10 Kpop Groups That Have The Best Vocal Line

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Kpop fans have always been amazed by the talents of their kpop idols. Amazingly all kpop idols can sing high notes, rap, and dance on point while performing tough moves on stage. A mass majority of kpop idols are all-rounders, which comes as no surprise, as kpop idols before debuting train in their agencies for about 6-7 years while some like Twice’s leader Jihyo under JYP entertainment for literally 10 years. And it’s no secret that the vocalists are pretty talented in kpop, they mesmerize us every time they sing, and the unbelievable part is that they are able to do so while doing tough dance moves.

In this article, we are going to rank and talk about the vocal line of various groups in kpop. In many kpop groups, all the members can sing amazingly, taking us to another world in their own tones. Although this list is not certified, it is solely based on fan’s opinions, and all of the vocalists are amazingly talented, although all of the amazing vocalists would not be able to appear on this list. Now, get ready to know the most popular talented vocal lines in Kpop.

10. Girls Generation (SNSD)

Girls Generation cr: SM Entertainment

Fans have always admired Girl’s Generation’s vocal talent. Girl’s Generation is signed under SM entertainment and was originally 9 members until Tiffany left the group back in 2014. Their most popular vocalist is undoubtedly Taeyeon, followed by Jessica’s amazing voice, and although people say Tiffany’s voice isn’t that great, fans really admire her voice and even the other members. Well, they aren’t known as the nation’s girl group for nothing, are they?

9. TXT

TXT cr: BigHit Entertaiment

TXT is one of the leading figures of the fourth generation of kpop. All of the members have amazing vocalizing abilities. They are signed under HYBE entertainment( formerly known as Big Hit entertainment) and have five members. The vocal line consists of the eldest Yeonjun, the leader Soobin, and the maknae Huening Kai.

8. Seventeen

Seventeen cr: Pledis Entertainment

Since they had debuted in 2015, they have caught fan’s attention with their vocalizing abilities. They have signed under Pledis Entertainment and have 13 members. Their vocal line consists of five members Woozi, Jeonghan, DK, and Seungkwan. They are known for their strong and soft vocals.

7. Day6

Day6 cr: JYP Entertainment

Day6 members have their own unique voices, and when they sing together, it creates an amazing harmony. Day6 has signed under JYP entertainment and has five members. Their album EP The Day had landed second place on the Billboard’s World Album Chart just a week after its release.

6. Red Velvet

Red Velvet cr: SM Entertainment

Although all members of Red Velvet are talented vocalists, the main vocal line is of Wendy, Seulgi, and Joy. Red Velvet is signed under SM Entertainment and consists of five members. Wendy is the main vocalist, and fans say they get goosebumps whenever they hear Wendy sing. Seulgi has an interesting voice tone and also an amazing stage presence. Lastly, Joy has an amazing tone that blends with her completely and nicely.

5. (G)I-dle

G-IDLE cr: CUBE Entertainment

(G)I-dle is a talented fourth-generation kpop girl group. The group is signed under CUBE entertainment with six members. All of the members are amazing vocalists, and their songs emphasize their amazing vocalizing ability. They debuted with their hit song ‘Latata.’ The vocalists in (G)I-dle are great and have diverse tones. That being said there awesome.

4. Blackpink

Blackpink cr: YG Entertainment

Without a doubt, Blackpink is one of the most popular groups in the world. Their vocalizing ability is better than average. Their vocal line consists of Rosé as the main vocalist and Jisoo as the lead vocalist. The other two members Jennie and Lisa, both have amazing voices and are also good singers. Blackpink has currently signed under YG entertainment and has four members.

3. BTS

BTS cr: NigHit Entertainment

BTS is undoubtedly the most famous kpop group in the world. With their recent song dynamite, they have hit milestones. They are currently under HYBE entertainment (formerly known as Big Hit entertainment) and have seven members. Their vocal line consists of the eldest Jin, Jimin, V, and the youngest Jungkook. Their voices are pretty different from each other but match perfectly when they sing together.

2. Mamamoo

Mamamoo cr: RBW

It’s no wonder that the Mamamoo members are some of the best vocalists in kpop. They had never lipsynced in any of their live shows, even when they had hard choreographies. All of the members are amazing vocalists but the official vocal line. One of the legendary moments is when Solar did pole dancing while singing live.

1. Super Junior

Super Juniors cr: SM Entertainment

Their vocal line is one of the iconic vocal lines in Kpop history. SM Entertainment is known for the amazing vocalists under it. Super Junior has signed under SM entertainment and has 13 members. The members Kyuhyun, Yesung, and Ryewook, form the iconic vocal sub unit K.R.Y. Fans especially love it when they sing ballads with their blended vocals.

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