NCT 127: The Lost Boys Episode 3: Release Date & Spoilers

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nct 127 the lost boys
NCT 127: The Lost Boys (Credits: Disney+)

“NCT 127: The Lost Boys” Episode 3, is going to be released soon. NCT 127: The Lost Boys is the enthralling follow-up to the reality series that has drawn a lot of interest from K-pop fans all over the globe.

The journey of NCT 127, a highly regarded K-pop group, is followed in this program. With its distinctive fusion of Korean and Western pop elements, this group, made up of very gifted individuals, has irrevocably changed the music business.

NCT 127: The Lost Boys, the newest South Korean music documentary series, will debut on Disney+ on August 30, 2023, with only the first two episodes available. The release of the remaining two episodes is scheduled for a later time, but everyone is dying with anticipation!

The nine members of NCT’s sub-unit in Seoul, which has 20 members overall and other sub-units, are featured in the mini-documentary series. Taeyong, Taeil, Johnny, Doyoung, Yuta, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, and Haechan provide hitherto unseen details about their upbringings as well as their endearing and fascinating perspectives on their teammates.

The first two episodes, made by the talented team of Cho Youngchul and Yim Pilsung and directed by visionary Pak Jayil, debuted on Disney+ and Hulu. The narrative develops in Episode 2 as the NCT 127 members encounter a variety of unanticipated circumstances.

The group opens up further in NCT 127: The Lost Boys Episode 3, giving viewers a chance to get to know them better. The opening surprise of the show had fans on the edge of their seats.

The members’ relationships with one another are a fun mix of competitiveness and companionship, reflecting their diverse personalities.

nct 127 the lost boys episode 3
NCT 127: The Lost Boys (Credits: Disney+)

The chat parts allow the group members to express their most private thoughts and emotions while they go through a succession of difficult challenges.

A compelling watching experience is produced by tangible emotions, sincere admissions, and humorous exchanges. The conversation alternates between serious reflection and hilarious banter, hooking spectators.

The episode also establishes an enthralling narrative arc, leaving viewers with a host of unanswered concerns over the future of the group. Fans will be anxiously anticipating the next chapter thanks to this unexpected surge of excitement, which promises an intriguing trip ahead.

NCT 127: The Lost Boys Episode 1-2 Review 

In the first episode of the series, NCT 127’s prior albums and accomplishments are quickly reviewed, defining the group’s identity and influence on the K-pop landscape.

Before returning to the members for their responses, the show takes a lighthearted detour by asking American residents what they believe NCT 127 to be.

Their music is “trendy yet futuristic,” according to Mark. Johnny refers to them as the Avengers, while Taeyong likens them to aliens. Johnny is aware that this analogy is rather corny, but he feels it best captures how the band’s members have blended their disparate experiences to create something genuinely unique. 

The second episode of “The Lost Boys” goes even more deeply into the thoughts of the NCT 127 members, building on the chat sessions.

Their open discussions provide us with a peek into the struggles they experience as idols and the ties that bind them. Their interactions are unpredictable, which heightens the suspense and leaves spectators wondering what will happen next.

Each episode digs into the lives of two to three members as they stop for a moment to consider their worldwide success since their 2016 debut and open up about their upbringings and the path that brought them to this point in never-before-exclusive interviews and another creative video.

The next part of the show looks at how the epidemic, which isolated the band from their fans, caused their momentum to slow down. In “NCT 127: The Lost Boys Episode 3,” the members of NCT 127 demonstrate their chemistry and energy.

The band members consider how they were able to persist through this trying period and how their new song, “Kick It,” shows they are back and better than before. Below is the trailer for the reality show to get some insights: 

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NCT 127: The Lost Boys Episode 3 Release Date

The release date of NCT 127: The Lost Boys Episode 3 is on 6th September 2023. Episodes 3 and 4 will be available on Disney+ and Hulu only at 4:00 PM KST on the same day. However, depending on the nation or location, the drama’s debut timing may vary. Here are the times for a few particular regions:

  • South Korea – 04:00 PM Korean Standard Time (6 September 2023)
  • India – 12:30 PM Indian Standard Time (6 September 2023)
  • Japan – 04:00 PM Japan Standard Time (6 September 2023)
  • Thailand – 02:00 PM Thailand Standard Time (6 September 2023)
  • USA – 03:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (6 September 2023)
  • UK – 07:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time (6 September 2023)
  • China – 03:00 PM China Standard Time (6 September 2023)

This reality program is a must-watch for K-pop fans and beyond because viewers experience a rollercoaster of emotions as the members negotiate the difficulties and pleasures of their journey.

Any lover of NCT/NCTzens should see this documentary; it will leave you wanting more. So, as you wait for the final two episodes, start speculating and making theories!

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