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Anime Recommendations: Comedy Anime To Watch in 2021

Comedy and anime go hand-in-hand; some of the funniest comedy bits are from anime. This is because of the freedom they have in drawing up facial expressions and quirky scenarios. The best part of a lot of anime is the comedy bits added to it. Let it be a very serious anime with a lot of dark plots; it would still have some of the funniest comedy moments here and there.

The wacky expressions, the main character being berated or attacked by the side characters, stupidly funny dialogues, all of these are done best by anime. So which are some of the anime where you can find such scenarios pop up which would lead you to die of laughter?



This volleyball anime is one of the trendiest things on the market right now. Ever since lockdown started, this shot up in popularity in very little time, not just in Japan, this is one of the most internationally popular anime in recent times.

Haikyu!! is also said to be one of the recent anime that has brought a lot of new watchers to the anime audience; it is the perfect light-hearted anime. It has all the best bots and pieces of a great anime, from life-changing speeches to heavy build-up scenes, to some of the funniest comedy.

The anime, first of all, is based around the Karasuno High volleyball team. This team used to be one of the greats until recently they started slowly falling out. They lost their reputation, and people forgot about them. All of that changed when a group of very energetic and skilled freshmen turned up to join the team. There began the revival of Karasuno.

The anime doesn’t have just one main character; the whole of the volleyball team are the main characters. Everyone is so well written; the character development we see throughout the show is just flawless. Each character has his own skill set and behavior traits, which set them apart from each other.

Now coming to the comedy bit, Haikyu!! features some of the best comedy bits when it comes to recent anime. Some of the best scenes are when funny scenes pop out when you least expect them to.

The facial expressions, over the top reactions, everything is so funny. 2 characters especially, Tanaka and Nishinoya, who has the hots for the team manager, are usually the faces of comedy in the show. Every member has their shot in comedy, but these two are in a league of their own. When both of them combine in certain interactions, you are guaranteed laughter.

Some amazing moments of the two together have gone down in history, like the famous Buddha Moment, protecting the manager moment, and so on. Watch Haikyu!! on Netflix.

Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

Upon hearing the plot of this anime, you would expect it to have the least amount of comedy in it. But no, Seven Deadly Sins is the perfect example of a show which has an intense dark story but is backed by comedy here and there.

The story exists in a realm where there exist humans and other magical beings. Holy Knights are the sort of super-powerful beings who control or look after the realms, and the Seven Deadly Sins are the best of the best when it comes to the Holy Knights.

But due to some unfortunate events that unfold, the Sins are made to be very violent criminals who are now wanted across all the realms. There starts their battle with the Holy Knights. But later, we find out that the Knights are the one’s who are actually scheming to ruin the world.

The Sins now scattered throughout the lands need to team back up to stop the Knights plan from ever being completed. This show has some of the best fight scenes and build-ups. The characters are so overpowered it just becomes entertaining sometimes. The story is something that would make you want to binge-watch everything in one go.

The comedy in the anime is also amazing, which is something you wouldn’t expect. The Sins interacting with each other, the side characters, the villains, everyone has their go in comedy. The Sins are drawn up from the start to be very fearful and nasty people, but it turns out they are some of the funniest characters you would find.

Some of the best comedy scenes are given out by the most powerful and dangerous of them all, Meliodas, who is the main character and the captain of all the Sins. But the other Sins also have their way in comedy, and every single Sin has its own unique behavior trait, which reflects on different types of comedic moments.

Ban is more of a chill, and reckless guy resulting in stupid comedy. Hawk, the talking pig, is a loud-mouthed pig who has some very sarcastic and funny comebacks.

This is in no way a comedy anime, but if you like a very dark plot with plenty of blood and gore, which is supported by comedy, then this is the show for you. Watch Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix.

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The Disastrous Life Of Saiki. K

Saiki K

Now, this is a comedy anime. No, actually, it’s genre is actually comedy anime. So expect the whole thing to be filled to the brim with some amazing comedy. The storyline is so funny, and the same goes for all the characters as well.

You have some of the most fun and wackiest characters of anime in this show. Each plot line is centered around a hilarious and stupid plot at times, and it’s so fun to watch throughout.

But being a comedy anime doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a great story; the show has a wonderful narrative. We follow the life of High School student Saiki. K, he is not your average school going kid at all. He has all of the superpowers you could ever think of, like superhuman strength, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, mind-control, and many more. But he isn’t happy one bit with the powers he has.

He always wants to keep his powers a secret and to be a normal kid. But the characters around him and the situations never allow for this to happen, which leads to some amusing scenes. Watch Saiki K on Netflix.

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

Now, this is a very famous anime, Assassination classroom is a comedy anime, but the best part is it isn’t known just for its comedy. The show has one of the best stories in recent times.

The story is so addictive and never fails to bring us to tears. The story is about an alien who shows up on Earth threatening to wipe out humanity, and the twist is that he is ready to give up on his decision if they are able to kill him. But not just anyone should; he is going to teach a class of students who are weak in studies, they will be given the opportunity to kill him.

But they have a shot time span of 1-year t to do it. Everything starts out rocky because all the students have in mind is to save the earth and kill this alien. But down the road, they realize that the alien is a very excellent teacher and that he is making the students improve tenfold.

Because of the alien, every kid is now a much better version of themselves. The students start very much like their teacher. That is when the fact that they have to kill their dear teacher looms in the background. That is such an interesting concept, as one minute they are seen enjoying with him, but later the students and us the viewers are reminded of that fact that everything has to come to an end and they have to kill the one who they hold very dear.

But behind this tragic story and the amazing narrative is tear-inducing comedy. The alien teacher himself, Koro Sensei, is the funniest character of the bunch. His facial expressions and mannerisms are enough to have us rolling on the floor, laughing.

The students, the other teachers, even nasty villains sometimes resort to very comedic stuff. But no one can beat Koro Sensei, his comedic antics. Even after having a giant yellow ball for ahead, the amount of funny facial expressions the guy can pull are unbelievable. Watch Assassination Classroom on Netflix.

All of these anime mentioned have the ability to lift your moods in a few minutes. According to our opinion, sometimes noncomedy anime that features some types of funny moments and comedy are the best ones. They give you the most amount of laughter. The Seven Deadly Sins is a great example of this.

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