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Netflix’s Tribes of Europa Season 1 Starring Oliver Masucci

On Netflix, we have had a show from Germany that literally blew our minds off. Yes, I am talking about Dark. After this series has finished, the streaming giant Netflix has now started working on another project called Tribes of Europa. It is one of the original series of the platform and excels in the department of science as well as fiction. It is from the dystopian era and is divided into six parts. Well, here we have wrapped up all the information that we are aware of regarding this upcoming show including its release date.

Tribes of Europa is going to establish itself as the twelfth Netflix series that comes from Germany. Just like we have discussed at the start, Germany is proving itself as the producer of some of the incredibly successful Netflix shows such as Dark and Barbarians. It is predicted that Tribes of Europa is going to follow the footsteps of these previous German shows and bring out a unique and different story than what our expectations limit us to. In this article, we have linked down the official trailer that Netflix has provided so that you all can get an idea of what this show is going to look like.

Tribes of Europa

Tribes of Europa – When will it release on Netflix?

Now, we must head over to the most important section of the news, that is, the release date. All the people who have already watched the trailer linked in this article must know that Tribes of Europa season 1 is scheduled to drop off on the 19th of February 2021. Every person who has subscribed to Netflix will be able to stream the show on Netflix from anywhere around the world. As per the official description provided by the streaming platform, Tribes of Europa will be set in the near future, that is, the year 2074 (not so near, though).

We will see that the entire continent is split into a variety of warring Tribal states who want to prove their dominance over the other. We see three siblings who are caught up in this conflict when they find out a strange cube. These three siblings are Kiano and Liv along with Elija. As of right now, a pretty long list of cast members has been confirmed for the upcoming installment of Tribes of Europa. The list includes Henriette Confurius who will reprise an undisclosed role.

Tribes of Europa – Character and other details

Then we have Oliver Masucci who is set to enact the character of Moses. We have seen Oliver previously in Dark too. The parts of David Ali Rashed, as well as Emilio Sakraya, have not been disclosed yet but they are employed in the cast list for Tribes of Europa. Then Melika Foroutan is going to reprise the role of Varvara. We also have Hoji Fortuna who is set to enact the character of Ouk. Then Jeanette Hain does the part of Amena. Robert Maaser reprises the role of Volgar. Anon Mall enacts the character of Francois. Then Kendrick Ong is set to play the part of Grimm. Leonna Paraminski reprises the role of Linda Vasquez. Christoph Rygh enacts the character of Taiga. Ana Ularu does the part of Grieta. And lastly, we have Adam, Vacula who reprises the role of Christoph.

As for the lingual department of the show, we can predict that Tribes of Europa will mainly be in English and German. This deduction has been brought to you by watching the trailer of the series. As for all the fans who are worried if the show will be available to stream in 4K or not, then you all should know that it might be. I mean, nearly all the new Netflix Original series are available to watch in 4K quality so there is hardly any doubt about it. Also, in order to stream the Netflix content in 4K, you will require a subscription to the Premium Netflix along with a 4K device. You also require an internet connection that is capable of maintaining 25 Mbps.

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