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My Mum, Your Dad Episode 6: Release Date, Preview & How To Watch

My Mum, Your Dad Episode 5 recap
My Mum, Your Dad Episode 6: Release Date

Last Updated on November 19, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Episode 6 of My Mum, Your Dad has been released, and fans of this Australian reality TV series are eager to learn everything they can about it. Here is a recap of the fifth episode before we get to the My Mum, Your Dad episode 6 release date and how to watch My Mum, Your Dad online. The dating counselors, or the children in the bunker, vote Marette out after she cannot connect with anyone during the parent’s retreat.

Tonya first states that she “will not care” and is “just delighted to see her mom” when her mother’s identity is announced. However, Tonya swiftly becomes angry and demands an explanation. “Who the f—- voted for my mother, then?” I’d like to know, “Tonya yells.” In response to Tonya’s query, there is only quiet rather than confessions.

Tonya quips, “Anyway, nice to see that no one truly liked Marette.” “There is not a single individual there that resembles my mother’s ideal type.” “What purpose does her being here serve, then?” All the children in the bunker are in an awkward situation, and Chloe doesn’t believe Tonya’s “sly words” are making things any better.

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What Happened In Episode 5 Of My Mum, Your Dad?

Sam finds Tonya’s response to be “extremely painful” to witness. He explains, “I believe she took it personally when it wasn’t personal.” Despite some of the kids’ attempts to console Tonya, she declares that she wants to leave. “I’m ready to go.” Please refrain from filming this. She furiously begins to pack her bags.

My Mum, Your Dad Episode 5 recap

A still from My Mum, Your Dad Episode 5 recap.

Nevertheless, Marette and Tonya are at last reunited after all of that. The mom and daughter pair are overjoyed to see one another once more. Tonya says, “My mom deserves a partner who would appreciate her and be sympathetic and nice.” The fathers can review their romantic ties with the birth of their new mother, Michelle.

And Drhys, whose mother Petula has developed a close relationship with Darren, is concerned that Darren may be distracted. Drhys admits in front of the cameras, “I’m concerned about Darren’s eyes being taken away.” I constantly have skepticism, and I always want to defend my mother. Petula acknowledges that she feels “vulnerable” and “threatened” due to Michelle’s visit.

She is concerned that this might put our relationship in danger. Drhys and Petula can be sure that Darren has changed since even he acknowledges that Michelle’s presence is making things challenging. “They are distractions on the side,” Darren informs the cameras, “which makes it difficult to develop relationships.”

My Mum, Your Dad Episode 5 recap

A still from My Mum, Your Dad Episode 5.

Darren takes Petula away for a discussion to convince her that he is only here for her, keeping his daughter Tess’ counsel in the back of his mind. Darren says, “I came into The Getaway to change how I looked at relationships.” “Dad, maybe loving has more chance,” Tess said. I currently have one connection and intend to improve it.

Everything Darren wants, according to Darren, is in Petula’s serene aura. “I’ve got to give that a chance since I’m more patient in this relationship,” he continues. After spending the retreat acting as everyone else’s sidekick, Heath fully focuses on his romantic life, and he has Michelle in mind. Heath has no competition because everyone else is well-matched, but then Richard Gere impersonator and former AFL player Neil strolls in.

The single mothers leave the retreat and spend ten minutes getting to know Neil. And the dads are acting quite “territorial” when the ladies are out. Michelle and Neil appear to have grown close in the short time they’ve known one another because they enter the parents’ retreat holding hands.

My Mum, Your Dad Episode 5 recap

A still from My Mum, Your Dad Episode 5.

Heath’s expression is telling enough, but if that weren’t enough, paranormal investigator Petula “can feel Heath’s pain.” “I can tell he’s disappointed in how things turn out,” says Petula. Heath, though, is not going down without a fight. Heath pulls Michelle aside for some alone time despite Neil and Michelle getting closer.

And the two have an emotional conversation about both having been deceived. The two become more familiar with one another during the talk, and Heath feels confident enough to lay all his cards on the table. Apart from you, there are no links with anyone else, he informs Michelle.

When Is the My Mum, Your Dad Episode 6 Release Date?

My Mum, Your Dad Episode 6 release date is Monday, November 21, 2022. My Mum, Your Dad episode 6 will air on Nine in Australia at 3.30 am EST.  Internatioanla fans cans watch My Mum, Your Dad episode 6 at 7.30 pm AEDT, 2 pm IST, 12.30 am PT and 8.30 am GMT.

Where To Watch My Mum, Your Dad Episode 6 Online?

My Mum, Your Dad, is streaming on Nine apps at times mentioned above. Fans watching My Mum, Your Dad from abroad must cross-check these times we have listed to watch My Mum, Your Dad when it airs in their nations. The “Nine” app is free to install and use.

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