Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 162: Because I Am His Friend: Release Date & Spoilers

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Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 162
Yofukashi no Uta (Credits: Viz Media)

Are you guys excited about the release of Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 161? We are here to help you! After an amazing chapter where we see Kiku walking alone in the dark night on the street in order to meet some, fans of the series are excited about what is going to happen next in the story. 

If you are also one who is following this amazing yet familiar manga series from the first day, and now wondering when the next chapter of the plot is going to be released, we surely are hanged at something very interesting and dark; you are in the right place to get all of your answers. 

Today, we will not only let you know when Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 162 is going to be released, but also what you can expect from it, and where can you read the same online, but first let revisit the events that recently happened in the story, with another point of view, in order to make sure we all are at the same page when we will be talking about the upcoming chapter. 

So, in the recent chapter, we see Kiku with quite a depressed face walking on the road, at the same time, a passing driver stops and asks her if she wanted a lift. Kiku accepts his offer and sits in the passenger seat, and they head towards the city. On the other hand, we see Azami San and Yamori, surprisingly both of them also are at the middle of the road, where Yamori asks him to stop and leave him, as from now he wanted to go alone. 

Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 161 Recap

When he was about to leave, Azami says that he does not have any words to say and he cannot describe his feelings, but he really wanted him to do something good now. Then we see Yamori smiles and leave.

Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 162
Yofukashi no Uta (Credits Kotayama)

Later in the chapter, we see Yamori reaches his destination, where someone is already waiting for him, she is a young girl none other than, Akira. Akira says that she has been waiting for him for a long time. Seeing her alone at this time of night, was also a shock for Yamori, who asks her what she is doing there. In response to this, she replies that he should not ask her why she is here and reveals that he has forgotten the souvenirs! Not only that, but she also says and reminds him that she will make sure that both of them make up.

The scene changes to Nazuna and Mahiru where Nazuna says that she was really spooked back then, she really thought that Kou Kun had died, although she is a weird woman, she managed to get buy a gun, and she was carrying it around, that is why the; the reasons that led Senpai (she was referring to Miss Detective), to act like this. Now, there are only two possibilities, either he understands all this, or perhaps he doesn’t want to.

She then adds that he was crying, and. honestly, she was a little shocked when she saw him in tears, he got this stoic side to him, or rather some dubious sense of logic. She heard this from Seri when she was about to kill some human, he told her that he is not telling her not to kill anyone ever, sometimes you just have no choice.

Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 162 Spoiler

As of now, there are not any spoilers released from the upcoming Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 162. Although it seems like the next chapter will be focused on more about the nature of Yamori. It is also possible that we will witness some heartwarming moments between him and Mahiru.

Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 162 Release Date

The upcoming Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 162 is scheduled to be released on March 5, 2023.

  • Pacific Standard Time (PST): 03:35 PM, March 05, 2023
  • Central Standard Time (CST): 04:35 PM, March 05, 2023
  • Japan Standard Time (JST): 02:35 AM, March 06, 2023
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 11:35 AM, March 06, 2023
  • Indian Standard Time (IST): 04:05 AM, March 06, 2023
  • Pakistan Standard Time (PKST): 03:35 AM, March 06, 2023
  • Central European Time (CET): 05:35 AM, March 06, 2023
  • Australian Central Daylight Time (ACDT): 01:35 PM, March 06, 2023
  • Portuguese Time (PT): 05:35 PM, March 05, 2023
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): 06:35 PM, March 05, 2023

Where To Read Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 162

You can read the upcoming Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 162, directly on the official site of their primary publisher, Viz Media, at the times and dates we have mentioned in the previous section, along with the past releases of the manga series. 

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