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Initial D Watch Order: Streaming Guide Of The 1995 Anime

Initial D
Initial D

Initial D Watch Order is tedious, and thus, we will untangle all the information for you guys. The anime is based on a manga that features street racing in Japan. Shuichi Shigeno has written and illustrated the work. The plot begins with the world of Japan that has not been seen before. It includes various illegal rings from Japan that are involved in street racing. These faces are based in the Gunma prefecture in Japan. Various locations of the story also take place in the Kato Region, which surrounds the cities as well as the towns. There are various places and characters in the manga series whose name is fictitious. Although, the locations are all actual Japanese places.

The plot of this manga series begins with Takumi Fujiwara. He is a student in Japan who is working part-time at a gas station. He has a friend named Itsuki, and they both work at this place. Itsuki has high hopes for his future and wants to be a Japanese street racer when he grows up. This kid wants to join the Akina Speed Stars. Itsuki fantasizes about their day and night and feels them be the most relatable team in the street racing championships.

The leader of that team is Koichiro Iketani. He is also working at the same gas station as the two friends. As for Takumi, he has had some experience with street racing himself unknowingly. He has been helping out his father with his tofu delivery business. He drives around the city as fast as he can in order to be in time for the delivery and thus knows the streets really well.

Initial D Watch Order

Actual Location in Japan, which is animated in Initial D

The story begins with a big challenge. The local Akina Speed Stars are challenged to a match by the Red Suns. They are a highly experienced team who lives in Mount Akagi. Their leader is Ryosuke Takahashi. The team wants them to race on Mount Akina. It is obvious that the Red Stars are a very experienced group. The Akina Speed Stars already have their morale down after they have seen the previous performances of the opposite team. See how Takumi’s fate changes after he is recruited into one of these teams. Let us now discuss the order of this manga series.

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Initial D Watch Order

  1. Initial D: First Stage (Released in 1998): This anime contains the episodes leading to the ultimate Tofu Store Drift. In this, the talent of Takumi and his father are uncovered by both the teams.
  2. Initial D: Second Stage (Ran from 1999 till 2000): This is a continuation of the first anime series and throws light on a new character who has arrived to crush all the teams competing in Gunma.
  3. Initial D: Extra Stage (Released in 2000): In this anime, we read about the challenges being faced by the members of the Emperors team.

  1. Initial D: Third Stage – The Movie (Released in 2001): The film focuses on Takumi. He is becoming even more famous among the people who love street racing. He soon gets a huge offer from the opposite team led by Ryosuke. It is obvious that he does not know what decision to make.
  2. Initial D: Battle Stage (Released in 2002): This movie combines all the major street races that we have seen till now.
  3. Initial D: Fourth Stage (Ran from 2004 till 2006)
  4. Initial D: Battle Stage 2 (Released in 2007)
  5. Initial D: Extra Stage 2 (Released in 2008)
  6. Initial D: Fifth Stage (Ran from 2012 till 2013)
  7. Initial D: Battle Stage 3 (Released in 2021)

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