Adele Sparks Marriage Rumors as She Calls Rich Paul her ‘Husband’

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Rich Paul and Adele
Rich Paul and Adele (Credits: Metro)

Is it possible that Adele just gave us the strongest clue ever that she is married to Rich Paul? The singer, who is 35 years old, began dating the American sports agent, who is 41 years old, after her divorce from Simon Konecki, with whom she had a 10-year-old son named Angelo. 

Ever since they started dating, people have been talking about Adele and Rich Paul getting married, especially now that there are reports suggesting they might be engaged. This buzz started when Adele was seen wearing a big ring on her finger. 

Back in April, there were reports saying Adele and Rich were thinking about having a wedding in the summer. But did they really get married? Well, it seems like fans believe they might have because during a performance in Las Vegas recently, Adele called Rich her “husband.” That sure sounds like a hint to us!

What is churning between Adele and Rich Paul?

At one of her concerts, Adele paused to interact with the fans in the audience. One enthusiastic fan yelled out, “Will you marry me?” Adele responded by saying that she could not marry because her husband was present at the concert. 

But the fan did not give up easily and said, “Can you try?” Adele playfully responded that she did not want to try either because “I’m with Rich.”  This whole interaction was captured on video and quickly became popular online. Fans were surprised by Adele referring to Rich Paul as her husband, and they shared their reactions on X.

Rich Paul and Adele
Rich Paul and Adele sparks marriage rumors (Credits: Yahoo)

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Adele and Rich have been together as a couple for two years now. Their relationship became publicly known in July 2021 when they were spotted together at an NBA game. Adele has been quite vocal about her affection for Rich, and she recently expressed her wish to grow their family. 

During one of her Las Vegas residency shows, Adele had a chat with a woman in the audience who had a special request. This woman shared that she was pregnant with her first child and had just found out that she would be having a baby girl. 

The woman told Adele that she and her husband were having a hard time deciding a name for their baby from the choices they had. In a relaxed and open manner, Adele mentioned that she had been actively considering baby names. She also shared her wish to become a mother again in the most distant future. 

Rich is also looking ahead to becoming a father once more. He is already a dad to three kids named Reonna, Richie, and Zane.

During an interview with E! News, Rich shared his experience with fatherhood. He shared that when he was a younger father, handling both his family and growing a business was fairly tough. 

However, as he has gotten older and his children have also grown older, he said that if he were to have more kids, he would look forward to being a different kind of father, one who is more patient. 

Rich Paul and Adele
Rich Paul and Adele (Credits: Page Six)

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How did Rich Paul and Adele meet?

In an open and lighthearted conversation featured in Vogue and British Vogue’s November 2021 cover stories, Adele briefly discussed her relationship with Rich Paul. She mentioned that Rich unexpectedly entered her life. She explained that being with him did not make her feel anxious or nervous; instead, it was quite the opposite, it was an exhilarating experience. 

In those interviews, Adele also revealed that they initially crossed paths at a party a couple of years earlier. During the event, when she was a bit intoxicated, she humorously asked him, “Do you want to sign me? I consider myself an athlete now.”

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