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What Happened To Kai The Hitchhiker & Where Is He Now?

where is Kai The Hitchhiker now
What Happened To Kai The Hitchhiker

What happened to Kai, the hitchhiker? The streamer, Netflix, is doing a great job by bringing stories from the past that need to be told and reach a wider audience. The streaming giant recently released a documentary on Kai, the hitchhiker, and after watching it, the viewers are confused about what happened to Kai the hitchhiker.

You have landed at the right site as we will be breaking down every detail of the hitchhiker’s story, from the one seen in the documentary to his current whereabouts, so sit tight. A homeless surfer’s popular 2013 conversation with Kai, the Hatchet-Waving Hitchhiker, made him an instant Internet star.

He was celebrated as a hero after famously recounting how he “smashed” a man while hitchhiking to prevent the driver from assaulting a woman. Over 2.5 million people have watched the video since its premiere over ten years ago.

The Netflix documentary aimed to show how the internet is a catalyst in making anybody a hero in a few minutes without actually knowing whether the person deserves it. The internet makes anybody a hero without actually researching their background or whether he is a good man or not.

Not everybody knows that later that year, he was arrested as well. So what happened to Kai’s The Hitchhiker? And where is Kai The Hitchhiker Now? Let’s decode!

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Who is Kai The Hitchhiker?

Recently, “The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker,” a documentary examining the story, was made available on Netflix. It explores the problems with the idolization of people who become famous overnight through a fifteen minutes video or clip.

It explores the problems with the idolization of internet idols. The project’s main character is Kai, who stops a rider from assaulting a woman. Kai pretended to be a wonderful guy when he went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” He even attracted the interest of executives for his show, but the show never saw light of the day.

But rather, just two months after becoming viral, his few minutes of fame ended when he was detained for the murder of a man. In February 2013, a trending video introduced the world of the internet to Kai or Caleb Lawrence McGillvary.

He grew up in Canada and was now 24 years old and leading a nomadic life in the United States. Kai was taking a rideshare to Fresno, California when he filmed his wildly popular interview. When Kai was hitchhiking, Jett Simmons McBride scooped him up, and as they were traveling, McBride reportedly informed the nomad that he had sexually assaulted a 14-year-old female, according to reports.

where is Kai The Hitchhiker now

A still from the show based on Keith.

Kai then claimed that McBride intentionally struck a person with the car. A bystander named Tanya Baker attempted to assist when the vehicle hit a pedestrian and came to a stop; however, McBride struck her as she escaped.

Kai claimed that at that time, he intervened to halt the assault by striking McBride with an axe. “A large man can break a lady’s neck like a pencil. So, I f-king raced after him brandishing an axe. Shatter, shatter, Smash” the hitchhiker, Kai said.

What Happened To Kai The Hitchhiker?

The authorities sought the wanderer just a few days after Kai’s video went viral. According to multiple reports, after detectives discovered evidence linking Kai to the murder, a 73-year-old man who beatings had been murdered was discovered in his New Jersey house.

According to reports, Kai was detained in late May 2013 for the murder of Joseph Galfy, a guy he encountered in Time Square after moving from the Western Coast to New York City. When authorities discovered Kai at a bus stop in Philadelphia, he admitted to the killing but said he did it in self-defense because Galfy had reportedly sexually attacked him.

where is Kai The Hitchhiker now


According to multiple sources, he entered a not-guilty plea and was jailed on a $2.9 million bond due to his perceived risk. He spent six years in jail while he awaited his trial. In 2019, he was convicted of first-degree homicide and given a 57-year prison term.

 Where Is Kai The Hitchhiker Now?

According to authorities, Kai, the hitchhiker, is convicted of crimes at the New Jersey State Prison, serving a term, and won’t be entitled to parole until late October 2061. In 2021, he attempted to appeal his sentence but was unsuccessful.

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