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What Episode Does Deku Get His Third Quirk? The Float Quirk Explained

Deku using Float Quirk
Deku using Float Quirk

Izuku Midoriya got Blackwhip, the quirk of past One for All holder Daigoro Banjo, during the Joint Training Battle in the MHA Season 5 Episode 10. Although the power has been challenging to control, Deku is now a fair amount adept at using it, though not at the same level as his tutors.

Blackwhip was simply the first of Deku’s quirks to become available, as all the prior One for All holders’ abilities are now flowing into him. All Might reveals Midoriya’s third Quirk, Float, towards the end of My Hero Academia Season 5.

But in What Episode Does Deku Get His Third Quirk? We are going to answer this question and we will talk about the Float itself if its a strong or a useless Quirk. We will also be talking about the previous user of the Float Quirk and how this hero is important in the MHA Season 6 storyline.

Why Is Deku Getting New Quirks?

Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo are invited to a meeting by All Might so that he can share what he learned about One For All’s previous users. When Bakugo is unable to recall the names of the previous holders, All Might explains that All For One utilized his extraordinary abilities to gradually eliminate the powerful. This reveals that the former users of One For All were primarily concerned with passing on their skills, and as a result, “they all died young.”

Deku and Bakugo

All Might explaining One For All To Deku and Bakugo

The previous No. 1 hero then says that Midoriya would soon learn Nana Shimura’s skill of floating. Despite dying, Nana had a significant behind-the-scenes impact on the show. She is the tutor of All Might and the grandmother of the extraordinarily strong Paranormal Liberation Front leader Shigaraki Tomura.

And the answer to “Why is  Deku Getting New Quirks?” was given in the MHA Season 5. We learned that One For All is not the only quirk that passes on from user to user, the original quirks of the previous One For All user can also be activated. And that’s the reason why Deku first got the Blackwhip quirk and now this Float quirk.

The Quirk Float enables its user to—well—float, despite the fact that many of its specifics are unclear. Despite the fact that the Quirk will undoubtedly give Deku more power, Bakugo instantly makes fun of the talent, claiming that his blasts already give him the capacity to fly.

All Might And Midoriya’s Relationship Will Change After This Quirk

Midoriya, therefore, resolves to grasp the Quirk more quickly in order to catch up to his adversary. But Bakugo is correct to mock. The Float quirk of Midoriya is a little needless. Ochako Uraraka’s Zero Gravity Quirk, which enables her to make most things float, is essentially just a more effective version of the move, similar to how many heroes can fly or leap tall buildings in one bound.

But this new Quirk’s strength goes beyond its usefulness. Midoriya certainly feels something after witnessing Midoriya use his old master’s power; Float belonged to someone essential to All Might. All Might is sitting outside in the cold after the meeting, angry that he can’t do more for his students when Aizawa arrives.

Deku and All Might

Deku and All Might

All Might and Midoriya’s relationship will be impacted by the latter’s gaining of Float and the metaphorical significance of obtaining the strength of the person who trained him. All Might will undoubtedly be more motivated than ever to ensure that Midoriya lives up to One For All and becomes the kind of hero the world needs.

What Episode Does Deku Get His Third Quirk?

Deku has finally achieved his goal and unlocked Nana Shimura’s, Float Quirk. Deku Got His Third Quirk, Float, in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 9. The Episode opens with the devastation caused by Gigantomachia to all of the students.

Shoji says that since he can’t sense anyone nearby, other heroes must be far away. Then, hawks with Tokoyami bandages are seen being carried by individuals who appear to be scientists. The individuals he has saved resemble members of the liberation front.

Momo sees what happens; the only reason they escaped death was that Gigantomachia was unaware they were around. Gigantomachia’s body has grown as he began inflicting havoc on everyone below by swiping on the ground, presumably killing and hurting the heroes in his way.

However, before he could harm any students, Majestic utilizes his peculiarity to float them away from danger. Majestic saving the following generation demonstrates to them that the decisions and actions the students took were not in vain. As the students leave, Gigantomachia kills Majestic and all the other heroes with another slash to the earth.



After this short flashback, the students discuss the negative effects of their failure and reflect on every choice they made that contributed to this result. Many lives were lost because the anesthesia for Giantomachia didn’t start working in time. An unconscious Hawk is seen.

If Hawk’s earlier killing of Twice in the first palace was ethically right. Hawk had to blur the lines between good and evil to stay one step ahead of the villains. Hawk admitted that Twice wasn’t a bad person but rather just a man with mental issues.

Then, we witness Gigantomachia’s complete devastation of the city that he was looming over at the end of the last episode. The bad guys were having a good time, and the insane doctor argued that, in the end, no hero’s efforts were worthwhile. According to him, Gigantomachia was designed to die for his king. As the doctor finishes, Shigaraki reappears. 

Deku Gets His Third Quirk

Then we see Todoroki and Endeavor and Bakugo starts to yell at himself. Shigaraki is seen preparing to kill everyone while his body is being torn apart. We are aware that Shigaraki is not finished, and the consequences of this insufficiency would be disastrous. He then understands that his regeneration quirk is taking some time to activate.

Deku Gets His Third Quirk

Deku Gets His Third Quirk

Then, we see Deku planning a strategy to defeat Shigaraki. He is aware that his body cannot keep up with One For All and Shigaraki’s body cannot keep up with All For One. Because both of them will carry forth their mentors’ legacies, they were both given these skills. Shigaraki acknowledges that his restoration has at last begun. As soon as he strikes the earth, a large wave of decay appears.

