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Who is Alaina To the Rap-god Eminem?

Eminem kids Alaina Mathers
credits: Unilad

The Hip-hop culture has always regarded Eminem as a god ever since he first appeared on the scene in the late ’90s. He is praised by critics as one of the best rappers of all time and is credited for introducing hip-hop to Middle America.

The widespread acceptance of white rappers in mainstream music is credited to Eminem’s worldwide success and renowned works, which are largely viewed as having removed racial barriers.

The Detroit rapper, real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, overcame adversity to become successful. Our very own Slim Shady rose to fame as a best-selling artist and Oscar winner by persevering and working hard. He used to service tables and live in a trailer park before that.

Even non-rap fans are aware of Eminem’s contribution to the semi-autobiographical 2002 movie 8 Mile. Despite having a rough demeanour, Eminem is a big softie when it comes to his children. He is truly a remarkable father himself, especially for someone who grew up without a father figure.

Hailie Jade Scott, Alaina Scott, and Stevie Laine Scott are the rapper’s three children with his ex-wife, Kim Scott.

Eminem Kids

credits: Capital XTRA

In 2004, Eminem told Rolling Stone that “being a dad is definitely living a double life.” “Even before Hailie was born, he had always been a strong supporter of free speech… But the moment he enters his gates, that’s when he becomes a father. Bringing the kids to school, picking them up, and instilling norms in them. Although he doesn’t claim to be a perfect parent, he believes that being present for his children and providing for their needs is of utmost importance.

Eminem kids

credits: Times Of India

Even his children are credited with helping him achieve sobriety. He “couldn’t concentrate” on his pill addiction in rehab due to his fame, but with the support of his family, he found the strength to overcome it. In 2010, he told New York Times Magazine, “He loves them so much, and they’ve supported him through so many things.”

Who is Alaina to Eminem?

In Michigan, on February 22, 1993, Kim’s sister Dawn Scott gave birth to Alaina Marie Mathers. As her mother struggled with drug usage and ultimately passed away in 2016 from what is believed to have been due to an overdose, Eminem formally adopted her in the early 2000s.

Eminem and Alaina Mathers

Alaina Mathers and Eminem; credits: South Pawers

Regarding the now-29-year-old, the rapper told Rolling Stone in 2004 that he had “complete custody of his niece.”

 Since the day she was born, his niece has been a part of his life. She would essentially live with Kim and him everywhere they went, states the rapper. Alaina, who he frequently refers to as Lainey in the lyrics of his songs, was described by him as “like a daughter” in 2020.

Although Eminem tends to keep his personal affairs very private, he has made it a point to reference Alaina in several of his lyrics. In the song “Mockingbird” from 2004, he raps, “Lainie, uncle’s crazy ain’t he/Yeah, but he loves you girl, and you better know it /We’re all we have in this world.”

Regarding Kim’s problems at the time, he remarked, “You can never make a child feel like it’s her fault for what’s going on.” However, Dawn and Alaina may have also easily been the targets of his sentiments. You only need to inform her that her illness is not the result of her lack of love for you. She loves you, but she is now ill, so you have your father while she recovers, and I’ll be there.

What is Alaina doing now?

When Alaina was a student at Oakland University, she earned a bachelor’s degree in communication with a double minor in public relations and advertising.

Scott and her partner, Matt Moeller, declared their engagement in December 2021. Both of them have been in a relationship for seven years. “this life. This moment. Absolutely, without a doubt. SHE ADORES HIM” She wrote a series of captions for images on Instagram from the rooftop proposal, including a snap of her emerald-cut diamond ring.

Eminem daughters

Alaina and Matt; credits: US Weekly

Congratulations to these two! They appear to be just as close as ever because Alaina and her fiance enthusiastically supported her famous father during his 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show appearance.

Today, Alaina blogs about travel and frequently update her Instagram followers on her exploits. Alaina introduced the Lanes Book Club in October 2022. Building a “community fueled by meaningful relationships with tales, authors, and fellow members,” according to the group’s Goodreads profile, is what she intends to accomplish. And about the rap god, well, he really is a perfect father, isn’t he?

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