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Does Coffee & Vanilla Have a Happy Ending? Do Risa and Hiroto Get Their Happily Ever After?

Coffee & Vanilla happy ending
Coffee & Vanilla

Japanese dramas are in a league of their own, and it shows. Viewers love watching them, and we will discuss one of them. If you are an avid follower of J-dramas, “Coffee and Vanilla” is one of the quite popular ones. With its swoon-worthy alpha male lead and the meek female lead, it makes for the perfect romance drama trope. Its title itself is a sleek representation of the two leads. Coffee being the symbol of our male lead, lucrative and addictive. While our female lead is sweet, simple, and classic like the Vanilla flavor.

If you are yet to watch the drama and only watch dramas based on their ending, i.e. happy or sad, we can guide you a bit about it. Although most dramas these days can’t be categorized in a single column these days, Coffe and Vanilla is different. The drama is a simple watch, and you should watch it any day you feel like unwinding for a bit, without any commitments. With actors like Dori Sakurada and Haruka Fukuhara as the leads, you are bound to get a great show. So, here we will give you the answer if the drama has a happy ending or not, for you to watch it.

Coffee and Vanilla: Plot Synopsis

The show revolves around Risa Shiragi, who is a shy girl from the countryside. Because she’s pretty, she tends to be on the receiving end of the attention from many boys. During one of those days, when a guy forcefully tried to get her number, her knight in shining armor arrives. It happens to be Hiroto Fukami, a CEO. Although he’s older than her in age and obviously a hot shot, Risa can’t help but fall for him. Her feelings are reciprocated by Hiroto too.

He pampers her the most, and the duo has some intense sexual chemistry going too. Honestly, Dori Sakurada as Hiroto won over the hearts of many girls by being the classic protective and doting boyfriend. Some find Coffee & Vanilla leaning towards the “50 shades of Gray” zone, but it never really goes to that side. And we are thankful for that, as one masochistic guy was enough for us. Hiroto is, in fact, the complete opposite. He cares about feelings of Risa and respects her choices. Honestly, the only similarity it has with 50 shades is the CEO and university student dating trope (of course, some over-the-top romantic scenes too).

Coffee and Vanilla

Haruka Fukuhara and Dori Sakurada in Coffee and Vanilla

In the midst of all their lovely moments, there are times their relationship feels as if it is straining, but they always make up at the end of the day. Many unrequited love triangles come in their way, including Risa’s best friend and Hiroto’s arch enemy. But how long could their relationship endure this? Do Risa and Hiroto get their happy ending, or do they part ways?

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Does Coffee & Vanilla has a happy ending?

Well, to answer this burning curiosity of yours, yes, Coffee & Vanilla does have a happy ending. All loose ends get tied up eventually. Risa breaks up with Hiroto, thinking she is not suitable for Hiroto. But their love for each other triumphs all. If we are being honest, the drama does create many misunderstandings in just 10 episodes long show. But it never gets overbearing to watch as the episodes are only 24 minutes long, and usually, no misunderstanding is stretched to the next episode.

In the final episode, we see Hiroto proposing marriage to Risa after getting back together. Risa’s best friend is now dating Hiroto’s rival Akutsu, and everyone seems to have found their happy ending. Hence, Coffee & Vanilla is a light-hearted show that’s not even long and has a happy ending. This is definitely a sign to watch the drama if you were having any second thoughts.

Coffee and Vanilla

A still from Coffee and Vanilla

Where to watch Coffee & Vanilla episodes?

Since we have clarified any doubts you may have regarding the show, now’s the time to watch it. Coffee & Vanilla is available on Viki to watch, that too for free. You don’t need any subscription to watch the drama. You are free to binge-watch all the 10 episodes in one go.

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