Review: Love Syndrome Episode 3 ‘Inferno of Toxic Love’

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Love syndrome poster
Love syndrome poster Credits: WeTV

Love Syndrome III is a Thai BL airing on WeTV; the show is directed by Marut Sarowat and written by  Poy Orachat Brahmasreni. It features Lee Long Shi and Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai in the lead roles of Day and Itt, respectively.

I can’t even begin to describe my dread when I learned that a new BL with Unforgotten Night as Parent series is getting released. The trauma ‘The unforgotten night’ gave me was so bad I thought I would never watch another BL again. And guess what? I dreaded the release of this series for a reason; it is a pretty bad series. 

Love Syndrome is about the love between Day and Itt, introduced in ‘The Unforgotten Night.’ They are a pretty toxic couple without trust in their significant other. Itt acts like a baby crying for cake. I am so tired of grown-ass men (not referring to people with personality or mental disorders) acting like kids to look cute; it’s giving bratty and not cute. 

Meanwhile, when his friend mentions this to Day about Itt’s stubbornness, he replies he is encouraging it on purpose so that Itt cannot live without him. I don’t think the term toxicity is enough to describe this couple. But the catch is they are not the only toxic couple; we have more. 

Recap of Episodes 1 and 2

The series begins with the two sleeping while embracing each other, and a very cringy morning scene ensues. They both work at an automobile workshop owned by Itt’s father. And then we see the childish behavior of Itt; we see him sulking and lashing out because Day didn’t take him out for cake. 

Then, finally, Day takes him out for cake, and where someone tries to flirt with Day. This pisses off Itt, and he acts moody all Day. Mind you; this instance was to show Itt’s jealousy. Then we learn that Day owns a hair salon that gets broken into. Later they catch the people who broke in while in a billiard club. We also learn that Day is a violent person; according to Itt, he can even kill if he wants to.

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They also have a fight in the billiard club, and shout out to that guy who got beaten up; he got that perfect fainting face, solid acting by atleast one in this series.

Love Syndrome Episode 2
Love Syndrome Episode 2 Fight Scene Credits: WeTV

The fight scene wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. The boys can fight; I will give them that. 

Then our couple fights with each other over a cake again. After this, when asked by his friends why he spoils Itt, Day reveals that he indulges Itt because he wants him to be dependent on him forever, no offense, but that is such a narcissistic, abuser move.

Love syndrome ep 2
Love syndrome ep 2 Credits: WeTV

In the following scene, they fight because of a cake again. To pacify Itt, Day drives back home. And, when attending Itt’s call,  Day gets into an accident, which causes him to forget three years of his life. 

Because he can’t remember Itt, Day behaves rudely to him and his family when he wakes up. But Itt, despite Day’s behavior, volunteers to take care of Day. In this episode, we also see how their relationship was in the past: toxic and toxic, not cute but toxic. And they still bicker in the hospital, which I admit was fun to watch. Also, there is a weird steamy(?) scene; it happens when Itt helps to wipe Day down. And Kim and Kamol visit him in the hospital. 

Recap and Review of Episode 3

Love Syndrome III Ep 3
Love Syndrome III Ep 3 Credits: YouTube

So, Day used to work for Kamol as a bodyguard. I think Kamol took him in after he caught him trying to take revenge on people who caused his parent’s accident. And Kim and Day used to be in situations, and many know that Kim and Kamol are now dating; they met Day, Day ended it with Kim. 

Many viewers were disappointed that the series changed the actors of Kim and Kamol, and I was left wondering, ‘Seriously, that’s what you are disappointed in, changing the actors? You don’t care about how toxic their relationship is or how bad the entire series is created?’ 

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Anyways, he gets a lot of visitors, his aunt and his friends, and they all keep telling him how much he loves Itt and is obsessed with him. If I was a patient in a ward and people kept telling me this, I would be pissed. Please let the guy rest and recuperate. 

The bickering between the couple never ends; I think the creators felt it would be cute to show them bickering, but it isn’t very pleasant now. It should hire a nurse, go home, rest, and consider whether he should continue the relationship. 

Then Ball rolls down to the stage, okay, so a character called Ball is introduced to show that despite losing his memories, after spending a few days with Itt, Day is still possessive of him like in the old days. 

The flashback is very fragmented and is not linear. It took me a bit of time to realize there was a time difference between the two scenes of the flashback because they are shown in continuation. 

Because of this confusion, I thought the bruises on Itt’s face were caused by Day’s jealousy, which seems plausible, but they were actually from the billiard club fight. Also, Ball seems nice and polite; if he is interested in Itt, then Itt should dump Day and get with him; of course, Itt has to work on his childish tantrums too. 

Mr. Day, on the other hand, is popping veins because Itt is spending time with Day; thankfully, his friends put him in his place. Also, he treats him like his slave and, at times, as we shall see, a sex slave. 

And finally, the hospital stay is over, and Day comes back home, and Itt look after him; we also find out that Itt can’t cook; yes, please act cute because you don’t know even possess basic survival skill. 

Love Syndrome Episode 3
Love Syndrome Episode 3 NC Scene Credits: WeTV/YouTube

The episode ends with another NC scene, which happens again while Itt is washing Day. He uses the ‘you are my life partner’ excuse to get Itt to help him whenever he gets horny. He gets on your nerves as you keep watching the show.

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I will not comment on the plot because, though it is filled with the usual toxic cliche stuff, something still carries the drama forward. Also, based on the trailer, I know that I will hate the story more and more as it progresses forward.

I am not pleased with the direction and editing either; the series is all over the place. The flashbacks are confusing; random characters are coming and exiting out of nowhere. Will they reappear later, or are they just extras? The series is bland and mediocre in every aspect. 

The series is bland and mediocre in every aspect. Usually, the acting is why I stick to a very bad show, but that is mediocre here too. I don’t know if it is the actors or if the characters are written that way, but something is very off with it. The acting comes off as very cringy, and as I mentioned, I am not sure if it is the actors’ fault or the way the characters are created.

If my expectations were lower before, after watching the preview, they have gone further down. The preview shows Day is getting more jealous and obnoxious. He is possessive over a man he doesn’t remember. I feel like Itt had enough, but he was overbearing in their relationship too.

Our Verdict

There is no reason for me to keep watching this show, but I am curious about how they will fill up 12 episodes. And I am also aware that the series is only on episode three, and it still has time to redeem itself. But the reason why I am so judgemental is the trailer; it looked so toxic. Based on the performance, plot, directions, and editing, I will give this episode a 1.5 out of 5. This is the lowest I have rated a show; I hope it improves.

Our Rating: ⭐ (1.5/5).

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