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When A Stranger Calls Ending Explained

When A Stranger Calls Ending Explained
When A Stranger Calls Ending Explained

Here is When A Stranger Calls Ending Explained. How often does it happen that our friends suggest to us a movie That might have been released years back but when we see the movie cannot understand the ending of the movie? When A Stranger Calls is one such movie that was released in 2006.

If you like watching horror thriller movies this is a must-watch. Well, we think that after seeing the movie you might have some problem understanding the ending of the movie. To help you with the same here is When A Stranger Calls ending explained. 

When A Stranger Calls was released in 2006 in America and Simon West is the director of the movie. It is a psychological horror thriller movie that is written by Jake Wade Wall. It did well at the box office and collected $67 million worldwide against that $15 million budget.

The movie has a very interesting plot. The protagonist of the movie Jill is a babysitter. One day at work she gets a call from an unknown number which later comes out to be some threatening phone call. At the end of the movie something unusual happens and here in this article will tell you everything about When a Stranger Calls Ending.

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When A Stranger Calls Ending Explained

In the latter half of the movie, we see that Tiffany, who is Jill’s best friend, comes to meet her when Jill is busy with her work. Jill found it suspicious because she had locked doors and there was no other entrance that Tiffany could have used to come inside. Tiffany however tells her that she took the garage door to come inside.

The friends have a history and things were not smooth between them. What happened was that Tiffany kissed Bobby which made Jill lose her trust in her best friend.  When Tiffany comes to meet Jill she tells her that she was not in her senses when she kissed Bobby and that she was heavily drunk that day.

Still from When A Stranger Calls (Credit-IMDb)

Still from When A Stranger Calls (Credit-IMDb)

 Tiffany tells Jill that they can have a drink together and discovers a bottle of tequila. Jill however says no and refuses to drink. After some time Tiffany decides to go but it is raining outside and it becomes difficult for her to unlock her car in the rain amidst all this, she loses her keys. We are still processing the scene when we see that somebody attacks her from behind.

Jill has no clue about this and she gets a call on the phone from Tiffany’s number but it is a male who is speaking. Jill cannot understand what is happening and immediately call the police to tell them about the suspicious phone calls that she was receiving. Jill notices that the lights in her guest house were lit and somebody was there in the room standing behind the curtain. 

When A Stranger Calls Filming Location

When A Stranger Calls Filming Location (Credit-Pinterest)

She goes there to see who was there in the guest house but could not find anybody. Meanwhile, the lights in her villa light up and she runs to see what was wrong when she finds a dead body of Tiffany in the bathroom.

The movie’s, climax finds Jill and the killer in a serious conflict.  The killer is after Jill to take her life and Jill tries her best to escape the place. At the end of the movie, we see that Jill was successful in saving her life and distracting the killer when the police arrived and finally in the end we get to see the face of the killer. It was her presence of mind that saved her life. 

When A Stranger Calls Climax

When A Stranger Calls Climax (Credit-IMDb)

What Happens To Jill At The End of When A Stranger Calls?

In the climax of the movie, When A Stranger Calls you will be thrilled to see the suspense that the conflict between Jill and the killer creates. At the end of the movie, the killer is caught and Jill is safe. Murder on the incidents however takes a toll on her mental health and she is taken to the hospital for treatment. 

In the hospital, there’s a scene where we see that Jill feels that she has an encounter with the killer again and that he’s trying to kill her but it is unlikely that the killer could have been there at the hospital because he was taken into custody the previous night. It might have been because Jill was still under trauma and it was post-trauma symptoms that made Jill imagine that the killer was there in the hospital.

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