Did Leann Rimes’ Husband Cheat? How the Couple Fell Apart

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Did Leann Rimes Husband Cheat?
Leann Rimes and her Husband Eddie (Credits: Getty Images)

LeAnn Rimes and her husband, Eddie Cibrian, have been married for 12 years now, and they are happy together. There are no reports or official sources which confirm any kind of separation news for them. That certainly means they are blissful together as a family. But when they got engaged back in 2011, they were surrounded by questions and regrets. According to the sources, LeAnn Rimes and her husband both cheated on their first marriages to get along.

LeAnn Rimes was married to a dancer who was supportive, and Eddie was married to Brandi, who was a TV star and a model. Destiny wanted Eddie and LeAnn together, but the affairs left Brandi disheartened. She stated a few lines in the interview against LeAnn and Eddie as she noticed them way before her divorce. What exactly happened? Did Leann Rimes’s Husband Cheat?

Who Is LeAnn Rimes’s Husband, Eddie Cibrian?

Edward Carl Cibrian, popularly known as Eddie Cibrian, is a California-born actor who has notably acted in a few successful shows. He is best known for his performance on a TV series called Sunset Beach, where he was in the role of Cole Deschanel. Another successful TV show was Third Watch, in which he was Jimmy Doherty. Apart from TV shows, he appeared in successful movies such as The Best Man Holiday and But I’m a Cheerleader. Eddie was the only child of his brilliant Cuban parents. His mother was an office manager, and his dad was a banker.

Did Leann Rimes Husband Cheat?
Leann Rimes Husband Eddie (Credits: Getty Images)

Well, his parents struggled a bit in Cuba, so they had to leave that place and shift to California. His acting career started in 1993 and is still running. He starred in several shows and movies, including classic ones. Besides acting, he enjoys singing as well. He sang in a boy band named 3Deep when he was young, but he left it in 2001. Later, he was hired by bigger companies like Fox, NBC, and others for television series. He married Brandi Glanville early in 2001. She was a model and a TV star, just like her husband. They owned a beautiful family with kids, but things went wrong with the passing years.

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Did Leann Rimes’s Husband Cheat?

According to the official sources, we can say a ‘yes’, and not only Eddie but Rimes also cheated on her first marriage. Let’s start with the beginning. So, in 2001, Eddie Cibrian got married to Brandi Glanville, a former model. They welcomed two sons, Mason and Jake, and were leading a beautiful, happy family life.

On the other hand, LeAnn Rimes has been dating Andrew Keegan since 1998. But, Rimes’s father files a case against Andrew, alleging that he is behind Rimes’s money. Later in 2001, press reports stated that Andrew fell for Piper Perabo, who was working on a show with Rimes. So, the relationship ended. Now, LeAnn met Dean Sheremet, who was a dancer. He used to help her in her shows and songs, and the couple were inseparable.

They got married in 2002 and bought a house worth 1.7 million dollars in Tennessee. Later, the couple reportedly spent less time together and, in 2009, decided to get separated. Well, the divorce was finalized in 2010, but before that, LeAnn was having an extramarital affair with Eddie Cibrian. It is not clear when Eddie and Rimes came so close, but it is assumed that they might have started dating after they did a film together.

Eddie wasn’t planning a divorce, so yes, Eddie and Rimes both cheated on their first marriages. When Brandi found out about Eddie’s affair, she decided to get a divorce in 2009. Rimes showed up and said that she was taking responsibility for what she did.

Did Leann Rimes Husband Cheat?
Leann Rimes and her Husband, Eddie (Credits: Getty Images)

She further said that she wouldn’t live her life with regrets because she was not that woman. In 2011, Rimes and Eddie married in a private home in California and bought a 3 million dollar house in Hidden Hills, California. Before Eddie’s engagement and marriage with Rimes, Brandi stated that marriages, breakups, and affairs are common these days. All that matters is how you deal with it if you are remorseful. She further said that she never saw LeAnn be remorseful. She was always like she would take away Brandi’s family.

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