Neko Sparks Net Worth

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Neko Sparks Net Worth
Neko Sparks Net Worth (Image Credit: Leedaily)

Business enthusiasts must be aware of Neko Sparks. Several facts related to Neko are still in the dark. His age gets estimated from 41 to 44 as of 2023. Based in Los Angeles, Neko has established his identity in the entertainment industry through acting, film production, direction, and screenwriting.

Many television shows and films produced and directed by Neko got recognized with awards. He used to work in the theatres in Los Angeles before stepping into the entertainment industry. African-American Neko has not shared his family details. However, it gets said that his mother is a homemaker and his father is an entrepreneur.

Apart from the entertainment industry, Neko offers educational services related to film networks and organizes music events. Neko is an experienced entrepreneur and CEO dealing with interactive media, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and emerging technologies. Neko believes in working hard and accepting failures as a part of life. Self-honesty and sticking to one’s dreams are the keys to success, according to Neko.

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Neko Sparks’ Career

Besides the entertainment industry, Neko works for Pixel Prime as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), the Chief Blockchain Officer for Niros Finance, and a partner for iSparked Labs. He used to work as a partner for PJs and Pixels from 2018 to 2021.

It is how Neko uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge technology for Hollywood-level production, television, films, digital series, and publishing. He got certified in Communication and Media Studies and has a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Film Studies.

Neko has thirteen credits as a producer, eight as a director, twelve as a writer and actor, five as an editor, two for visual effects, one as a cinematographer, one as an assistant director, and one for appearing as himself in an interview. He started doing it in 2014. The horror movie, The Witch, is one of the most recognized movies produced by him.

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Neko Sparks In The Ottawa Senators Sale
Neko Sparks In The Ottawa Senators Sale (Image Credit: CTV News Ottawa)

Neko Sparks Net Worth

Neko Sparks Net Worth gets estimated to be from $500,000 to $5 million as of May 2023. Neko’s income gets generated from the television shows and movies he works for.

Talking about production and direction for the television shows, Neko gets paid for the streaming rights, marketing, copyright privileges, syndication, content license, distribution, and making spin-offs. Further, he can make more money through remakes, licensing agreements, and related procedures.

The increasing popularity of his shows provides Neko residuals and royalties. Meanwhile, partnerships, endorsements, and sponsorships for supporting the products help him gain a substantial amount.

Snoop Dogg joined Neko, and a group of more than twelve investors to purchase Ottawa’s NHL team called the Ottawa Senators in early 2023. They are hunting for a greater stake in the team. However, Snoop and Neko must compete with the Remington Group and Ryan Reynolds, ready to pay around $1 million to win the bid.

Snoop Dogg Joins Neko Sparks In The Bid
Snoop Dogg Joins Neko Sparks In The Bid (Image Credit: ClutchPoints)

Neko Sparks does not reveal much about his personal life or upcoming projects publicly. So, let us hope that he comes to the limelight after securing the bid. Similarly, it will get interesting to see how the ownership of the NFL team affects Neko’s film and television career.

Neko’s web series, Chosen Kin Origins, got awarded as the best at the International Independent Film Awards in 2017. He has worked with many famous actors and professionals. He got nominated as the Best Director and Best Ensemble Cast at LA Web Series Festival Awards. These recognitions help him get more offers and money.

Neko Sparks’ Work

Movies and television series produced by Neko are The Last Clans, The Woods, Blood Bond, Freedom’s Path, Night Breed, Chosen Kin, The High Born, The Neighborhood Kiddos, The Last Prey, The X Species, Alien World Wars, Chosen Kin Origins. He has directed and written for most of these movies and television series.

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Neko has worked as an actor in Another Time, Urban, Deadly Sins, The Virus, Written By, Escape Artist, Sangre De Vida, and more. He has worked as an editor for the whole Chose Kin TV series, The Woods, and The X Species. Neko has given visual effects for Chosen Kin Origins and The Woods and worked as the cinematographer for the former. He appeared as an interviewee in the TV series, ‘The Grand Master,’ in 2018.

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