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10 Anime Arcs That Were Taken Negatively By Fans

Blue Exorcist
Death Note

Last Updated on February 13, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The world of anime, especially filler arcs are full of controversy, especially because of the lacking character development or the story itself. There have been instances where the fictional world of anime has pushed the boundaries of what’s acceptable. One of the most annoying things about anime is filler arcs. These episodes are original anime-only ones that are released when the studio runs out of manga material. They do not develop the characters or the story entirely, and they often contradict the original material. There are a lot of bad filler arcs, and it’s difficult to ignore some of the worst ones.

Hence fans often do not like such arcs as they don’t focus on the plot, they’re quite boring at times and even lead them to get tired if the filler arc drags for too long. Sometimes it’s not filler arcs but a major plot twist or a main character death that hurt the fans, so much that they are not able to be emotionally accepting enough to continue the anime.

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10. Naruto – Chunin Exams

The Chunin Exam is a 47-episode arc at the start of Naruto’s storyline that highlights the training exams that young ninjas must complete in order to achieve the rank of chunin. The arc encompasses both the Chunin Exam Preliminaries and Finals, demonstrating how extensive and complex the plot may become. It spends time explaining each character, including their backstories and combat styles. The Konoha 11, Team Guy, the Sand Siblings, and Orochimaru, the season’s major antagonists, are all introduced in their entirety. The Chunin Exam arc spans chapters 34 through 115 of the manga, with very little detail left out.

Negative Anime Arcs

Naruto Chunin Exams

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9. One Piece – Ocean’s Dream Arc

Fortunately, given how many episodes One Piece has, it features a remarkable lack of filler due to its availability of source material. Moreover, some of its filler arcs are quite fantastic, and some are even eventually incorporated into the canon. There is, however, a great deal that wastes our time. The Ocean’s Dream arc, for example, was just a flashback storyline with some extremely terrible amnesia shenanigans thrown in. It delves into several of the Straw Hats’ pasts, but there’s nothing new to learn and no pleasure to be had.

Negative Anime Arcs

One Piece filler

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8. Fairy Tail – Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc

Fairy Tail was indeed a lengthy anime that aired for 328 episodes and finished just a few months ago. There were going to be a few filler arcs with that many episodes, yet the most infamous filler arc is the Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc. It stood out as some of the most boring ones in Fairy Tail. This arc told the story of the Celestial Spirits refusing to respond to Lucy’s summoning, which could have been interesting. However, instead of focusing on the Celestial Spirits, it focused more on pretty useless stuff like the characters competing in a dance-off.

Negative Anime Arcs

Fairy Tail Eclipse Arc

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7. Seven Deadly Sins – Love Is A Maiden’s Strength

“Love is a Maiden’s Strength” is the 12th episode of The Seven Deadly Sins’ third season which was totally anticlimactic. Meliodas, Sin of Wrath and Escanor, Lion’s Sin of Pride who is the strongest Holy Knight finally have a face-off. Merlin has developed a Perfect Cube, which allows them to fight each other, without having to pull themselves back. Escanor, who can barely defend himself and fight Meliodas, utilizes The One but the result is surely disappointing. The rage of the fans was only exacerbated by poor animation.

Negative Anime Arcs

The Seven Deadly Sins – Love Is A Maiden’s Strength

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6. Pokémon Anime- Decolore Islands Arc

This is an odd inclusion because, theoretically, all of Pokémon is filler because there is no manga on which the series is based. In fact, the series is just roughly based on video games. The Pokémon anime aired in 1997, just one year after the original game that it is based on, was released in Japan in 1996. Despite this, the Decolore Islands Arc is still a mess. This arc has no impact on the plot, and none of the characters in the story grow as a result of it. What was supposed to be a rest stop between Nuvema Town and Vermilion City has turned into a 20-episode slog with nothing occurring.

Negative Anime Arcs


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5. Blue Exorcist – Anime Exclusive Final Arc

The first season’s closing arc is reviled for a plethora of reasons, the most important of which is that the Blue Exorcist anime managed to catch up with the manga’s content. Considering anime studios might not want to put their shows on pause for manga for fear of losing viewers, Blue Exorcist’s last arc and conclusion were made up entirely by the studio. Whilst it obviously meant that this section would be out of sync with the reality of the narrative.

Blue Exorcist’s finale is a perfect illustration of filler gone awry. The conclusion disappointed people since the anime’s creators chose to construct a totally new tale for the finish rather than wait the short time it would take for new manga content to be produced that they would adapt. The outcome was muddled that contradicted later storylines and generated a slew of discrepancies with the follow-up, Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, which very much followed the manga. This caused a great deal of controversy among anime fans, who were forced to read the manga in order to grasp whatever was happening.

Negative Anime Arcs

Blue Exorcist

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4. ‘Psycho Pass’ Extended Edition – Episode 4

In 2014, the major incident of a 16-year-old girl who dismembered and killed a 15-year-old friend in Nagasaki rocked Japanese society a day before episode 4 of Psycho-Pass Extended Edition had been set to debut. With images of mutilated ladies and a feminine adolescent killer, the storyline for episode 4 felt ominously predictive. The episode was withdrawn and replaced with episode 5. Naoyoshi Shiotani, the director, apologized to followers on Twitter. This was highly disliked by the fans, especially because it was based on real-life circumstances, which might encourage the young criminal’s work.

Negative Anime Arcs

‘Psycho Pass’ Extended Edition

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3. Death Note – Final Arc

Although Death Note is already regarded as one of the best suspense thrillers in anime, its reputation is sometimes tainted by its conclusion. Following Light’s supposed victory over L, the Death Note plot featured two new primary characters, whose skills and characteristics have sparked debate among fans. This is on top of the numerous disagreements on how Light was ultimately apprehended. Apart from technicalities, the final arc served as a closure for Light Yagami’s long history of crime. It was always going to be tricky for the artist to devise a satisfactory method of arresting him, but once they did, his final grin and rant became disturbingly unforgettable.

Negative Anime Arcs

Death Note

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2. Inuyasha – Season 4 Arc

Inuyasha, such as Rurouni Kenshi, has no particular awful filler arc since none of the fillers have arcs. Since this manga ran so far advanced, the first several seasons of Inuyasha remained intensely concentrated. The anime finally caught up. Season four was essentially filler, and the rest of the series was inconsistent. Regrettably, the majority of the filler episodes have single antagonists or challenges that are ambiguously fixed at the conclusion of each episode.

Negative Anime Arcs


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1. One Piece – Thriller Bark Arc

The Thriller Bark Arc has been one of the strangest in One Piece, with a talking male skeleton who wants to see Nami’s underwear, zombies with commitment issues. However, those are not the only variables that contribute to the strangeness of this storyline. Usopp manages to defeat a female ghost. There’s even a hippo zombie who finds love in an invisible leopard boy, who wants to marry Nami. Somehow, there is also a lady pirate whose crew has to keep track of how many times she’s been rejected by men. The whole part was truly strange and many fans didn’t enjoy it.

Negative Anime Arcs

One Piece – Thriller Bark Arc

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