PUSH Episode 6: Release Date & Streaming Guide

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PUSH episode 6 streaming guide
The main cast of PUSH (Credit: CBC Gem)

PUSH episode 6 will release super soon. Excited to know how you can watch your favorite Canadian docu-series? Then you have come to the right place! Continue reading to know how you can watch the upcoming episode of PUSH, which has been proven to be one of the most inspiring and encouraging shows in Canada.

PUSH takes you to the world of some wheelie-peeps, who have encountered a devastating situation in their lives that made them paralyzed and put them in a wheelchair for life. However, they do not want sympathy or pity, they want respect, and they want to live a life like normal people do. Leaving their sorrows and traumas behind these fighters have formed a group and have started navigating their lives.

This Canadian documentary series by CBS, not only depicts how difficult their life has been after paralysis but focuses more on their empowerment. Ever since PUSH has become a part of fans’ lives, it has inspired them to happily live life, no matter what difficulties they encounter. The first episode of PUSH was released in the month of February 2023, and the show is currently moving toward the end. So let us know when the newest episode of PUSH will release and how you can watch it on TV and online.

PUSH: Everything You Need to Know

There are many people with various disabilities all around the world. Some become victims of hereditary diseases, while some come across fatal accidents that take away one of their abilities to survive in the world. That is why people consider these people indifferent to them. However, they want to live their life just like normal people do and fight for it every day.

PUSH considered the lives of such people who deserve respect in society rather than pity from people around them. They want to follow their passion and want to socialize like other people in their society do. With inspiring and motivating life stories, PUSH also promises watch-worthy drama and entertaining humor as well. So, if you are the one who really needs the utmost motivation in life, then we highly recommend you to watch CBC’s outstanding creation, PUSH.

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The cast of PUSH (Credit: CBC)

The series brings to you the cast of seven ‘Wheelie-Peeps’ from Edmonton, Alberta, who are brought together to be friends and support one another in following their dreams, desires, and passions. As everyone has different objectives in their lives, what they need the most is a little push that would help them conquer every challenge that life throws towards them to achieve the success that they always desired.

So, who are these gorgeous and valiant fighters who have become a source of inspiration for the thousands of PUSH viewers? The 7 wheelie-peeps consists of Benveet Bean Gill, who wants society to treat people with disabilities like regular people, he is the one who wants to showcase to the world that even they can enjoy every moment of their lives just like others do.

Benveet is also a lead cast of PUSH. Brian McPherson has been passionately hustling in his career as a sledge hockey player and has a girlfriend, Victoria Berezovich, who has been suffering from a hereditary disease called Charcot Marie Tooth Disease since childhood. Currently, she is serving as an advocate for awareness of this disease.

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Natasha Urkow’s current days have been a little difficult because she is soon going to be a momma but she is wholeheartedly enjoying her pregnancy and more than excited to welcome the baby home. Brittany Neunzig wants to let everyone know about the complications of disabilities and ways to conquer them, and that is why she makes awareness videos on YouTube which are loved by many of her fans.

Talking about Aleem Jaffer is working as a consultant, while Riccardo Baldini is a pianist who had to leave his passion because of his spinal cord injury but is now looking forward to making everyone enchanted with his musical talent for music.

PUSH premiered on CBC on 24th February 2023 and was filmed in the year 2022. There will be a total of 8 episodes in this docu-series among which five have already aired. As fans are highly anticipating the upcoming episodes, here we bring you the watching and streaming guide for the sixth episode, which will release super soon.

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PUSH Episode 6: Release Date

Episode 6 of PUSH is releasing soon. As all the previous episodes have provided viewers with a huge dose of motivation and encouragement, they are so excited to know what would happen next in the series. So to know when you can watch episode six of PUSH, continue reading.

The 6th episode of the Canadian docu-series PUSH is set to release on Friday, 31st March 2023, at 8:30 PM CT and 9:00 PM NT on CBC. Follow the watching guide to know when episode 6 is going to release in your country.

Push episode 6 release date
A still from a Canadian show, PUSH (Credit: CBC)
  • Pacific Time Zone: 31st March 2023, Friday, 06:30 PM PT (USA)
  • Eastern Time Zone: 31st March 2023, Friday, 09:30 PM ET (USA)
  • British Time Zone: 1st April 2023, Saturday, 01:30 AM GMT (UK)
  • Indian Time Zone: 1st April 2023, Saturday, 7:00 AM IST (India)
  • Australian Time Zone: 1st April 2023, Saturday, 12:30 PM AEDT (Australia)

PUSH Episode 6: Streaming Guide

Each episode of the Canadian docu-series PUSH releases every week on Friday at 8:30 PM CT, with an approximate runtime of thirty minutes. You can watch episodes on TV On CBC, and if you want to watch the episodes online, then the official website of CBC Gem is also made available for fans.

Unfortunately, currently PUSH is not available on any other streaming platform and even CBC’s platform is not available outside Canada, however, you can Express VPN to get access to all the previous and latest episodes of PUSH.

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