Jawan Ending Explained: Yet Another Predictable High-Budget Action-Thriller

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Poster for the film, Jawan (Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)
Poster for the film, Jawan (Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)

Shah Rukh Khan‘s recently released action thriller has once again taken his fans by storm. The actor has proved to the world that his popularity and love from devoted fans is enough for yet another action thriller to be declared a “mega-hit.” Continue reading till the end if you want to find out more about the plot of Jawan and its ending.

Produced by Gauri Khan and Gaurav Verma, the movie is also important because it is one of the first Hindi films directed by popular South Indian director, Atlee Kumar, known most for his Tamil films. If you thought the fifty-seven-year-old was done with action after Pathaan, then you couldn’t have been more wrong, because this one takes things to a whole another level. 

Not even ten days since the release of the film, and it has already been declared the second most successful film of this year, and the ninth highest-grossing film in all of Bollywood’s history. Apart from actor Shah Rukh Khan, the movie also has Vijay Sethupati, Nayanthara, Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, Sunil Grover, and so many others it’ll be hard to mention them all.

Pathaan actress Deepika Padukone also features in the film for a cameo appearance and is cast as an ex-army officer, Captain Vikram Rathore’s, one of the characters played by Shah Rukh Khan, wife, Aishwarya Rathore.

Jawan is the story of a man who is willing to go to lengths to get the order right in a country neck-deep in corruption. Packed with action that would please the masses, the movie is an emotional journey of a man out to get revenge and correct all that has gone wrong in society.

Shah Rukh Khan in the film, Jawan (Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)
Shah Rukh Khan in the film, Jawan (Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)

Jawan Ending Explained

The movie opens with a scene of Azad, a jailor who had been working and plotting with a bunch of inmates of a Mumbai prison to take over the control of a metro train in the city. The group of inmates, all working under the lead of Azad, hijack the train in hopes of getting contacted by the National Security Guard team.

With all of the passengers on the train terrified of what could happen, the National Security Guard officer Narmada Rai gets a hold of these hijackers and negotiations begin. Azad wants the agriculture minister of the nation to send no less than forty thousand crores if he wishes to save the lives of the citizens trapped.

The news of this hijack reaches one Kalee Gaikwad, a global arms dealer whose daughter Alia also seems to be on the same train. Worried for the safety of his daughter, Kalee agrees to join hands with the minister to fund part of the ransom. 

A scene inside the train reveals Alia, the daughter of the man who was about to spend a whole lot of money, putting on a bluff and standing up to Azad to ask the man exactly what he was going to do with all that money. This is the moment when Azad reveals his actual intentions with the money.

He tells her, and us, that he plans on donating all of that money and distributing it among seventy thousand farmers who had been through so much for the country. Turns out Azad, played by Shah Rukh Khan, was never the bad guy you and everyone on the train thought he was. What a surprise!

He immediately transfers the forty thousand crores to different bank accounts of the said farmers, fixing most of their life problems and then fleeing, letting the metro go. But before escaping, Azad makes sure to tell Alia, specifically, that his real name is Vikram Rathore. He does so knowing that this information would end up reaching Kalee.

The metro hijack scene in the film, Jawan (Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)
The metro hijack scene in the film, Jawan (Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)

Mission No.2

The movie then moves onto a scene where Azad happily marries Narmada, the NSG officer, with her daughter Suchi as their witness. So not only is Azad a successful high-level vigilante, but he also has a great personal life.

Jawan quickly moves on to Azad’s next task, once again a mission that would help the people of the country. He and his team end up abducting the health minister of the country and threatening him to make sure that every government hospital, located even in the nooks and crannies of this nation, has to have advanced infrastructure, and if that does not happen, he will lose his life.

Our masked hero wants nothing for himself and has only one goal: the betterment of this nation. His unrelenting and large-scale efforts at wanting to make India a better country for all are tiring to witness, considering the actual state of the nation, but we’ll play along for now. It is fiction, after all.

Obviously, not wanting to die, the corrupt minister immediately puts Azad’s request into action and his team escapes unscathed once again despite the arrival of Narmada’s team. Since another one of Azad’s missions for the nation would have been exhausting to watch, the makers introduce another angle in the story.

Azad’s Past

Narmada confronts Azad about his two identities, but before the two can actually get into it, Kalee’s brother’s men arrive and torture the lives out of them. But before things could get seriously bad, a new face enters to save them both.

