Evil Lives Here Season 13 Episode 6: Release Date & Streaming Guide

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Evil Lives Here
Evil Lives Here

The sixth episode of Evil Lives Here Season 13 will soon release. Fans are so excited and are waiting for many days to watch the next crime story, which is going to unravel many horrific misdeeds and crimes. So when the next episode of Evil Lives Here season 13 is going to release, and how can you watch it?

Investigation Discovery’s crime stories have always been intriguing and exciting for fans who love watching crime shows. So, in 2016, Investigation Discovery decided to baffle fans more with its newest show, ‘Evil Lives Here.’ The crime show presents viewers with the stories of familial crimes and how they drastically affected their lives.

The first five episodes of this mind-blowing documentary crime series have already been released, and fans are eager to know what will happen in the upcoming episode. So here we bring you the exact date and time schedule of the next episode, which will release soon.

Evil Lives Here Season 13: Recap

Since season 1, Evil Lives Here has been presenting us with different familial crimes that devastated several families. When one of the family members commits crimes and how it affects all the family members who try to rescue themselves from that one person is realistically portrayed in Evil Lives Here. As fans loved watching the first 12 seasons, it renewed for the 13th season in 2023. So, here’s the recap of everything that happened in the current season.

In the first episode of season 13, Evil Lives Here takes you to the world of Lori Hodge. The young, innocent girl did not know what crimes were happening in her family. However, one day, she discovers why her father is digging a hole in her house’s yard and that’s when her life starts taking shocking turns because her father could do anything to save himself from getting caught.

Evil Lives Here Season 13 Episode 4
Scott Magnano and his victim children from Evil Lives Here Season 13 Episode 4

The second episode encircles the story of Gabi Blair, who discovered some shocking realities about her mother’s sordid deeds. She tried every way possible to let the world know about her, but she could not.  On Evil Lives Here, she spoke her heart loud about her pain and suffering.

The third episode was quite eerie because it introduced viewers to Eugene Borg, who struggled to save his son from demonic possessions. Subsequently, the fourth episode took viewers to the world of the Magnano family, which suffered domestic violence. David Magnano and Jessica Magnano narrated what their lives had been like living under constant pressure and physical- mental -sexual abuse that they suffered at a very young age.

The fifth episode of Evil Lives Here introduced viewers to Dianne Burns, who was madly in love with her boyfriend. However, her boyfriend was in jail for a serious crime, but she did not believe what the world used to say about his sinister deeds. But once he got released, things changed, and her life began to become hell.

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Evil Lives Here Season 13 Episode 6: Release Date

After the heart-wrenching episode about Dianne Burns, fans have got more curious to know what Investigation Discovery has in store to terrify them this time. So if you are looking for all the information about the upcoming episode of Evil Lives Here, we have got you covered!

The sixth episode of Evil Lives Here season 13 is scheduled to release on 5th March 2023, at 9 PM ET and 8 PM CT on Investigation Discovery. The watching guide is given below for you, so do not miss watching your favorite crime reality series.

Evil Lives Here season 13 episode 5
Criminal from Evil Lives Here season 13 episode 5
  • Pacific Time Zone: 5th March 2023, Sunday, 6:00 PM PT
  • British Time Zone: 6th March 2023, Monday, 2:00 AM GMT
  • Indian Time Zone: 6th March 2023, Monday, 7:30 AM IST
  • Australian Time Zone: 6th  March  2023, Monday, 01:00 PM AEDT
  • Philippines Time Zone: 6th March 2023, Monday, 10:00 AM PHT
  • Korean Time Zone: 6th March 2023, Monday, 11:00 AM KST

Evil Lives Here Season 13 Episode 6: Preview

The sixth episode will follow the story of Margie Built and her husband, who were romantically in love with each other. One day, while watching TV, Margie saw a picture of a criminal named Paul Steven Mack, who had been hiding from the police for a long time. Margie found that the picture resembled her husband. To know the truth, she started digging deep, which revealed shocking truths about her husband.

Evil Lives Here Season 13 Episode 6: How to Watch

Evil Lives Here Season 13 episodes air every Sunday on Investigation Discovery with an approximate runtime of 50 minutes. Each episode covers a different crime story, so no two episodes are related. Therefore, you can watch any episode if you are streaming online.

If you do not have any access to the Discovery channel, you can still enjoy the show on Investigation Discovery’s official OTT platform. Additionally, all the seasons and episodes have been available on Amazon Prime, Discovery PlusYouTube TV, and Vudu.

You may need to pay a subscription amount if you want to watch online, but you can watch many of your favorite TV shows and movies on respective platforms for a certain period.

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