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Who Does Lexie Grey End Up With? The Tragic End

Grey's Anatomy (ABC) season 1 Poster
Grey's Anatomy (ABC) season 1 Poster

Alexandra Caroline Grey, aka Lexie Grey, was one of the main characters in Grey’s Anatomy. She was introduced in season three of the medical drama as protagonist Meredith Grey’s younger paternal half-sister and became an instant fan favorite. However, her story was riddled with tragedy and bad luck. Though she was very bright and well off, she lost her mom to a medical complication, and her father became an alcoholic soon after. When Lexie found out that she had a sister, she loved the idea and wanted to get to know Meredith better. She went to Seattle Grace in hopes of meeting her, though Meredith did not appreciate her presence. But over time, Meredith grew fond of Lexie and eventually loved her.

 As the series progresses, Lexie becomes bolder and joins the secret intern society. While not a part of the original group of interns, Lexie caught her fellow interns practicing procedures on each other. Though she was initially creeped out, she realized that she wasn’t learning enough from Cristina and joined the secret society. But as fate would have it, the showrunners had some tragic luck in store for the young character.

Lexie Grey Relationships

Lexie was a character who had a plethora of relationships throughout the series. She was constantly on and off with different characters but finally found solace in Mark Sloan. When she was introduced into the series, right around the time Lexie started her internship; she met George O’Malley while he was cleaning out his locker. They bonded over and became friends. They even moved in together after George’s relationship with his former girlfriend ended. However, George did not reciprocate the feelings Lexie showed, and in his mind, she was just a good friend. Hence, that relationship didn’t last long.

Next, she hooks up with Alex. However, Alex is not interested in relationships and tries to ward her off. Even though they get along well, Alex doesn’t resonate with Lexie’s feelings and decides to take the initiative in ending their brief relationship. She finds herself attracted to Mark, who’s quite a bit older than her. Though Mark sees Lexie as a kid, Lexie persists and finally manages to seduce Mark. But Mark and Lexie’s relationship gets into trouble when Sloan Riley, Mark’s pregnant 18-year-old daughter, turns up. Despite having a distant relationship with his daughter, Mark was a caring father to his daughter.

Alexandra Lexie Grey

Alexandra “Lexie” Grey

 Since she was in no position to raise a baby on her own, Mark invites his daughter to move in with him. But Lexie gets enraged and confronts him, telling him that she doesn’t want to be the grandmother of the house. This strains their relationship, and the two decide to take some time off to clear their heads.

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Lexie’s Fate and Her Ultimate Love

While she was on a plane with her friends and family, the back of the plane broke off, and the aircraft crashed. A piece of the plane landed on Lexie, crushing her body’s lower half. Separated from the others, she uses a belt and knocks it against the plane, trying to raise the alarm. Meredith, Cristina, and Mark followed the sound and found her half dead. Mark urges Christina to fetch the oxygen and supplies and while waiting, Lexie asks Mark to hold her hand. She asks Mark to pass on a message to her father, but he refuses, not accepting that Lexie will die. After unsuccessfully trying to lift the part of the plane, however, he realized there was nothing he could do and held her hand.

Mark and Lexie

Mark and Lexie

 At this moment, Mark finally confesses his love for Lexie. He begs her not to move on, as they were supposed to end up together, telling her they were meant to be. However, Lexie repeats the phrase with a smile and succumbs to her injuries. Lexie was portrayed as a tragic character throughout. Though financially and socially well off, she was searching for a stable relationship. One where she felt loved and cared for. Though she was loved and respected by the doctors and her peers, she struck out like a sore thumb, and people treated her like a walking, talking encyclopedia.

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