Turns out the new face is not all that of a new face since it is Azad’s lookalike, and they look freakishly alike. Narmada, hell-bent on finding out the truth behind her husband’s life, goes undercover and pretends to be one of the inmates where Azad used to work.

She grills the inmates who work for Azad to tell her about him and how he got to where he is. Cue the flashback. We time travel to 1986 when a young Captain Vikram Rathore was still in the army, as a special ops unit’s commando, out on a hunt for some terrorists responsible for the death of forty Indian soldiers.

Shah Rukh Khan as Captain Vikram in the film, Jawan (Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)
Shah Rukh Khan as Captain Vikram in the film, Jawan (Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)

Vikram manages to get the terrorists but also faces failure in his machinery, which is still being supplied by Kalee. Not wanting to get the machinery from him anymore, Vikram tries to cut him off, and this enrages Kalee, who ends up attacking Vikram and Aishwarya, his wife.

He kills Vikram, and Aishwarya gets sent to jail after being charged with the murder of three policemen, all working for Kalee. At the time, She was pregnant and even gave birth to a son in prison. Azad was only five, with a seemingly dead father who had been declared a traitor to the nation and a mother about to be hung. 

Before getting hanged to death, Aishwarya manages to engrave a few sentences in her son’s mind, one that stays with him forever and even becomes his life’s purpose. She tells him that his father did nothing wrong and that he had to prove his innocence and take revenge for his wrongful death. And when that is done, he has to spend his life helping those who need help.

Back In The Present

Was it Azad’s good karma? We will never know but it turns out Vikram never really died, and Azad was not an orphan. He had been shot on a plane, but his body still survived, though his memories were completely wiped. He had been living and healing with a tribal group in northeast India.

Knowing that Azad had a tough life and whatever secrets he had kept from her were not of negative intentions, Narmada, being a patriot herself, decides to help Azad in her way. But Kalee has eyes and ears everywhere, including the women’s prison where Azad’s team and Narmada were. 

One of his workers, Irani, who was working for Narmada, betrays her and starts to kill the team. Lakshmi is the first to go, but before she can get to the second target, Azad, our savior, enters and ends her. The team runs out of the prison, and along with Azad and Vikram, they set out on yet another mission.

A still from the film, Jawan (Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)
A still from the film, Jawan (Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)

The Final Mission & The Ending Explained

This one was to get their hands on a truckload of money that Kalee was planning on using for his election campaigns in hopes of taking his political career forward. As you expect, Azad gets his hands on the truck, but Vikram and his team get captured by Kalee’s men.

In the meantime, Azad puts out a video saying that he has his hands on the voting machines to be used in the coming elections. In exchange for the machines, he wants the government to shut down a total of 253 factories that have been adding to the pollution level of the country.

The movie tries to be inclusive on all fronts, and Azad making such bold demands strangely does not seem all that impressive. It feels excessive and over the top. But as Azad wanted, the factories get shut, but a grand fight between Azad and Kalee ensues. 

In a moment when you think Azad might lose to Kale, Vikram enters, with his memories back magically making the audience wonder if they were indulging in a grand cinematic experience or if they were watching a sloppy nonsense television series.

Either way, Vikram’s head is back in the game, and he and his just son hang Kalee to death in the women’s prison where the story had started. Just when you think the movie is over, we get told that a special task officer named Madhavan Nayak had been helping Azad with his missions. 

Right before the credits, Azad, the savior of the nation, gets assigned to his next mission. This time, the target is going to be Swiss banks. Is this a hint for a sequel? It just might be.

Vijay Sethupati as Kalee in the film, Jawan (Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)
Vijay Sethupati as Kalee in the film, Jawan (Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)

Our Thoughts

The plot of the movie is not something unique, and the same goes for the characters. We have had characters with sad pasts grow up as the righteous fighter helping people in need. What we think makes the movie so popular has to be the fact that it has actor Shah Rukh Khan, who has the entire nation in a chokehold.

Take away the leading actor, and you are left with a mediocre script with a ridiculously high budget. We have to give props to the makers for having such beautifully choreographed fight scenes and doing such a great job with the overall cinematography.

This movie can be described in the same way as Pathaan. They are both over-the-top action flicks with drama and dialogues and, of course, music, that is pleasing to a major part of this nation. Azad trying to fix the country by kidnapping people and making demands seemed okay in the start, but the concept was definitely run into the ground by the end.

The movie could not have been more predictable and cheesy with its love for the country. The plot is messy and seems to be riding entirely on Khan’s fame and popularity. 

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