Parker and Tyler Dating? The Gold Rush Couple

are parker and tyler dating
are parker and tyler dating?

Want to know whether Gold Rush stars are parker and Tyler dating? Discovery Channel’s popular show Gold Rush has been a fan favorite as it revolves around a group of hard-working miners who are continuing their gold-digging mission in the Klondike area of Dawson City, which is in Yukon, Canada. Go figure. As the much-awaited season 13 is here, fans saw Parker Schnabel making a return and, despite having stiff competition, stated how people have come and gone, but they are still here. 

The series has been tracking the impressive work of professional gold miners, including Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, Fred Dodge, and Roger Schnabel. Parker Schnabel has risen to fame and success after the show and is notoriously private about his personal life as well. However, the popular miner was dating someone who made her way into the show as well. Who are we talking about? Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts to know whether are parker and Tyler dating or not. 

Are parker and Tyler dating? 

Parker and Tyler are reportedly not dating together. While, fans have been speculating the same  after the two teamed up to film Season 4 of “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.” Not to forget, Parker was officially off the market and later parted ways with his Australian girlfriend, Ashley Youle.

are parker and tyler dating

Are parker and Tyler dating?

As Parker and Tyler set out across Australia, viewers were rooting for the two as the Discovery camera crew accompanied the alleged couple. However, contrary to what fans felt or hoped about Tyler and Parker developing some feelings for one another, nothing of that sort happened. As the two navigated through some adventures in the Australian desert while looking for gold, romance was surely not on the cards for the two. 

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Is Parker dating Ashley? 

Viewers got a glimpse of Parker’s former girlfriend, Ashley Youle, who made her way into the popular mining show during Season 7, which premiered back in 2016. The two reportedly met back in Australia, and as sparks flew between the two, Parker soon asked her to join him for summer mining in Alaska.

While gushing about the relationship, Parker states how he doesn’t think Ashley gets quite enough credit for how well the summer went while adding how she is great to be around. Not to forget how Schnabel credited Ashley for being a huge help in helping the Gold Rush alum to settle into the season’s Alaskan site.

However, the relationship was rather short-lived as rumors of their split were further fuelled after Ashley was absent from the eighth season. Later, Parker confirmed the split stating how his show was a success, but his personal life was falling apart as he admittedly never made the relationship a priority and did not make Ashley a priority. He believes that Ashley deserved better than that. While Parker said his share of the story, Ashley was away from the limelight and kept it that way while not opening up about the split. 

are parker and tyler dating

Parker Schnabel

Is Parker Schnabel in Gold Rush season 13? 

Viewers are all excited as the first-ever look of Gold Rush season 13 is already here and made its way back in September. Fans will soon see Parker Schnabel in the 13th season as he continues his relentless search for gold while expanding his operation from the Klondike to Alaska. While the competition is pretty tough this time, Schnabel is not all that fazed by it and has new hopes. 

The 13th season has welcomed some new members, including  Brandon and Brady Clayton, as they join the Gold Rush lineup this time. As they face some financial crisis with family debt, this mining mission is pretty important. Not to forget, new challenges come up in the form of increasing fuel prices and supply chain problems, and the price of gold is low as well. 

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