Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 67 Release Date: Jinhyuk Enters Tower of Trial 6th Floor

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Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 67
Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 67

Solo Max-Level Newbie reveals the story of an expert gamer Kang Jinhyuk who enjoys playing Tower of Trials. But after conquering all stages, Jinhyuk decided to stop playing Tower of Trials. It has been 11 years since Jinhyuk stopped playing, and the Tower of Trial has become a reality where Jinhyuk has to conquer various labyrinths. Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 67 begins after Jinhyuk discovers that the 5th-floor boss monster has been defeated. The blonde lady asks Jinhyuk why the next entrance to another floor is not opening since the boss monster was defeated. Jinhyuk reveals that the 5th floor’s clear condition is to escape. 

Jinhyuk reveals that the 5th floor will be cleared after they walk through the door behind them. He looks at the little blue-haired girl and tells her something strange about the labyrinth. Jinhyuk adds that the 5th floor’s boss monster position can be inherited since the condition to clear the floor is not to defeat the boss monster. He says that while placing his hands on the jar and reveals that the one who touches it is the new master of the 5th floor, and the new master is now Jinhyuk. But he thinks of entrusting the ruler’s seat to the blue-haired girl, Andria. 

The blonde lady realizes Andria is too young and wonders if she will handle it. Jinhyuk reminds Andria about what he promises and that she will live in a world where the cult leader never exists. He hands over the jar to Andria, and once she touches it, everything begins to change. The master’s seat is inherited, and Andria acquires new powers of rapid growth. The blond lady notices that Andria has grown and is now the same age. Andria reveals that she has become the master of desolated land. 


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Andria bows before Jinhyuk and says that all creatures will obey Jinhyuk through her. It is revealed that Andria is the master of the 5th floor and has sworn loyalty to Jinhyuk. Jinhyuk becomes the first being to receive the loyalty of the boss monster. Jinhyuk has recorded everything in the Hall of Fame recorded in the Hall of Fame. Jinhyuk tells Andria to always smile and live happily. Andria realizes that Jinhyuk is leaving, and she hugs Teresa Unnie and tells her to keep visiting. Jinhyuk and Teresa received a message that the Tower of Trial’s 6th floor was now open. 

Jinhyuk learns they have 89D 23H: 59m: 59S to clear the 6th floor. Meanwhile, at Tokoyaki, people wonder if each country’s president commends Jinhyuk after everything he has done. The citizens admit that Jinhyuk is a legend and he always achieves everything. Teresa’s fan admits that Jinhyuk’s comber with Teressa is amazing, but Jinhyuk needs to die. Later at the bar, the boy celebrated, the boss told them they would get a free beer after he cleared the 5th floor, and now it was time to celebrate since he had cleared it. Everyone is happy for Jinhyuk and knows that Jinhyuk is the best player. 

Choi Woojin reads news about Jinhyuk and realizes that the 5th floor is not for any player since he is one of the players who survived the 5th floor and returned with injuries. Still, he is impressed that Jinhyuk doesn’t even have a scratch and is heading for the 6th floor. Jinhyuk’s rival receives the news and realizes he has to catch t up with Jinhyuk. He encounters Garwain, who breaks the wall of his house. Jinhyuk’s rival thinks Jinhyuk’s deeds cause Garwain’s arrival. Jinhyuk wonders why his ears are itchy and wake to find Teresa celebrating. 


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Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 67 Release Date

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 67 will be released on 1 October 2022. Alice has received instruction to teach Andria basic qualities that a ruler should have. Jinhyuk is busy with something and notices the skills that he has acquired after clearing the 5th floor. Check out Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 67 details below. 

Read Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 67 Online – Raw Details

You can read Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 67 online on the official website. Jinhyuk’s meeting with Fighting Dads Guild Kim Gitae continues in the next chapter. Solo Max-Level Newbie Manga’s official website updates the new chapters weekly. Let’s meet after Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 67 is released. 

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