How To Watch Smiley Episodes? Streaming Guide

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How To Watch Smiley Episodes? Where To Watch Netflix's Latest Rom-Com & Streaming Guide
How To Watch Smiley Episodes? Where To Watch Netflix's Latest Rom-Com & Streaming Guide

If previous months were for a tonne of scary movies and television shows, The present December is for holiday-themed rom-com that revive tired clichés with romance and Christmas happiness. A guy meets a girl. They are in love, as is evident to all. Although they share so same emotions, they are hesitant to express them to one another. The plot introduces obstacles, such as various lovers. Although the boy and girl pair up with other individuals they can’t help but think about one another all the time. The lovebirds ultimately come together and smooch underneath the moonlight after wandering in loops for the entirety of the film.

Every television show and movie sticks to this formula in some fashion, and also the 8th installment of the Spanish drama Smiley is no exception. Boy finds Boy occurs rather than Boy sees Girl, and the remainder of the pattern happens as expected. David Martn Porras and Marta Pahissa are the series directors for the Spanish rom-com Smiley. The comedy, which stars Carlos Cuevas and Miki Esparbé, centers on the stories of 2 hopeless romantics named Bruno & Alex who have been consistently let down by their companions.

Pepón Nieto, Meritxell Calvo, Giannina Fruttero, Eduardo Lloveras, Ruth Llopis, Ramon Pujol, Brian McGovern, Carlos Noriega, & Yasmina Drissi are among the show’s notable supporting cast. Each one of the eight episodes comprising the series, which has eight total, focuses on the daily lives of the performers and their difficulties with originality and affection/love.

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What is Netflix’s Smiley Is All About? How Does It Start? – Plot Summary

A pleasant, muscular bartender named Lex (Carlos Cuevas) is the sort of handsome person that geeky folks such as architect Bruno (Miki Esparbé) eschew that they believe they have really no possibility of having a date with him.  They are somewhat incompatible with one another. A film enthusiast, Bruno enjoys everything ranging from Italian neorealism to Howard Hawks. He likes romantic comedies and can identify them by only quoting a scene, in addition to knowing the director. Once Lex says Frozen, he giggles at him.

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The first facial expression chat between Lex and Bruno is chock-full of insults and charisma. They both make it abundantly known that they simply cannot stand one another. However, they have a wild encounter and then wake up on the same mattress. Take note of the tender gaze that Lex maintains with Bruno while the latter sleeps next to him. Or how Bruno makes a cheerful face in the mirror in Lex’s restroom. I’ll let you figure out what that smiling face means; I’ll leave it up to ya.

Since there aren’t too many shocks in the storyline, my goal isn’t to prevent disclosures but rather to give you a first-person description of how quickly and passionately Lex delivers the insight. The lively environment created by Lex and Bruno’s hot and flirtatious dialogues is among Smiley’s joys. The 2 individuals fight or make fun of each other on television, and the subsequent kiss is infused with sexiness and strong feelings.

Where One Can Watch Netflix Smiley Episodes? – Streaming Guide

One can watch the Smiley Episodes on its parent platform i.e Netflix (no other option). Being one of the largest OTT networks in the world, Netflix streams a wide variety of Netflix programs to millions of viewers per instant. Yet, it later began to see a sharp fall in its subscriber base. To address the downturn, the business launched a new ad-supported strategy. Parallel to many other marketplaces, the Indian market is fairly equivalent. For a very long period of time, Netflix’s unusually high membership plan prices prevented it from dominating the Indian market. A lower annual package is available on other OTT services including Disney Plus Hotstar & Amazon Prime Video.

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Let me tell you about the subscription plans, costs, and other pieces of information you wanna know. Every country has a distinct price for Netflix. The corporation may base its pricing decisions on the inhabitants’ per-income level. The amount of content they can make accessible for streaming in a nation may also play a role in the amount they determine to cost. Clearly, there are fewer Netflix TV episodes and movies available to consumers in the nations that offer the cheapest access options.

