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True Lies Episode 2: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch

True Lies Episode 2 Release Date
(Credits: CBS)

A new action-filled TV series on CBS is set to air its new episodes. Titled “True Lies” the show premiered last week and revolves around a unique couple. Harry Tasker and his wife, Helen had been living a quiet life with their kids in their cozy little home. Seeing her husband constantly on meetings and work trips gets Helen curious about his whereabouts, but what she finds is something she wouldn’t have expected in her wildest dreams. 

First seen on television on March 1st, 2023, True Lies is inspired by a James Cameron movie that goes by the same name. It was quite the hit in the 90s and rumors of it being adapted as a series were around for a while. It was in September of 2010 that Lion Entertainment announced that it would be working on a version of the tv show with Rene Echevarria. Years passed and the project was shifted between various companies, until CBS announced in February 2021 that it would be working on a pilot for True Lies.

Cast of the series was announced in May 2022, with Steve Howey and Ginger Gonzaga being the main protagonists of the series. The first episode ended up garnering mixed reviews as most of the critics expected True Lies to love up to the action and storyline that was seen in the movie. Instead, this television adaptation is slower-paced and had few changes from the film, along with less intense action scenes.

True Lies Episode 1: Recap

The previous episode introduces us to the main characters of the show. Harry works for Omega Sector, a secret Government funded organization that works to spy on enemy countries. Helen has a comparatively much calmer job as a language professor. Her life gets repetitive over the years and all she wants is to have something that would bring back the energy in her life. 

True Lies Episode 2 Release Date

Steve Howey as Harry (Credits: CBS)

With so many tasks being given every day, Harry often sets off away from home. This causes Helen to speculate on Harry’s job. Being away for so long on trips also increases the distance between the couple and ends up making their marriage bleak. To assure Helen, Harry takes her on one of his trips away from home, hoping that he would do his mission while also pleasing his wife. They go out on a date but things get crazy soon enough as the enemies spot Harry and attack him on the spot in front of his wife. 

Harry immediately springs into action and tries to fight the enemies, while Helen is confused but decides to go along with what was happening. When she is cornered by the men, she uses her fighting skills developed by studying Tae Bo and Yoga. Her moves end up being quite impressive for both her and Harry. They run away from the chaos and that’s when Harry reveals that he was a spy for an intelligence agency all along. 

Helen always assumed Harry was a normal computer salesman, but when she hears the truth she is both shocked and excited at the same time. She finally had something interesting going on in her life. To make sure his wife isn’t involved in the dangerous environment he always is in, Harry asks Helen to forget everything that happened. She disagrees and wants to work with him in the agency. 

When they arrive at Omega Sector, all employees and coworkers of Harry are impressed with the skills Helen had even without any specialized training. They decide to make her a part of the company and give her the position of a trainee spy who would be working with Harry. 

True Lies Episode 2 Release Date

Helen and Harry Start Working Together (Credits: CBS)

True Lies Episode 2: Release Date

The next episode of the action-filled spy series will be aired on March 8th, 2023. New episodes of True Lies will be released on Wednesdays, with each episode lasting about 60-65 minutes.

True Lies Episode 2: Spoilers

In the upcoming episode, we’ll be seeing Helen accompany Harry on her first-ever mission that will be taking place in Madrid. An academic conference has received a threat of a Bioweapon attack, and it’s up to Harry and his team to stop it in time. Ximena, who works as a cryptographer will be accompanying the couple, but what Helen doesn’t know is that Ximena and Harry used to be involved in each other’s lives.

True Lies Episode 2: Where To Watch?

True Lies will be aired on CBS at 10:00 pm ET and 9:00 pm CT. On-demand, episodes will be available to watch on CBS, Amazon, and Paramount+. Episodes of the spy series will be released on CTV for Canadians on the same day. Viewers from New Zealand and Australia will be able to stream True Lies on Disney+.

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