The Mandalorian Review: A Hit Or Miss In The Star Wars Franchise?

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The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian Official Poster (Credits: Disney+)

For every millennial kid, Star Wars was the IT series that brought in the concepts of space, stars, and conflicts on a roller-coaster ride. What made the series so popular was the classic adaptation of good versus evil but in an inter-dimensional set-up.

Star Wars franchise gave us all the elements of war, romance, acceptance, angst, and humor, which stood out amongst the crowd and made it one of the highest-grossing movies and series to exist.

And, of course, who can forget those badass female characters and glowing lightsabers that everyone wanted as a birthday gift? The Mandalorian features the journey of an independent character that follows after the fall of the Galactic empire.

This series truly brings in creativity and exploration of the Star Wars lore with a desirable progression. So, let’s see what was so good about the Mandalorian series.

Production and Set-up

The Mandalorian series began as a script in 2017 when Disney and Lucasfilm joined hands to present a Star Wars franchise series via Disney + streaming platform. Season 1 is directed by Jon Favreau, who is significantly known as a key factor in the making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This newest creation by the production house also launched the use of new technologies and filmmaking that brought in certain hyper-realistic elements in the show. It also has some of the best castings, which include Pedro Pascal voicing the protagonist, Din Djarin.

Thoughts and Views

There are a bunch of thematic constituents in The Mandalorian that follow through what the Star Wars universe has given us. The show does not dismiss its roots of the guide and his student or a parent and Child as seen in the relationship dynamics of various characters.

Here, we see that in Din and “the child,” popularly known as baby Yoda. It takes a fresh take on how the bounty hunter went from his role of being a scavenger to more like a caretaker of the Child whom he makes various sacrifices in order to protect.

The Mandalorian
Mandalorian and the Child (Credits: Disney+)

It is quite fun to watch this sudden burden of a child-like character placed on the Mandalorian’s lap and for him to move forward with the responsibility without a complaint or cheer. And, of course, who cannot love the adorable features of baby Yoda? It quite took over the internet upon the release of the character through The Mandalorian.

I am not a Star Wars fan, in all honesty, but that did not deter me from being all wide-eyed and captivated by the sheer cinematic of the trailer alone. What stood out for me was how upon its release, the trailer made it crystal clear that if you want to know the story, watch it.

It is a good take, as most of the pre-releases often end up spoiling the entire plotline of the movie, which leaves no room for suspense or tension regarding what to expect and where to go. It is neat and flowy, which is what enticed me.

Coming back to the themes and plotline. The Mandalorian is heavily inspired by ‘The Book of Boba Fett,’ which tells us about the protagonist who, with his unpredictable and questionable morals, does anything and everything to survive, even at the cost of starting a whole war if it benefits him.

The Mandalorian
Still from The Mandalorian (Credits: Disney+)

And who can forget that iconic mando metal armor which is the cherry on top? Our protagonist Din may seem quite “expressionless” with the slit mask and cowering suit, but the delivery through action and speech is enough to captivate the audience and fanatics.

Mandalorian brings a unique approach to cinematics and filmmaking. The series combines the Western and Samurai influences in their production, which not only enhances the plotline but also brings in some great outtake for action scenes and galactic perspective.

Although a few episodes, like Chapter 2: The Passenger, seem to be more of a filler than advancing into the plot, the show was quick to catch up with what it has to deliver. Of course, too much indulgence in the plot is not what Star Wars have always been true to. Rather, the mixture of serious moments and light humor makes the series more enjoyable and entertaining.

You do not have to be a hardcore Star Wars stan to understand what happens in The Mandalorian. A few episodes or reads on the lore will give you a basic idea about the series that will help you understand what to expect and what exactly you are being fed.

One off-putting factor of The Mandalorian is that I anticipated the classic Star Wars music theme to be played somewhere in the end credits or as the show progressed, but that is where my disappointment came.

The Mandalorian
Still from The Mandalorian (Credits: Disney+)

Again, it feels almost rejecting because if you are a Marvel fan and there is no post-credit scene in any of the oncoming films, that would supposedly make you experience a minor heart attack. I would have been a bit positive about expecting it as the season jumped from one to two but to no avail.

Regardless, the show offers a fresh take on the Star Wars franchise, where we get to understand the various races and conflicts involved. The little sighs and defeated headshakes deliver the emotions and turmoil of managing a Child character by the Mando is hilariously portrayed.

An impressive take for The Mandalorian was the world-building surrounding the protagonist. All the side characters, such as Cara, Greff, Moff, and others, bring more life and energy to the series. But, as well as the classic SW series and movies deliver their story, The Mandalorian was a completely new set-up that strayed from the typical SW elements.

The Mandalorian
Still from the Mandalorian (Credits: Disney+)

Some have enjoyed this fresh surge, while others have some conflicts on how it makes the show not resemble Star Wars as an original but rather a different take. Another theme talked about was the Child and whether the adorable face hides the side of evil and darkness.

There are many moments throughout the show that tells us that Child is not as cute as he seems to be. From enjoying the demise of the nurse droid to choking Cara, there were subtle hints that what you nurture as a good person cannot hide the true nature of the individual.

The whole cinematography of The Mandalorian takes inspiration from Akira Kurosawa’s directory and emphasizes the nature of the movement, visuals, point-of-view, and composing of such movements as a group or of an individual character.

The inspiration mingles with virtual scouting, LEDs, virtual set-ups, low lights, and volumes giving The Mandalorian its rich aura that stands out to the viewer. The Mandalorian’s lore is simple and easy to understand, which opens up more room for development in the Star Wars storyline.

It not only talks about the journey of the protagonist to find a safe space for the Child but also gives the viewers the assumption that there are changes in the chapters and how the new government will operate after the fall of the Galactic Empire.

There are no rules and no laws, so what will bind the races and species together? Trust? Fate? Bonding? It’s all for the viewers to judge and conclude unless some Easter Eggs are revealed as Season 3 unfolds from March 1, 2023.

Final Verdict

The first two seasons of The Mandalorian were of great hype and sustained by delivering to the audience everything from humor, action, and storyline to great cinematics and music. It was inevitable for me not to sit and wait for another season to be announced.

There may be some instances where the show falls short with dragged scenes or too many unnecessary fillers to give the show more run-time, but it is quickly overcome by an eventual progression of the lore.

I enjoy new-age science-fictions, which brings a subtle twist as a progeny to the previous franchises. It makes the show stand out more as an individual rather than tied to the lore and a continuation. From the exploration of the galaxy to meeting responsibilities to the memorable fight between Din and Moff, it was an excellent watch.

Also, who can forget the grand entry of Luke Skywalker himself in the show? It was just pivotal to witness! Although I wished the episodes were a little longer than what was given, The Mandalorian did a good job as a potential successor of the Star Wars universe. For major stains, this series is one of the best releases, and for casual watchers, it is a perfect series for a weekend binge with friends or alone.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4.5/5).

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