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Technoblade Net Worth: How Much Did The Minecraft Player Made?

Technoblade Net worth

Thursday, June 30, 2022, was a sad day for Minecraft fans. One of the most talented players of the game had a video uploaded to his channel that was his last message on channel. The video was presented by his father as he shared the moments before his passing away. The video became one of the most viewed on his channel as he continues to gain subscribers even after his death. And as stated in the video, Technoblade didn’t let fame take him over and ruin his character. Instead, he stuck to his principal and did what he could for others. The YouTubers used their money wisely to help many and we are glad to answer what Tecnoblade’s Net Worth is.

Though, we didn’t know much about the YouTuber before after watching that video we were moved to tears too. Some of sobbing over the loss of a person we could have one day enjoyed watching. Though this article talks about his net worth, we want to assure you it is in good faith.

Technoblade Net worth

CC; Technoblade Minecraft

What is Technoblade’s Net Worth?

Technobalde started his channel in 2013 focusing on Minecraft. The Minecraft Liverstreamer continues to get subscribers even after his passing, as of writing this video he has around 12.8 Million subscribers. And in his nine years career, Technoblade has a net worth of around $ 3.18 million. His main source of income was YouTube ads, netting him a total of fifty-four to seventy-two point three thousand dollars a month. Though The figure may not add up, cause he had two more sources to get paid. He would get the prize money from Minecraft Tournament and the Merch that was available later down the line. His family has decided to give the Merch related money to a humanitarian cause whenever they are sold. He also stated in his last video that the money he had gained from support, a part of it will be used for his sibling’s college fees.

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How did he pass away?

Technoblade’s Net Worth became a topic of discussion after his passing away, and it was surprising and saddening for many to learn about him. Surprising because there lived a great man that not many knew of and saddening because he is no longer with us. The Minecraft live streamer would do fundraiser videos often for the charity and has been humble throughout his career. He held his ground and stayed true to his ideals till the end. Even his last act was also to make sure he bid his farewell who had supported him throughout his career. The last video on his channel marks the gratitude he had for us. The YouTuber amongst his family members. And with the facts around Technoblade’s Net Worth stated below is the summary of what the man was about.

Technoblade Net worth

CC; Technoblade Minecraft

Who was Technoblade?

Technoblade was a Minecraft YouTuber and Livestreamer. He has a total of twelve million subscribers, and more than a million subscribed to his channel on the day the news of his death was shared. Technoblade was also part of Dream SMP. Dream SMP is an invite-only Minecraft server where the players play as a version of themselves in a loose canon. Technobalde started his YouTube channel when he was only fourteen and focused solely on Minecraft. Technoblade and Dream were rivals who were fighting for the spot of Best Minecraft player. Dream donated a sum of $21,409 in response to his diagnosis of cancer research.

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