Where Is Five Easy Pieces Filmed? The 1970 American Drama

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The poster of Five Easy Pieces
The poster of Five Easy Pieces

Let’s look into the Five Easy Pieces Filming and how it was made. In this modern world of the 21st century, people still remember many old movies which are evergreen. Do you also watch old movies? Five Easy Pieces is one such wonderful movie of the 20th century that still attracts our interest. It had loads of drama, romance, and twists. The film also gained many prestigious awards and nominations as well as the attention of the critics along with the viewers. Although the film excels in almost all aspects, this movie is also in the highlights because of the beautiful and eye-catching scenes and backgrounds. Do you want to know about the filming locations of Five Easy Pieces?

What is this movie all about? Who are the cast and characters in this film? Who are the crew members? What is the basic storyline of the film? When did Five Easy Pieces premiere? This blog will give you the answers to all these questions along with the elaboration of the shooting locations along with all the other facts and details you need to know about Five Easy Pieces. This film has a unique plot and amazing cast members, adding feathers to the cap of the film.

Where Was the film, Five Easy Pieces, Filmed?

This movie involves multiple filming locations. The starting scenes of the film were set in California, USA. Most of the scenes of the movie were shot in the Pacific Northwest. More specifically, the locations were near Victoria, British Columbia, Florance, and Portland in Oregon.

Where Was Five Easy Pieces Filmed?
Where Was the movie Five Easy Pieces Filmed?

The main sequences and scenes of the film had sights of Denny’s Restaurant in Eugene, Oregon; Mill Bay in Canada; Bakersfield in California; Central Saanich in Canada; Taft in California; Chemanius in North Corwichean; Vancouver Island; Cooper’s True Value; Kern County; Illinois; Washington; Franklin Park; Seattle; and many more beautiful places. Most of these places are very famous for shootings of various famous films and shows.

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All about the movie

Five Easy Pieces is an American English drama movie. This movie was released on 12th September 1970 with a running time of 98 minutes. It attained great success with a tremendous amount of awards and nominations, including various Academy Awards as well as Golden Globe Awards. Bob Rafelson is the director of this film, Adrien Joyce wrote the screenplay, and the story credits go to both of them. The producers of this movie were Rob Rafelson and Richard Wechsler.

This film, Five Easy Pieces, has a rating of 7.4 out of 10 ass per IMDb. The starcast and characters of this movie include Jack Nicholson as Robert Dupea, Karen Black as Rayette Dipesto, Susan Anspach as Catherine Oost, Lois Smith as Partita Dupea, Ralph Waite as Carl Dupea, Billy Bush as Elton, Irene Dailey as Samia Glavia, Toni Basil as Terry Grouse, John Ryan as Spicer, Fannie Flagg as Stoney, and many more. BBS Productions, Columbia Pictures, and Five Easy Pieces Productions were the production companies involved.

The storyline of Five Easy Pieces

The storyline of Five Easy Pieces is one of the unique creations at the box office. It is mainly centered around Bobby Dupea. He was a great concert pianist but had to leave his career. He was now working as an oil rig worker in an oil field in Kern County. There he used to live and spend his time with Rayette. Bobby’s girlfriend, Rayette, was a waitress in a diner, and she wanted to sing country music. Bobby actually belonged to a very rich class family however, he was working as a blue-collar laborer.

Five Easy Pieces Filming Location
Five Easy Pieces Filming Location

But sudden changes came to Bobby’s life when he went to Los Angeles after getting Rayette pregnant and quitting his job. There he meets his sister, who informs him about the ill health of their father. Listening to this bad news, he decided to visit his father in Washington along with his girlfriend. He faced his rich-class family over there. Now the whole plot of the film revolves around the happenings with him as well as his girlfriend with this twist in their lives. The film has an unexpected ending. Watch it to know the whole story.

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