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Bob Hearts Abhishola Season 4 Episode 10: Release Date & Preview

Bob Hearts Abhishola Season 4 Episode 10 release date is quite soon. The series throws light on an American couple with different ethnicities and beliefs. They fall in love, and here begins the story of them both trying to make it work through thick and thin. Back in Bob Hearts Abhishola Season 4 Episode 8, titled Estee Lauder and Goat Meat, we saw that Bob and Tunde are very happy that they get to work together yet another time.

Bob appoints his uncle to renovate the factory that he has just bought for his business. Now, Bob was already sleeping about sharing the workspace with the whole family. These ideas are further solidified when each member chimes in and shares their unique set of ideas about how the space should like. Now, Bob and Tunde both have different perspectives when it comes to creating this whole project. Tunde wants to take time and do it all slowly.

But Bob wants this space done as soon as possible. Thus, we see that Bob fires Tunde, and the whole family turns against him and is critical of his decision. But in private, they all agree with him, which frustrates him even more. Later, Tunde and Bob make up when they both sign an offer in which Hob will be the senior consultant in the whole renovation process. But this job ultimately made Tunde do everything that Bob wanted him to, or maybe even Goodwin.

Bob Hearts Abhishola Season 4 Episode 10 Release Date

A still from Bob Hearts Abhishola Season 4

Bob Hearts Abhishola Season 4 Episodes Recap

On the other hand, we see that Abhishola is having a hard time seeing her mother miserable with herself. She tried to cheer her up, but that was not helping. Her marriage in Nigeria was already very troublesome, and soon, she received a package which has her wedding ring in it. This conforms to Abhishola’s doubts about the problems they are facing right now. Thus, she decides to throw her mom a party in order to have her cheer up. This actually helped with her mood, and it was immediately uplifted a bit, not much, but just a little bit to our excitement.

In the most recent episode of the season titled Idle Nigerians, we saw that Bob is working under too much pressure at the factory. It is obvious that he wants the business to take off as soon as possible. Turns out that the sock factory, which Abhishola visited in this episode, is what is putting the most pressure on Bob. The nurses are actually on strike right now.

Bob Hearts Abhishola Season 4 Episode 10 Release Date

Bob Hearts Abhishola Season 4 Episode 10 release date is on the 12th of December 2022. The episode will drop out at 8.30 PM Eastern Time. Well, if you are a fan of this light-hearted romantic comedy series, I suggest you keep track of it all, as it drops out every week on Mondays.

How to Watch Bob Hearts Abhishola Season 4 Episode 10

Bob Hearts Abhishola Season 4 Episode 10 will air on CBS. The channel will broadcast the episodes live at the date and time which we have already provided above. Before tuning in to the channel, all fans need to do is check with the streaming guide. Each episode lasts about half an hour, including the advertisements. Well, there is a way you can avoid those nasty ads as well.

Paramount Plus, the official streaming website of the channel, has all the episodes listed on their platform. This will help the fans to stream the episodes online if they do not have cable at home or have cut ties with a cord. The premium version of this plan is worth 9.99 dollars a month. It will not show any ads while the fans are trying to stream. Also, there is a base version too but it has ads at a less cost. This plan is available at just 4.99 dollars a month.

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