My Hero Academia Chapter 384 Full Summary And Raw Scans: It’s A Small World!

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My Hero Academia Chapter 384 Full Summary And Raw Scans and spoilers

Kohei Horikoshi’s idea of narrating a story of Deku becoming the world’s greatest hero is actually making him the world’s greatest hero and not only of his nation and the My Hero Academia Chapter 384 is the example of that. Fans were obviously skeptical about Deku becoming the greatest hero in the world at the start since he is a Japanese civilian fighting to protect the nation’s citizens.

However, the last war in this series showed that the level of threat that All For One poses is on a global scale with defeating one of the strongest heroes of the world “Stars”. All For One’s main goal was to attain One For All and thus it could justify the writer’s reason for having the villain reside in Japan where the quirk lies. 

But Japan’s condition from the last war showed around the world thanks to the technology and news being easy to get by having the rest of the world thought that Japan is over. However, the citizens of Japan want the world to know that Japan is still fighting, and even though they are on their last legs, they want the world to show that they are fighting. 

This is how incredible and important My Hero Academia Chapter 384 is to the story so let us speak the chapter in detail. We will provide our readers with a small summary of the chapter and will also include a few raw scans of the chapter along the way. So with that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the My Hero Academia manga series and its new chapters.

My Hero Academia Chapter 384 Full Summary And Raw Scans

My Hero Academia Chapter 384 is titled “It’s a small world” and the chapter begins with Machia still being under the control of Shinso’s brainwashing and fighting against the prime All For One. As Machia and Mt. Lady continue slamming down the said villain, Tokiyami asks if Shinso’s brainwashing is what made him fight with them

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Hawks says that indeed it is that they bet on and must protect from being staggered. Seeing Machia under control All For One notes that this is how the heroes were able to deceive him with the Aoyama family and is surprised that the heroes would do something he would do in the first place.

Everyone is worried and protected from All For One’s attack as they do not want the manipulation of Shinso’s quirk to be off however, it seems like Machia is able to talk his will even though he is under brainwashing. Machia says that he recognizes the smell of his master All For One even though he looks different but asks him why the villain abandoned him.

As Machia is heartbroken that his master would come for him the other heroes are wondering if it is Shinsho’s brainwashing that is making him speak these words however, Shinso notes that Machia is the only other person who was able to break his brainwashing and Machia continues to attack All For One because he abandoned him.

Shinsho notes that his quirk makes him look like a villain however his quirk has no control over what is going inside someone’s heart as the double spread of the My Hero Academia Chapter 384 sees heroes attacking All For One with Machia.

It’s A Small World

The later half part of the My Hero Academia Chapter 384 then shows the reporters doing their duty to show the world how the heroes in Japan have not given up. One of the helicopters has some reporters who have already encountered Deku in the past and are surprised to see that he has changed so much and is willing to bet their life to convey the fight to the world.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 384 Full Summary And Raw Scans

Soon one of the other helicopters arrives with a female reporter saying that she is here to convey the story of the heores that are still fighting and making a stand against the villain because in the past she had said wrong things about them. The reporter mentions that every day the world seems to be getting smaller and connected so thus, they will record and show this to the whole world that the world still has hopes.

My Hero Academia Chapter 384 will be released on Monday, April 3rd at midnight Japanese standard time and will be available to read on Manga Plus and Viz Media for free.

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