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Kingdom Business Season 2: Is the Show Renewed?

american drama
A still from Kingdom Business

Kingdom Business is an American Drama which collaborates as a musical at the same time, with its serene thematic music and heart-warming visuals of the choirs and gospels. The show at the same time offers the viewers to be immersed in the struggle of the characters as they see their life getting shattered and then rebuilding it at the same time. This show is definitely a great watch for anyone who loves church music.

Kingdom Business, through the name, may make a person feel that it must be something related to the monarchy and based on serious and intense themes only, but this is not the whole situation. Partially the show does have great high-intensive themes, but the church-choir music adds charm and elegance to the making of the show. Often musicals are not appreciated by many, and this show may also be hard for some to understand due to its complex nature. 

The show is created by John L. Sakmar and Kerry Lenhart. The show was first aired on May 19th, 2022 the whole season was released in one go but was aired on Tyler Perry’s original network BET+ from June 1st, 2022 and has only aired 4 episodes up till now, with the rest four episodes released in the month of February. the show was earlier being developed by NBC but was later shifted to BET+.

Kingdom business

The cast of Kingdom business

The show stars Yolanda Adams, Serayah, Michael Jai White and Michael Beach. Each episode has an average running time of 41 to 52 minutes and follows the story of the character Denita Jordan. The show is a great portrayal of family ties, responsibilities and the determination a person should have in their lives. 

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A brief synopsis of the show

The show follows the story of the First Lady of the Kingdom Church, Denita Jordan, who is not simply an average woman but a superstar for the people of gospel singing. She is known by many people for her magnificent singing, and people tend to listen to and follow her for the beauty of her voice. 

american drama

Kingdom Business

On the other side, she also runs a recording studio by the name Kingdom Records, an in-house recording studio by the name of her church. She is the protector of her family and makes sure that everything is in order and in control. She lived each day with an example of excellence and tried to be great in the field of her work through her hard work. 

She begins to enjoy a greater life as she finally starts getting blessed with the fruits of her intense labour, and she enjoys making her moments worthwhile. But soon, there is trouble in her paradise as things related to her start crumbling down and falling apart. Things in her start falling apart when a contender in the church gospel singing begins to challenge and even threaten her status in the world that she created and thrived in. 

She is challenged by Rebecca Belle, otherwise known as R’bel, who poses a threat to Denita. She is dynamic, different, and exotic, and hence the show follows as they both lock horns to be the best. Denita tries her best to secure all the secrets of the people and keep them hidden in order to protect her success and fame.

american drama

A still from Kingdom Business

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When will season 2 be released? 

Season one, despite having a great story and plotline, failed to gather a lot of audiences. Regardless the show has been renewed for the second season, and indeed the fans and followers of the fans are excited upon knowing the news that their favourite show will not get cancelled. 

The second season’s release date is yet to be announced for the audience, and everyone is eagerly waiting. But for the good news, the shooting for the second season has already begun, and the show will be shot between January 25th, 2023, till April 17th, 2023. Post that, the show will go on for post-production. The show will be shot in Atlanta, United States. As of now, there is no further information regarding the show’s release date.

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