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Amber and Jim Split Up: What Really Happened?

amber and Jim still together
Are amber and Jim still together?

Are amber and Jim still together? American television personality and entrepreneur Amber Marchese gained huge fame and success after appearing in the hit reality television series, The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Amber Marchese went through a severe health crisis after she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. With her husband Jim by her side, she put up a brave right while sharing health updates with her fans and RHONJ viewers.

She appeared on the show alongside her husband Jim Marchese. As the couple went through a few ups and downs in the course of the show. Let us find out whether amber and Jim are still together or not. 

Are amber and Jim still together?

While Amber and Jim were pretty tight-knit, the relationship went through its fair share of troubles as well. The drama pretty much escalated after Jim accused Amber that they were in a s*xless marriage.

Are amber and Jim still together

Are amber and Jim still together?

He went on to make a shocking reference about h**kers which might have made things all the more complicated. As Jim continued making those allegations while slamming Amber and admitted that he deserved more from her since he was there with Amber through her chemo treatments.

Amber later addresses these allegations while admitting in a confessional that she had indeed not given Jim much attention and that the whole claim of the s*xless marriage was all her fault. Any recent whereabouts of the pair are not known as of yet as they have kept it all away from the media limelight. While being on the popular show Amber and Jim grabbed substantial attention as Jim once revealed that it was the producers who staged the phone call that Amber made to Teresa about her criminal proceedings.

He further claimed that the producers asked her countless times to call Teresa about her criminal issues. Jim once also got into a brawl with yet another co-star of the reality television series. There were rumors about Amber and Jim being fired from the RHONJ franchise. 

Why Did Jim Marchese Make a Controversial Tweet?

Jim Marchese received huge backlash after making an apparent homophobic tweet. However, his wife Amber soon came to her husband’s defense as she issued a statement saying that her husband is the kind of man who wants to stand against injustice and sees what happened to Kevin Hart as an injustice. She further added that it was a cultural moment when people with honest views on topics continually get silenced or villainized.

amber and Jim still together

Are amber and Jim still together?

Amber explained that Jim’s statements were his way of standing up for anyone who has an unpopular opinion that has cost them respect or opportunity. Amber Marchese further added that her husband Jim’s remarks stepped on another kind of injustice, and in desiring to be bold in pointing out that there can be diversity in opinion, so her husband insulted an opinion that differs from his own.

Who is Rebecca Grande?

Jim Marchese was earlier married to Rebecca Grande, whom he divorced back in 2004. However, the divorce was soon followed by intense drama as the two went to court in Monmouth in order to gain an attempt to gain the full custom of their sons.

RHONJ alum Jim Marchese went on to allege that his former wife had a lack of moral and ethical character, which was needed to raise teenage boys, before going on to list several other reasons why he believed she was not fit enough to have sole custody of their children. A source later claimed that Jim is not agreeing to pay for James’ tuition at Fairfield because he has four children, while Jim has denied these claims stating that he has been working really hard these past two years to try to get as many scholarships as that he can to attend Fairfield.

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