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Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey Relationship Timeline: All To Know

Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey

Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey have always been that couple in Hollywood who gathered much appraises from all the fans. The two were often witnessed gushing over their romance as they have been raising their family together. Also, you guys should know that Sarah Shahi has lived through a very tough childhood. This is why she never trusted herself enough and had doubts regarding having her own kids earlier. Back in 2009, in one of her interviews, Sarah stated that she has originated from a single-parent household. It was just in front of her own eyes that her father set a bad example regarding being one. She was scared of the fact that her husband could be as irresponsible as her own dad, and she would have to raise the kids alone.

Everything about this perspective that Sarah had taken a minute to change when she met Howey. She was in awe of how much the actor took care of his own kids. While discussing parenthood, Sarah said that whenever she looks at him in the form of a father, he instantly becomes very hot to her. While the two were still in a marriage, we saw how much importance they gave to raising their kids and co-parenting. Even with the busy schedules, the stars managed to provide time to themselves as families as well as romantic partners.

Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey Relationship Timeline

Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey Relationship

Just last year, Howey told in an interview that he would just run to the kitchen in between with Sarah and do some quick tequila shots. After this bit of a fun time, it all gets back to the playroom or changes their kids’ diaper. Well then, what happened which caused the split between this beautiful couple? A significant portion of their marital issues rose from the real life of the actor, where they could not be part of the romance they shared before. Now, let us ignore the sad and disappointing bits and focus on how this couple met in the first place.

It was back when the two happened to land work together in the entertainment sector. It was Steve’s father, Bill Howey, who acted as cupid between the two. He played a major part in bringing these young actors close to each other and finally fall in love. Sarah and Steve met while working on the sets of Reba in 2004. During this time, Steve suggested Sarah try an incredible acting coach who just turned out to be Steve’s father himself. Although, she was pretty hesitant to try and be a part of Bill’s lessons because, at that time, she and Steve were pretty close.

Their divorce

In the end, she finally made a decision to attend the classes, which according to the actress, changed her life. She says that Bill was the only trainer which she has got who always forced her to make the roles personal. On the other hand, even Bill had words of praise for Sarah and said that she was never afraid of any role. While Sarah was already working with Bill as an acting coach, she and Steve got pretty close. Their relationship was solidifying when he finally proposed to the girl he loved in 2007. It was when the two were in Hawaii spending some vacation time together. The two eloped in February of 2009 when Sarah was three months pregnant with the couple’s first child.

As of right now, the couple has split their ways after a big breakup. Sarah Shahi has been making headlines for herself with her new Netflix series called Sex/Life. She has also initiated a new romance with Adam Demos. But well, before all of these new proceedings in Sarah’s life, she used to share a happy marriage with Steve Howey. Sarah and Steve have three children together. Their eldest son is William, and then they have twins named Violet and Knox. Well, Sarah filed for divorce from Steve and stated the reason to be irreconcilable differences. As a joint statement, the two decided to explain how they are ending their marriage to all their fans. Also, the duo stated that despite the change in their relationship, they will always be a family.

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