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Will There Be Projek: High Council Episode 11?

Projek: High Council: Kahar and Naim
A Still from Projek: High Council (Credits: Astro Shaw)

Malaysian television series have recently gained popularity around the world. With relatable storyline, talented actors, and intriguing storylines have attracted quite a number of audiences to the country’s series. Similarly, one of the most anticipated Malaysian series, Projek: High Council, was quite the talk of the town as well as in some international countries. The series is a high school drama written by Anwari Ashraf. Zulaikha Zakaria and Anwari Ashraf sit on the director’s chair for this series.

Projek: High Council made its debut on January 14, 2023, with an extremely talented set of young cast members, which includes Mierul Aiman, Amir Ahnaf, Nadir Nasar, Naim Daniel, Yusof Hashim, and several other young actors. The series consists of 10 episodes in total. Now, let us look into the premise of the series, along with the highlights of the released episodes, to give you an idea about how the story progressed.

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The Premise of Projek: High Council

Projek: High Council is a sequel of Projek: Anchor SPM, which was released in 2021. The narrative of the series revolves around two brothers – Fakri and Naim. After getting separated in their childhood, they both reunite years later at Kolej Ungku Dramat (KUDRAT). KUDRAT is a prestigious boarding school, which has a good name on the surface, but what happens behind closed doors, only the students know.

After being brutally bullied at the boarding school, Fakhri enters the “Piliharanya” court, a contest conducted behind closed doors to choose the head of the school. He joined the contest as he was determined to put an end to all the injustice which the students of the school have to face because of the authorities and some other students with power.

Fakhri sets out to remove the High Council from its roots so that they won’t ever dare to bully any other student. While on his mission, he himself becomes the center of attention for the High Council students, who are the primary culprits of bullying.

Projek: High Council is based on real stories of Malaysian students who were the victims of gangsterism and bullying in a boarding school in Malaysia, which made big news in the country. The narrative of the series highlights gangsterism, bullying, and power abuse, which were not revealed to common people.

Projek: High Council Recap

The series, Projek: High Council starts with Fakhri entering an elite boarding school, KUDRAT. Being a troubled student himself, he preferred not to mess with other students initially. He also reunites with his long-lost brother, Naim, at the school.

Since his first day at the boarding school, Fakhri has gotten the taste of bullying. He discovers some of the secrets about the High Council traditions, which have been dominating its students for years. When Fakhri and his roommates get fed up with being continuously bullied, they decide to complain to the head teacher.

After complaining, they learn about the aftereffects of “Jibram.” Jibram is a term used to define the act of complaining to the teacher. Understanding the power of the High Council, Fakhri ultimately joins the “Piliharanya” court, where he contests to become the head boy of the school.

By now, he understood that he could only take down the High Council and stop the bullying of the students by acquiring the position of head boy.

Projek: High Council: Kahar

A Still from Projek: High Council (Credits: Astro Shaw)

While preparing for the competition, Fakhri’s mother visits him. During his conversation with his mother, his family’s past and the issues which occurred years ago come to the surface. He also reveals how he ended up on bad terms with Naim.

Next, the annual “Honeymoon Camp” takes place, where the fourth-grade students fall victim to a nasty situation of a bully. Kahar is the main root of the whole gangsterism. Seeing the student’s condition after the camp, momentarily, Mr. Sin and Mrs. Faniza start getting suspicious about the activities in school.

On the other side, Fakhri confronts Kahar to put a stop to their bullying. PParalley, Amirr reveals his past traumatic experiences when Naim talks about the dark secrets behind KUDRAT’s prestigious image.

After a few more cases of bullying, the school authorities’ suspicions about it increases. But on the other hand, Fakhir falls victim to the bullies when the High Council members start to dominate him and fail all his plans.

Projek: High Council: Fakhri

A Still from Projek: High Council (Credits: Astro Shaw)

However, Fakhir manages to influence the Form 4 students, which triggers them to fight against Kahar. On seeing that the Form 4 students are growing out of his control, Kahar feels threatened. Meanwhile, the school starts investigating the bullying cases.

During the investigation, many dark secrets of the boarding school come to the surface, which puts KUDRAT’s reputation, as well as the two brothers – Fakhri and Naim’s futures, in jeopardy.

Will There Be Episode 11 of Projek: High Council?

The answer is NO. The Malaysian series reached the finale of its first season on March 18, 2023, with all the dark secrets of the boarding school, KUDRAT, being revealed. The creators of the series have not yet made any announcements regarding the release of a new episode or a new season. Therefore, the audience has to wait for further updates on Projek: High Council.

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Where To Watch Projek: High Council?

You can stream all ten episodes of Projek: High Council on the streaming platform Astro GO. The streaming platform is only available for the Malaysian audience. The producers of the series have not yet collaborated with global streaming platforms.

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