Go! Go! Loser Ranger: Anime Adaptation Announced

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Ranger Reject Anime
Ranger Reject Anime | Credits: Youtube

Power Rangers are one of the most well-known franchises in the whole world. So, another power ranger series would not feel as good but trust me, you are so wrong. Ranger Reject or Go Go Loser Ranger is not your typical Power Ranger Series. 

This story is more complex and exciting than your simple black-and-white morality, as seen in other Ranger series. The ‘Dragon Keepers’ or the power rangers of this series, are just pure evil and are unable to think further than their interests.

This anime is a twisted version of power rangers, and if you have watched The Boys on Prime Video Ranger, Reject would feel like the combination of Power Rangers and The boys, As they are somewhat close in the aspect of a superhero society.

These Dragon Keepers deliberately force the invaders, the supposed to be bad guys, to cause havoc so that they can fight them. The keepers do this so that they do not lose their influence over society. They keep getting popular and promote their merchandise for profit.

One may think, ok so the roles are changed, but it’s still that black-and-white morality, but no it’s not. As we continue through, we get to see that the Keepers are not just pretending heroes. They have their reasons and ideals to protect. Even the Invaders, who seem like the suppressed and losing side, can be a little sympathetic, but they are not good people.

This story gives us a perspective of what a power ranger universe would be like if it existed with the norms of the real world. It’s a unique story, and you should be happy, This series recently announced an anime adaption.

Before talking about the release date and the studios who picked up this project let’s talk a little more about Ranger Reject.

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About Go! Go! Loser Ranger!

‘Sentai Daishikkaku’ is the Japanese name for ‘Ranger Reject’ or Go! Go! Loser Ranger! This anime adaptation is from a manga with the same name.  The manga is written by Negi Haruba, also known for his works like Karma of Purgatory and The Quintessential Quintuplets

The story starts thirteen years ago when the villainous monster army invaded earth. The monster army appeared in their floating castle 10,000 meters above in the sky. The invaders pose a great threat to humanity as they are immortal beings with the power of resurrection.

It’s when the divine power rangers or the so-called ‘Dragon Keepers’ came into play. Dragon keepers had insane powers and powerful weapons like the Divine Tools. The Keepers went to war with the invaders and successfully defeated them.

Red Keeper | Credits: YouTube

If Ranger Reject was a typical power ranger series, defeating the villains would’ve marked the end of it, but it’s different from that. The keepers defeated the invaders in just one year, and to keep themselves relevant, they kept the villains alive.

Ever since, the invaders are forced to come out and create havoc on Sunday’s front of the unsuspecting audience so that the dragon keepers can defeat them and keep their fame. The keepers have already annihilated their top executives, so the invaders cannot plan something very strong.

They have made this a theme park kind of ride where people visit to see the Dragon Keepers fight against the evil Invaders every Sunday.  This continues to happen until one day a villain named D had enough and decides to put a stop to the Dragon Keeper’s facade.

D with the help of a Keeper named Yumeko Suzukiri, infiltrated the Rangers to defeat them from the inside of their ranks and put an end to this. 

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Go! Go! Loser Ranger! Release Date

Go! Go! Loser Ranger! Anime was announced around two months back in December 2022. Since the announcement, the fans have been eagerly waiting for further information about the anime, but we have been only provided with just a trailer.

As of writing this article, there is no information available about the release date or the studios responsible for the animation, and it is yet to be announced. Though we have an official website for the anime that you can check out for further updates and announcements. 

Also, we have a little comment from the author Negi Haruba himself.

“Manga production is sometimes harsh and lonely, and it ‘s a continuous process of throwing a ball at an empty place. Among them, I felt rewarded as if the animation was thrown back . I’m looking forward to seeing the uncool and cool Combatant D in action.”
-Negi Haruba 
(Translated from Japanese by Google Translate)

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