Then at this moment Deku pulls everybody into the sky and uses a Blackwhip to grab everyone around him up in the air. Gran Torino then recalls that the Float Quirk belongs to Nana Shimura. Shigaraki is then confronted by Deku, who says, “You’re right; we’re ending this right now.”

Float Quirk Explained

Float is an ability that we saw Deku awaken during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc whilst fighting Shigaraki. The quirk does well just what you’d expect it to do, it allows you to Float. However, with the stockpiling of One For All, it’s a bit more than just that now, as it allows Deku to full-on the fly at high speeds.

Thus it is Deku’s number one method of transportation but is also a perfect support for Quirk as by using it in tandem with Blackwhip as seen in MHA Season 6 Episode 9, he can lift his teammates up with it, keeping them safe from Shikaraki’s deadly Decay. Deku was a natural at using this Quirk as he trained for it beforehand with the help of Uraraca as she taught him what zero gravity movement felt like.

Is Float A Strong Quick?

Float cannot be regarded as powerful in that regard because it is neither an attack or indeed a defense-type quirk. For Midoriya, at least, it remains one of My Hero Academia’s most valued quirks. It is thought that Float, which developed within One For All’s core, may eventually enable its user to actually fly rather than just hover in the air, making him more effectively able to move through the air by kicking and punching it.

Float A Strong Quick

Float A Strong Quick

With this quirk, Deku could effortlessly push himself and fly, much more easily than when he used 100% of One For All. He shall also be able to carry objects while flying, as opposed to All Might, who “flew” by changing the air pressure.

Deku awakened Float because he knew that it would be his best tool for dealing with Shigiraki in the future. He is able to dodge the possibility of disintegration thanks to this quirk. Deku can move across the battlefield more easily using Float when combined with quirks like Blackwhip because it is less tiring than constantly flicking his fingers to stay in mid-air.

The idea of Deku acquiring Nana’s quirk, though, has many fans on the fence. They find the idea of kicking air so forcefully that it propels you to be much more intriguing than floating or flying. Furthermore, it appears that Deku won’t be flying around the skies with impunity based on Bakugo’s response. Horikoshi continues to amaze us, so it will be interesting to see if he nerfs Float in a way that keeps it on par with other quirks.

Who Is Nana Shimura?

Nana Shimura was the 7th user of One For All and the mentor of All Might. The Float quirk is of Nana who also died whilst fighting against All For One, like other One For All users. She was regarded as a Great Hero by the likes of the No. 1 in all of history as well as her own teacher, who’d also sort of taught the No. 1 hero Gran Torino, so I guess all of that counts for something.

Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura

Nana had a keen sense of justice and was a kind woman. She exhibited enormous sensitivity and mental fortitude, believing that a true hero should smile no matter how dire the circumstance was because people who needed to be saved were required to not only their lives preserved but also their hearts.

This is where All Might would adopt his famous Signature Smile to make other people feel safe. Before she was murdered by All For One Nana was a devoted mother to her son and she was portrayed as being caring, nurturing, and encouraging of it.

However in the eyes of her own son, the one-day father of Shigaraki, she was quite sinful. Hannah, Tenko’s sister gave him a photo of Nana and Kotaro happily together when they were young. But when Kotaro learned about the finding of the photo it became clear that Nana had abandoned him at a young age because of her incapacity as a mother and the risks associated with her hero life.

Thus Kotaro grew up to hate Nana and all heroes, feeling that she abandoned him out of selfishness in order to save others despite the fact that Nana’s actions were well-intentioned and that she wanted her son to be safe and happy.

Nana broke down in tears after forcibly severing all relations with Kotaro, demonstrating that she had also not forgotten about him. Shigaraki’s father grew to hate heroes because of Nana’s neglect and this snowballed out of control because when Tenko loved his grandmother and wanted to be a hero just like her, his father abused him every single day and stopped him from achieving his dreams.

Nana Shimura with Gran Torino

Nana Shimura with Gran Torino

This is what led All For One to manipulate Nana’s own grandson into growing to hate heroes and Society. He nurtured Shigaraki into whom he is even putting their murdered hands onto his face as a strong will is needed to steal One For All. These hands never let him forget that trauma, especially his hatred for society after being shunned by even a granny for his decayed look, metaphorically highlighting his blindness to the truth.

Deku Will Save Shigaraki

Deku’s promise to save him will unveil this reality, he will hold out his hand just as the second user did for Yichi being the first hero to reach out to Shigaraki, upholding the selfless values he dreamed for when he was a child. Shigaraki never had the chance to discover who he truly was by himself, making his will lesser than All For One who has lived for over a century, dominating a child who is still trapped in the past.

Shigaraki’s childish tendencies are still present, he fights his own battle inside his head against all for one’s betrayal. Deku is fighting to not only save the world but Nana Shimura’s grandson, a lonely scared little boy, Tenko Shimura.



When Shigaraki and All For One invaded the Vestige World in chapter 286, Deku saw firsthand the relationship between Shigaraki and All For One. It wasn’t like the passing of the torch, but rather a selfish manipulation to get his new body by All For One.

Deku felt at Shikaraki’s feelings just like he felt the struggle of the previous One For All users, that’s why in chapter 305 when Nana Shimura was testing his resolve as a hero, he wanted to save the little boy Tenko who was trapped inside Shigaraki.

The end of this fight will showcase the hands behind Shigaraki finally letting him go as he takes Deku’s hand, being released from his traumatic past.

Nana brought up Tashanori with Gran Torino even though she initially thought that his wish to serve as a symbol of peace was a little bit ridiculous, given that he was quirkless. But she later accepted him as her pupil and successor after her death in the hopes that he would be the one to defeat One For All’s long-standing Nemesis.

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