Daniel Radcliffe Dating History: Harry Potter Actor’s Relationships So Far

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Daniel Radcliffe Dating History
Daniel Radcliffe anf His Current Partner Erin Darke (Credit: Page Six)

Excited to know the dating history of your favorite Harry Potter protagonist, Daniel Radcliffe? Then you have come to the right place! Since childhood, Daniel Radcliffe has created a special place in our hearts through his evergreen character Harry Potter. But have you ever wondered whom Daniel is dating right now and who are all of those women who fell for his charms?

So, now that you are here read this post till the end and get the curated list of all Daniel Radcliffe’s previous girlfriends and the details of his current long-term relationship. But before we begin, let us get to know more about the English actor Daniel Radcliffe, 33, who was born in the year 1989 in London to Marcia Jeannine Gresham and Alan George Radcliffe.

Since childhood, Daniel has always wanted to become an actor, and his dream came true when in the year 1999, he got debuted in the acting industry with the BBC One film David Copperfield. Daniel’s skills and utmost love for acting led him to get the lead role in JK Rowling’s novel adaptation, Harry Potter.

At the age of 11, Daniel became one of the most prominent actors in the world, and he finally decided to complete his studies with the help of on-set tutors and focused full-time on his acting because he was receiving back-to-back offers from various directors and producers. Apart from Harry Potter, if you want to watch the movie by Daniel Radcliffe, then What If? (2013), The Woman In Black (2012), Now You See Me 2 (2016), and Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (2022) is highly recommended for you.

Talking about Daniel’s personal life, he has been in a relationship with an American actress since 2012, and even before that, he has dated or was rumored to be dating celebrities from the Hollywood industry. From Laura O’Toole to Erin Darke, if you want to know about all the relationships that Daniel Radcliffe has had, then continue reading.

Laura O’Toole and Daniel Radcliffe (2007-2008)

Daniel Radcliffe was 17 years old when he dated 21-year-old actor from Ireland, Laura O’Toole, who worked with Daniel for the play called Equus. Laura O’Toole met Daniel for the first time at work. As Laura O’Toole and Daniel were working in the same play, they frequently used to meet and go on different tours. So, because of their frequent meetings for work, they soon became good friends and started dating.

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Daniel Radcliffe Dating History
Daniel Radcliffe and Laura O’Toole (Credit: Mail Online)

However, things soon started getting tense between the couple, and after dating for around a year, Laura O’Toole and Daniel Radcliffe broke up in the year 2008. Equus play tours were still going on at that time, and Laura was happily working with the same enthusiasm as Daniel Radcliffe. When asked about their relationship, Laura said that even though they broke up, they still are good friends, and they feel good when they see other. “We just have to be realistic”, added she.

Alana Dawes and Daniel Radcliffe (Rumoured-2008)

Alana Dawes and Daniel Radcliffe were in a relationship in the year 2008, and they dated for around four months in the year 2008. After breaking up with Laura, Daniel Radcliffe started dating Alana Dawes; rumors started to emerge; however, no information about their relationship was publicly made available, maybe for several reasons, such as he is a discreet person who loves to keep his personal life private.

Additionally, Through Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe received immense fame, and opening up about his relationship perhaps was not the right option for him at that time. Also, Daniel was focused more on exploring new opportunities in the acting industry, so he was concentrating more on his career instead of his personal life.

Olive Uniacke and Daniel Radcliffe (Rumoured-2010)

In the year 2010, Olive Uniacke was pictured several times with Daniel Radcliffe. Olive Uniacke is originally a step-daughter of multi-millionaire producer David Heyman, who is also a producer of Harry Potter. David Heyman has worked alongside Daniel Radcliffe ever since he debuted in the acting industry, and that is why even Olive had good connections with Daniel Radcliffe. Soon, they started getting closer, which was captured multiple times by the camera.

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Daniel Radcliffe Girlfriend
Olive Uniacke and Daniel Radcliffe (Credit: Mail Online)

As Olive Uniacke and Daniel Radcliffe never acknowledged their dating rumors, it is still unclear if they had dated or not. But Olive and Daniel were first captured in Russia in 2010 for Daniel’s birthday trip. The pictures went viral, and soon they were rumored to be dating. Even one of Olive’s close ones accepted that they had been together for a long time, and Daniel and Olive had also been working on the last part of the Harry Potter franchise.

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Rosie Cocker and Daniel Radcliffe (2010- 2012)

Even though Daniel Radcliffe and Rosie Cocker had known each other for more than four years, after breaking up with Olive Unicke, Daniel met Rosie again, and they soon started dating. In the year 2007, when Daniel Radcliffe was working on Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, Rosie was a production assistant for the film, and since then, they have been good friends.

Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend Rosie Cocker
Rosie Cocker and Daniel Radcliffe (Credit: Today)

In the year 2010, when they started dating, they became pretty serious about each other and soon moved into Daniel’s 4.3 million USD apartment. After dating for two years, Daniel and Rosie broke up, the reason being Daniel started seeing his co-actress from Kill Your Darlings, Erin Darke. When asked about the breakup, Rosie’s father said that she was living in another country and did not want to talk about her and Daniel as she was trying to move on.

Erin Darke and Daniel Radcliffe (2012 – Current)

It has been more than ten years since Erin Darke and Daniel Radcliffe have been romantically in a relationship. They met for the first time on the set of Kill Your Darlings and got instantly connected. In the year 2012, Daniel Radcliffe was dating Rosie Cocker, but he was seen multiple times being romantically involved with Erin Darke. As a result, Daniel and Rosie broke up, and Daniel moved on with Erin.

As Daniel Radcliffe always kept his relationship details private, for the first few years when he started a relationship with Erin Darke, he did not open up about his love for Erin. But soon, when he started getting captured with Erin, Daniel started getting questions during the interviews, and he never left a chance to appreciate Erin in front of the camera.

What Daniel loves about Erin is how their humor levels match with each other and how they always make each other laugh. Surely, Kill Your Darlings became a turning point in both Daniel and Erin’s life as both of them found the love of their lives.

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Daniel Radcliffe Partner
Erin Darke and Daniel Radcliffe (Credit: Paris Match)

When asked during an interview, Daniel Radcliffe expressed that at the time of filming for Kill Your Darlings, he was not acting when there were flirty, romantic, and funny scenes. He said that he used to laugh like himself and not like his character. He enjoyed every moment of Kill Your Darlings with Erin Darke, and that is when the romance started blooming between them. After so many public appearances for the promotion of Kill Your Darlings, their relationship was finally confirmed in the year 2014.

Since 2014, Erin Darke and Daniel Radcliffe publicly expressed their feelings for each other on the red carpet in front of the paparazzi and interviewers. During covid 19, the couple faced health problems, but they said that they were grateful that they were together during this tough time because they conquered every difficulty with each other’s support. Just like this, their relationship became stronger and happier, and finally, the good news that we have all been waiting for was announced by Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke.

No, it’s not marriage; it’s the baby bump that Erin has been flaunting in front of the cameras. The bunch of happiness is finally going to arrive at Daniel and Erin’s house, and all of their fans and loved ones are so happy after hearing the news. In March 2023, Erin announced her pregnancy, but the sex of the baby is yet to be revealed.

After 12 years of a romantic relationship, they have finally decided to have a baby, and fans are also expecting that they will soon get married. Marriage or a relationship, one thing is for sure, both Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke are madly in love with each other.

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