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Alex and Bruno outside apartment (credit-Netflix)
Alex and Bruno outside apartment (credit-Netflix)

Additionally, each nation’s Netflix viewing preferences have been taken into consideration while setting the pricing model. For example, cellphone plans are more affordable in nations whose users are primarily mobile. It serves those who wish to combine accounts in order to obtain cost-effective top packages.

Netflix Various Plans & Features Allotted To Each

Plans and their features are as follows:


You can only use one display at a moment to view Netflix if you have a Basic subscription. As the term indicates, users only gain modest advantages, such as the capability to download media on a single machine and stream them in SD resolution. It is the bottom rung plan offered anywhere in the globe.


You can use 2 devices or machines at once to view and save Netflix material if you have the Standard subscription. You can watch Movies with the medium-tier package. 

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The most expensive Netflix membership level, Premium, makes it possible to view on 4 devices. With this package, you can indeed access UHD (4K and HDR) resolution material. It’s also the most expensive service option that Netflix provides.

Machines running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or above, Fire OS 5.0 or above, or iOS 12.0 or greater are required for the Mobile Subscription. Here on the plan, projecting or reflecting from such a smartphone also isn’t available. You can also be billed taxes in conjunction with the membership fee, based according to where you reside. Select from a number of payment methods when you create an account for Netflix now. Your plan is simple to modify or terminate at any moment.

Alex and bruno chatting
Alex and bruno chatting

In order to satisfy your entertainment desires, Netflix provides a wide range of options. You are billed every month as a Netflix subscriber starting from the day you joined. A Netflix login is for a group of individuals who share a home.

Netflix’s Plans For Advertising

In order to make their material widely available to consumers at a lower cost, Netflix introduced its ad-supported option in October of this year(2022). Whereas the service has not yet launched in India, it’s indeed $6.99 in 12 other nations (approx Rs 575). United States, UK, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Korea, the advertising plan is accessible. Subscribers of the Netflix ad-supported service can anticipate 4 to 5 minutes of advertisements an hour, which could also change depending on the content. Each advertisement will last 15 to 30 secs. Advertisements cannot be skipped or fast-forwarded, although consumers may interrupt them.

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Netflix basic plans with ads (Country, Local price & USD price)

  • Brazil – 18.9 BRL – 3.6USD
  • Canada – 5.99 CAD – 4.37 USD
  • Australia – 6.99 AUD – 4.42 USD
  • South Korea – 5500 KRW – 3.87 USD
  • Germany – 4.99 EUR – 4.92 USD
  • United Kingdom – 4.99 GBP – 5.65 USD
  • Spain – 5.49 EUR – 5.41 USD
  • Italy – 5.49 EUR – 5.41 USD
  • Mexico – 99 MXN – 4.96 USD
  • Japan – 790 JPY – 5.30 USD
  • France – 5.99 EUR – 5.90 USD
  • United States – 6.99 USD – 6.99 USD
Together 4
Together 4

It probably comes as no surprise that choosing the basic package with advertisements results in significant cost savings for each of the 12 nations. But as the pricing above shows, some people are given good prices than many others. Brazil, which offers the much more affordable basic with advertisements subscription, preserves just under 1/2 this amount for every title ($0.00022), whereas the United States and South Korea recover the largest per title ($0.0005 and $0.00051, correspondingly).

However, neither of these nations receives a more favorable offer for each item than Pakistan, which offers the most affordable basic plans minus advertisements. Pakistanis spend $0.00032 for a service that does not contain advertisements per movie. Additionally, they have a collection with somewhat fewer than 6,000 titles, which is typical. In actuality, hardly any of the ad-supported plans were more expensive per title than the free basic options in Pakistan, India, Turkey, and Argentina.

But almost all of the basic options with ads—aside from those in the United States climb into and across the top twenty to provide excellent value. However, when we rate the USA and the basic service with commercials among the basic services minus advertisement, it barely just includes the center table. American customer pays upwards of 3.5 times as much for their basic plan containing adverts as do Pakistani users for the same plan minus advertising, at a price per content of 0.00117.

In addition, American consumers only have access to a limited number of contents more of it than Pakistani clients do (5,995 compare with 5,974).

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