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I Picked This World’s Strategy Guide! Chapter 3: Release Date & Where to Read

I Picked This World's Strategy Guide!
I Picked This World's Strategy Guide! Manga | Credits ComicWalker

Wouldn’t it be nice if we got a book with all the happenings of our life so that we can take the right decisions every time? This story is exactly on this concept a little girl finds a strategy book in the woods and doesn’t know what to do with it.

Sana the protagonist of this manga is the daughter of a tool shop owner in a castle town. One day she goes to the forest to retrieve healing herbs to make potions. Searching for these herbs she went deep into the woods and finds a magnificent-looking book below a tree.

The name of the book was Complete Guide: Strategy book Eternal Story. Sana was curious about the book and took it back to the shop for reading it. Upon reading the book it seemed to be a forbidden book with oddly detailed information about the city.

Sana follows some of the instances mentioned in the book and she found all the things in places exactly mentioned in the book. This makes her wonder if she was even supposed to find this book in the first place or if has she put herself in a story she wasn’t supposed to be a part of.

Whatever the case may be, this story is quite interesting from the start because we don’t have much manga or anime on this concept so it will be fun to see how all this turns out.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the information about the upcoming chapter of I Picked This World’s Strategy Guide!, which is Chapter 3. We will provide you with everything from release dates to potential spoilers so stay tuned.

First, let’s talk a little about the previous chapter of I Picked This World’s Strategy Guide!

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I Picked This World’s Strategy Guide! Chapter 2: Recap

Chapter 2 of I Picked This World’s Strategy Guide continues after the events of Sana saving her brother from a monster. By using the guidebook she knew the monster attack beforehand and was able to take the right decisions. The chapter shifts to Sana, her brother and their mother having a conversation over dinner. 

That’s when Sana gets to know about Uncle Douglas’s bad health. Uncle Douglas is a tavern owner introduced in the first chapter and bought antidote potions from them. They don’t know the exact details but they hope that he is fine.

I Picked This World's Strategy Guide!

I Picked This World’s Strategy Guide! Manga | Credits ComicWalker

Sana decides to visit him at his tavern the next day to check up on him. Fortunately, it was nothing and Douglas was ill because of his bad drinking habits. That’s when Douglas tells Sana that he is not quite well these days and has this feeling that his generation-long tavern is going to get closed in his lifetime.

Sana worries about him and that he will fall ill again caring about the tavern so she decides to look into the guidebook once again to ensure that uncle Douglas’s tavern still exists. She finds out that his intuitions were right and the Tavern shuts down with a new Casino in its place.

She digs further up to find the reason behind this and when it seemed that she found something the chapter ends.

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I Picked This World’s Strategy Guide! Chapter 3: Release Date

I Picked This World’s Strategy Guide! or Kono Sekai no Kouryakuhon wo Hirotte Shimaimashita is a manga series written by ACCHI Ai. This manga is fairly new with coloured panels just like a manhwa. Coloured mangas are quite rare so this gives this series a little edge over others.

This manga started serialization this year on 26th January 2023. There is not much information available about this manga with only two chapters out. Mostly this will be a weekly issue so I Picked This World’s Strategy Guide! Chapter 3 may be available next Tuesday 6th February 2023.

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I Picked This World’s Strategy Guide! Where To Read

Unfortunately, there are no official licensed English translators for this manga but on the brighter side of things, this manga is available on the Kadokawa ComicWalker website under the section of free manga. If you know how to read Japanese it will be a sweet deal for you as you can read it for free.

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