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Boruto Anime Sees the Death of Yet Another Main Character

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Konohamaru
Boruto Naruto Next Generations Konohamaru

Last Updated on April 17, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

Boruto: Naruto, Next Generations anime, is still in its early developments despite releasing over 180 episodes. The anime is developing slowly, and fans are still looking forward to the day when Kawaki attacks Konoha. Not even the manga has reached that far. And it seems that it is still chapters away from that. So we might not see the first scene hinted at in the beginning by the anime anytime soon. When Boruto made its debut in the manga, it made headlines as many thought both Naruto and Sasuke would die.

Even the manga is very slow on that end, which would explain why the original creator of the franchise decided to get back to work again. Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto’s franchise, returned to writing and illustrating Boruto manga himself. It is still unclear how the scene every fan of Boruto wants to see so bad will come to be. Because even now in the manga, it appears to be far. But since Kawaki has already made his appearance, and with Kishimoto back in the driver’s seat. Then he would not want us to wait any longer.

Looking back at Boruto anime, the latest episodes show Kara group making an anime storyline entrance. And now they have made contact with leaf Shinobi. The anime has entered an interesting territory, and soon, we will see more of Kara inners. Ao came out as Kara’s spy, or rather toll as he refers to himself, he has the mission to retrieve the vessel from Kara’s crashed airship.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 184 will broadcast over the weekend, and this is where we will see how things will develop. Ao is out to kill Team 7, and one main character is already dead thanks to Ao’s brutality.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 183: A Main Character Dies in Boruto

Ao and Mugino

Ao kills Mugino

Boruto and his team had the mission to escort Katasuke to a research facility outside the leaf village. At the same time, Konohamaru and Mugino went on a mission to investigate the crashed airship at the Land of Fire’s borders. Communication with Konohamaru and Mugino was lost, and the Hokage office requested Boruto and his team to go and check what was happening. Katasuke also tagged along and wanted to test out his new scientific ninja tool suite. 

The four of them went to the crash site, but when they got there, Konohamauru and Mugino were nowhere to be found. A group of puppets attacked them, and these were autonomous ones that can use all ninjutsu. Katasuke identified them as scientific ninja tools and used his suit to cause them to malfunction. They later managed to locate Mugino and Konohamaru thanks to a ninja dog they brought with them. 

Upon their arrival, where Konohamaru was, they updated each other on the situation and now understand it. But before they could rejoice in their reunion, Ao appeared with lots of questions. He asked them what they did with the vessel, but they were clueless. Now Ao had to kill them per his mission and has now become a powerful scientific ninja tool. Ao did not think twice about killing them and unleashed a barrage of machine gunshots at them right away. 

Ao quickly dealt with Katasuke, who was using his suit to stop him. And then Ao moved to stab Mugion through his chest, giving him a fatal wound. Mugino notice what this meant for everyone else and sacrificed himself so that Boruto and his team can escape. Seeing this, Konohamaru decided to retreat in honor of Mugiono’s sacrifice.

Ao is About to Kill Boruto and Team 7

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 184

Ao Attacks Muginon and Team 7

Mugino used an earth style technique to trap Ao and himself under the stones rubble. So he did not care what happens to him. The stab that Ao gave him went right through the middle of his chest. And knowing Ao’s skill and that he is Kara’s member, it was a fatal wound meant to kill him. Even if the anime has not yet confirmed his death at this point. Mugino was already fatally wounded from the battle with the puppets. He was bleeding heavily, and now Ao added another fatal wound through his chest. 

Konohamaru and his team decided to honor his sacrifice and left him there so he will likely bleed to death. But Ao has already escaped Mugino’s bind, but this gave Konohamaru and Boruto a head start, and they are now escaping back to the village. Boruto anime has just entered Kara’s arc, and one main character has already died. So this shows how important this arc will be in the story’s development.

The next episodes of the anime will cover Konohamaru’s escape. And we also got a cameo of Kawaki in the last episode of the anime. So it looks like he is the vessel and was the one inside the coffin in the airship. Wit Mugino’s death, we now look forward to what will come next and what will the leaf village do. But first, Konohamaru and his team have to survive and make it through to Konoha.

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