Supernatural Cast Then and Now: How They Transformed

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Supernatural Poster
Supernatural Poster (Credits: The CW)

What started in 2005 as a dark fantasy series became one of the most famous shows ever with an extremely dedicated fanbase. Supernatural ran for around fifteen seasons, with lead characters constantly meeting their demise but emerging alive at the end. Supernatural was the story of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who are hunters of the supernatural.

They travel across America looking for cases they can solve and soon come to realize that they are part of something much bigger. In the whole course of the show, the brothers die multiple times, trap Lucifer, escape hell, meet God, encounter gods from other pantheons, open the gates to Purgatory, and meet God’s rival, and this is not even half the list of their otherworldly adventures. 

Fans developed a deep connection to the show due to its long run, and no matter how many times the Winchester brothers died, the pain was all the same. The series finale aired on November 19, 2020, in one of the most emotional episodes on the show, and the fans said a reluctant goodbye to the Winchester brothers and their angelic ally. Since then, there has been quite a bit that the cast has been up to. Here is the Supernatural cast then and now. 

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Jensen Ackles

It’s difficult to imagine anyone else playing Dean Winchester besides Jensen Ackles. Dean loved his baby, his brother, and his beer. As long as he had all three, there was no apocalypse he could not stop. After the show’s end, he has been taking some pretty iconic roles. Ackles was the voice of Bruce Wayne in several animations in 2021 and 2023. In 2022 he also played the role of the dark villain, Soldier Boy, in The Boys Season 3. 

Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles in Season 15 of Supernatural versus Jensen Ackles in The Boys Season 3 (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

He also reprised his role as Dean Winchester in 2022 in the spin-off series of Supernatural titled The Winchesters. The show, unlike its predecessor, lasted for only one season and was canceled.       

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Jared Padalecki 

After playing the younger Winchester, Jared has come to be known as the only true Sam Winchester there will ever be. The emotional, well-meaning Sam, who became better known as Moose, was a fan favorite throughout. Since the end of the show, there is plenty Jared has been up to.

Jared Padalecki 
Jared Padalecki in Season 15 of Supernatural versus Walker (Credits: Canva)

During the show, Jared married co-star  Genevieve Cortese who played the antagonist Ruby. In 2021 Jared starred in the television series Walker and continued to play the role of the show’s namesake, Cordell Walker. He played the role of Jensen Ackles and famously made a cameo on this show as a nod at their Supernatural friendship. 

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Misha Collins 

Misha played the role of everyone’s favorite angel, Castiel, who, in classic show statements, raised Dean from hell and saved him from perdition. At the beginning of the show, Castiel is supposed to be a temporary character, but such was the favor he gathered that he became a permanent member of the team of free will. 

Misha Collins 
Misha Collins in Supernatural Season 15 versus Gotham Knights (Credits: The CW)

In 2021, Misha played a role in the film Encounter. He then became the host of the show Roadfood: Discovering America One Dish At a Time. As Jensen became the voice of Batman, Misha ended up starring in Gotham Knights as one of Batman’s oldest friends Harvey Dent. 

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Mark Sheppard 

Although introduced as an antagonist, Crowley quickly found his way into the heart of the Supernatural fandom. Starting as a minor demon, solely on the basis of his wits, Crowley became the king of hell. There was no one who could bring to Crowley the charm and wit better than Sheppard. 

Mark Sheppard
Mark Sheppard as Crowley of Supernatural versus His Cameo in Walker (Credits: The Cw)

It seems that Sheppard left the show on disappointing terms. While the show ends in Season 15, Crowley dies at his own hands in Season 12. Sheppard explained that it felt like writers were trying to move the story in a direction away from Crowley but were not honest about it. He was of the opinion that the writers had run out of ideas for the character, and his death was rather poorly written. 

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Mark Pellegrino 

When Lucifer finally rose in Season 5, there was no going back for the character. One of the best villains to appear on the show is Lucifer, although The Devil became an easy preference for the fans. 

Mark Pellegrino
Mark Pellegrino in Supernatural versus His Appearance on 9-1-1 (Credits: Canva)

It seems that Pellegrino has been up to plenty since the show ended. He is to appear in three upcoming films: Misidentity, Strangers in a Strange Land, and Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley. He appeared in the television series Class of 09 and is going to be seen in another television series titled Underdeveloped.  

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